Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ragged Doll

I think i look more or less like this ragged door now. Pale, tired and down to toe messy!!!!!! >,< A lot of pimples popping out from my face and non consistent skin tone~~~~~ sigh~

Obs is draining out my energy but hey~ its fun!!!! Exciting!!! Stressful!!! Sleepless!!!! oh oh~ hope everything went well until this postings end. hee hee~ =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hot Desu~

Its super super hot. Please save me from this oven. I m melting even if i didnt move around.

Looking towards for O&G for now. Wish I dont change so fast. =D return to the days that i need to wake up super early to go to ward.


Saturday, April 2, 2011




sigh~~~ april fool yesterday... really april fool.

recently i found that a lot of my relatives and friends called me Doctor. !@#$%^&*(_)(*&^%
Hello~ i m not a doctor yet. i m still a student doctor. If you are sick and come to me, the most i can do is give you some advice. I cant even give treatment to you!!! If you are the patients that I see in ward.... I m still ok with them calling me Doctor because they dont know who I m. they only see me wearing my labcoat. But.... you all are the one that watches me grow up, wearing super casual clothes and dilly dally around the house. You all know me.... yet you all give me a title that is =( make me think that you all just want to push me away. Maybe i m too sensitive. please call me back Ying Xin k? Ying Xin is a nice name although quite hard to remember. And sorry first if you call me Doctor next time when i m still not a doctor, i will snap back to you, "I m Ying Xin." Everybody is same, equal. and everybody is a name. I m not bound to be a object.

Please la.... everybody is equal. Just like one of my friends said," In front of Mother Nature. No matter how rich. How poor. How bad. How good. What is your religion and what is your race." you are the same, equal to them. So please do not condemn other ppl wills, understand the difference between each religion. Nothing is the best. The scale of better is different in each heart. you may think this is better but others may think this is the worse. So... please be a bit considerate.

gah.... please be considerate. I still need to improve in this too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bye Bye Cutie~

My last day in paeds!!! oh no~ shhhh.... actually tomorrow should need to go to uni.... but then... i will skip it. =D

Know what is the biggest problem in paeds? is when you make emo mommy. They refuse to let you clerk, they hope that you will stay away from their bed, they will make super sour face when they see you~ gah  ahahhaha.

I m just glad~ finish my exam but i miss my MacD breakfast T.T. Everything is alright. What is the best is paeds is.... you usually wont get a lot of though or rare cases. 85% are gastroenteritis, pneumonia, bronchilitis, pharyngitis, asthma, dengue..... but when you are in the exam. all sort of funny cases come in.... lol....

ah.... next posting is O&G. I will be seeing mothers to be~ =D oh man... and labor room!!! =D =D =D hope the wards wont be hot.... its extremely hot nowadays. you will develop heat stroke even sitting in a room. =D

cya~ i m just too lazy to blog. i got a lot of medical pictures!!! but i dun think anyone want to see it~ =D