Sunday, February 27, 2011

Black Swan

I have wanted to watch this ever since I noticed it on internet i think. First and foremost, it is one of the pieces of Natalie Portman. Secondly, the title is attractive to me. Black Swan. The poster above is the first one that i get into contact with so.... i thought it is a dance movie, something like Step Up. but hey~ hey hey~ It is far more interesting, complicated and breathtaking than the usual dance movie.

Brief storyline:
Nina (Natalie Portman) is a ballerina who is going after the role of queen swan in the new version of swan lake which she needs to play the white swan and also the evil black twin. Her skill is perfect and her innocence and timid character suits the white swan perfectly. However, for the seductive, evil, sexy black twin, she fails it. The sadist, crazy (to me) director force her to release her own lock up emotion, threatening her that she will lost her role if she still cant play it well. On the other hand, Lily, who is all of what Nina is not, trying to guide her or even snatch the role away from her. Ex-lead ballerina, Beth is also a psychotic person (see what she did to herself) who has a very large impact on Nina. Nina's mom is overprotective over her daughter and as Nina explores deeper and deeper of her dark side, releasing it a bit way too fast, going haywire just to get the perfect performance that the director wants. i think besides Nina, her mother is the other that is burdened and stress out by the sudden changes in her daughter. In the end, Nina performed perfectly.

From the innocence, fragile girl, Nina is facing a lot of stress from her passion towards ballet. She is struggling, struggling to get better and better. Psychotic, scratching her back way too much and etc (see yourself =D)

To release her dark side, she explore and explore. Just to find out the right feeling, a way out for her evil side and maybe also from her mother. She finally feel the impulse of the evil, booming out from every part of her.

Actually, do the storyline sound a bit familiar. It feels similar to the classic story of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Both trying to find the opposite identity of their original self. Nina explores herself. Dr. Jekyll with his own created medicine. I cant remember the end of Dr Jekyll. He dead right? wonder how will Nina end? I really think you should watch this movie to know about it. =P

Must watch!!! i rate it 9.5/10. Erm.... not suitable for those below 18? =D Very breathtaking, confusing and make you bring more questions home than you first started to watch it. All applause for the whole crews that made this movie.

All hail to Nina! all hail to Vincent Van Gogh! For their passion towards art and perfection.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Genting 1- Pizza

 My mum loves to go on vacation a lot and these few years my family didnt get to go holiday after i enter U because my holiday is always at some weird time when everybody is busy with their works. heck~

So.... last last Saturday, at the very start of my 2 weeks holiday, mommy suggested to go for Genting. I didnt go there for AGES.... yea~~~ AGES with my FAMILY la~ =D

Daddy drove up. Very chilly on top of the hill. my cold tolerance went from bad to worse. Oh~ stop at a pizza shop to have our lunch~ =) Pictures speak the best. =)

 Bacon and eggs pizza~ the toppings are yummy but the crust is thick. I miss the Italian Pizza near Columbia Hospital Seremban. Good pizza shop

 My favorite Aglio Olio~ i finally found something i like. It tasted so good i can gobble up the whole plate. Enough spices and oily but not too oily~ yum yum~ I am leading a very bad example of diet this holiday. High cholesterol, high salt, high sugar and a sedentary life style. =D

 Garlic bread. I will appreciate it more if they put the garlic at both sides. =P

Chicken wings!!!! ah~ nothing can beat my mommy's one.... eh? my mom didnt cook chicken wings before. =D the marination is good but still fried a bit too long and too dried la.

Ok~ i am very lazy to type anything now. Report is still pending~ sigh~ why is there report report and more report even i am on holiday~ ok~ ciao~ should continue my work.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tako =)

 I am very nervous and jumpy now. Hsh~~~~~~~~~ Hope the stuffs that i going to request will end up like what i thought. Please god~ help me. If not i will went into sleeping disorder----> sleeping too much.

I miss this a lot. My dear sweet TAko~ =) hmmm~ yum~ you smell so good that i can barely take you out of my mind. Havent put you into my mouth for a long long time. Do you miss me?
 Tako from Jusco Midvalley. There are 4 flavors i think: Octopus, ham and cheese, Unagi... ... ... oh man. I forget what is the last one. Maybe find out yourself? =P But i just like the octopus. Never tried others. You can said I m loyal, i m very conservative not trying new things. But i really just love octopus and none of the others!!! =P

3 comes in a box. Coated with yummy paper like stuffs (i still dun know what is it.... seaweed maybe?) and  lots of mayonnaise. Take a bite *poof* the octopus is inside, in the center. yay!!! i love them. *giggle* =) RM4.50 per box. Oh~ although there are many many more stalls that sell Tako, i only love the one in Midvalley Jusco. :-/ I am a pretty difficult person huh? cause i always remember the first taste of the food and wont forget it until i die. Bingo!!! i first taste Tako in the very stall. =)

Okie~~ *take in deep deep breath* I dont know how this will end but i definately hope it will end well. Please give me strength and blessing. Amithaba.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its Valentine~ Aglio Olio

Its the season for buying roses, chocolates, teddy bears, diamond rings season~ VALENTINE's!!! As usual I am stuck at home. ahahhaa~ of course Valentine's aint the time that you spend big bucks on you beloved. It is the time you show them how much you love them and how much you appreciate them coming into your life bringing joy and happiness to you.

Lol... So i cook my mum lunch~ yea~ my mum only. The guys are not in (== i didnt kick them out). My favorite pasta----> Aglio Olio. Second attempt. =)
Ingredients: Lots of garlic( I used 7 cloves here), Parsley flake, black pepper, tomato for deco, dried chillix5 and fusilli (personally think spaghetti is better). Oh~ initially i m thinking of adding in bak gua but er.... sound weird right? so i cancel it off at the very last moment. Of course, it will taste better with shitake and prawns but no stock in the fridge that time.

Of course we should forget this, olive oil. Extra virgin oil will be better.

So cook the pasta till ala dente (sth like that, means cook until it is cook). Dump all the stuffs into a pan. fried until they are fragrance. Add in the pasta and tada. The end. Oh~ haha. Easy right? =P (I am super lazy to describe step by step)

My prized pasta. +) yum yum. Look quite ok right?just a bit oily. Accidentally, the bottle of oil slip and pour more than usually. hee hee~

Spend the other day in the cinema with my mum and bro. Watched "Homecoming". Enjoy it!!!! and heck when i went to Sinaran, a mother thought i was her friend's sister. My god.... M i that universal look? Cis... ok~ maybe i should look at it more positively. My face is so friendly that everybody think i m their friends. =D

+D =D =D =D a flower for me!!! no. Its not. its from my dad to my mum. =D so sweet~ =D every valentine my mum will receive flowers. ah~~~ when is my turn? =D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Food and Precious~ =D

I am always busy during CNY. Didnt really get to rest but i m happy... until today~ @@ oh man. I tried not to remember this by not writing this out, i wont remember it and will make the same mistake again (heck!! it is not even my fault). oh~ i should said like this, get pull into other ppl mistake.
Oh yea~ those who want to pass my grumble, please start reading from the first picture~ tq~

Heck~ time will change a person. But some dont. Man.... I have not meet somebody that is so indecisive and so wishy washy before (Oh man... thinking back. I met before. Just i forget because it is so long ago during my highschool). My god~ Even my parents are astonished by how things go for me today. Hello~ if you dont like a person's decision, please.... at least give another suggestion, dont just said you will follow the majority and in the end you try to object other ppl's suggestion. Hey!!!! that is totally RIDICULOUS!!!!! and they dont even know how to spell GENTLEMEN. Oh shoot~ my bp is shooting up. Ah~ that is one of the reasons why i hate to make decision during an outing because everybody want a person to decide but when decided they try to turn it all over. how RIDICULOUS!!! and I am really in a super bad mood today untill i reach home. I am so tired mentally and fed up. This doesnt happened since i graduate from highschool. oh well~ next time i know what i should do~ my temper not as good as what my face shows. CIS!!! Geram~ Stupid dilly dally ppl.

Ok~ written my memorial for the bad event. Now is the things that i would like to remember. Keep them and lock them in my mind. =)
 Modesto's breakfast provided during Om NOm NOm Race~ I love the eggs in the cup. They are so fragrant that i want another cup~ Breakfast is good~ =) Dinner is even better!!! but haha~ all those running make my stomach a bit fed up. Hey~ ickes, yen haw. Let's join it if they have another race. tee hee hee~

 The stuffs from goodies bag~ I pinned the badges onto my pencil case. =) Others are all in the cupboard, living in the dark.

 Postcard from dear swen~ Wishing me Merry Christmas. =) How sweet of her. The postcard is one of my super heavy medical books bookmark now. =) I forget when i received this but its some time after Christmas during surgery posting.

 oh well... swen. haha~ I dont know if i should straggle you or thank you. You review something "secret" in the postcard. All is  hidden up by me. Girls talk shouldnt b exposed to the public.

 Prezzie from Melissa during a&w session in 29 of chinese calendar. I got another bear but this time with a big RIBBON~ HUGE BLACK RIBBON which i love more than the bear. The bear look like a dog here. =P Oh man~ i can open a Bear museum soon.

 My mom loves the DARK CHOCOLATE. the crispy core is coated with a thick layer of bitter dark chocolate powder. I cant really accept the taste at first. too bitter for me. but things go well after the second chocolate ball. Fall in love with it with my mum and half is left in the fringe. =) Thanks, Ern~ Its awesome. haha~ i know my expression that day doesnt show much but i can express myself  better in words than talking.

Little gifts from Peh Hwa who just came back from Taiwan~ Really envy how energetic and active is her~ So another bear bear  go into my collection. =) thank you~

Oh~ Next friday is tiny EOS~ havent study for it. should start soon soon soon~ holiday is ending up soon and i have 3 postings worth of notes and books to cover. InSaNiTy~

GONG XI FA CAI~ please pass me angpau with money in it when you see me. Boink Boink~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Au Revoir Taipei & Great Day

 Since i m posting something out. As well just post this up too~ cause i dun know when i am going to blog again. =P 2 of the movies i watch this 2 days.

First, Au Revoir Taipei. 一页台北。
 Kai Aun recommended it to me (super long time ago). A guy who learn French just so that he can go France to meet her sweetheart who is studying there. And a girl who work in the 24 hour bookshop in Taipei. The flow of the movie is nice... but the characters in there are all swt.... they do swt stuffs, and i swt all the way through especially the orange shirts guys. swt swt swt and swt. If you want something interesting, dun ever go for this movie. However, after a busy hectic day, i think this will b a nice movie to watch, soft and you will give out a few chuckles and have a grin on your face in THE END.

Accompany my mum watch this today...
Another MyAstro production since last year "Da Ri Zi". A lot of touching, unexpected and funny parts intervened with each other. Must watch~ most probably after you watch, you will feel different to your parents. =) *claphandtotheproducerandactersactressinthere* The most unforgettable scene of last year movie is when the four little girls runway and what their dad and mom told them after they found them. Cant forget them and they still playing again and again in my mind. =)

Ah... just what will i grow into for the next 10 years~ i wonder.