Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hepatitis B or HIV

Prof V asked us this question during IMS.

Prof V: Let me test your knowledge. You have no choice. Really no choice but to be prick by one of the following needles.
1 is being prick by a HIV contaminated needle
2 is being prick by a Hepatitis B contaminated needle
Which 1 will you choose?

All the students...... or within my auditory area 1 all answer HIV.

Prof V: Ah~ you all have good knowledge. Yeap. Hepatitis B has a higher transmission rate compare to HIV. So you have lower chance to be infected.

But.... Dont you all taken your Hepatitis B vaccine? so isnt it better if you get prick by the needle contaminated by hepatitis B.....

ooooooh~ ic. ><

Moral of the story: You can have very good knowledge but you need to apply it. If not it has no use at all. =) still working on how to take my knowledge out from my brain and apply it on each patient.

This is just a random picture. Tamago~ *drool* feel like eating it now. Got binge eating disorder now. =P Too stress and depress in this posting for unknown reason. =P
Tamago from Matsu, Seremban. Rm3.80 (expensive la, but very nice. got the fragrance of the egg)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MacD Breakfast

 Since ancient time, i had wanted to try the MacD breakfast. But i dont know why i just cant take the initiative to drive to there. Thoughts like,
"they look so fatty."
"The journey a bit far la."
"Ying Xin, dont spontaneously go and do something weird."
"at home got breakfast already. why i eat outside again."

But to start my new posting in a good way, I persuade myself to go and have a MacD breakfast so the thoughts dont haunt me once in a while. Bong bong~ here I go~

*MacD in Senawang is the only outlet in Seremban that sell breakfast set early in the morning*
 This is the 4 weekday promotion breakfast sets that you can choose... Guess I choose which 1? =)

Tadaaaa~ i choose egg macmuffin with chicken roll. *bigbiggrin* Reasons?
Set 1 looks too feeling with the cheese and sausage. although it worth the most.
Set 3 looks dull and the sausage and cheese make me feel guilty of getting fat.
Set 4... only 2 pcs of hotcakes. I am going to die of hunger later!!! and i can make hotcakes myself too. Although not as nice, round and pretty. tee hee~ thats why set 2 is the best choice. *grin*

 This is the egg macmuffin... ahem.. as usual, smaller then i thought. smaller than my palm (which is quite small). But i dont mind... since i scare i cant eat finish it (small appetite in the morning).

 Inside is~~~ the color combination is wonderful!!! brown muffin, white eggs, sunshine yellow cheese and slightly dark brown egg roll *yummy* cant wait to have a bite and its got a good smell too. =D nice smell is always the best stimulant for appetite. =)

 *bite* =)))))) cant stop grinning. Its nice!! This is how i look like recently. nothing change. still have the flattened fringe, big heavy frames, always small eyes. oh~~~ this picture is good!! i covered up all my pimples!!! yay!!

 Oh~ those who know me know i dont take coffee... but that day... surprisingly, even to myself, I choose coffee. =D so it is the original set. I get to taste if macmuffin goes together with coffee. =)

 Does you drool or gulp when you see this? nah!!! I m not sharing it with you =P

 I gulp down the whole cup coffee (with some difficulties as it still have the strong coffee taste) with 2 packets of creamer and sugar. *clapclapclap* and ended up with heightened spirit and emotion that day. =D visit the toilet more too (coffee is a diuretics) ah~~ i wont touch coffee in a while~ yes. i wont. I dont want ppl to think i m hypomania.

As a prove!! RM4.75 for the macmuffin and the coffee. Its quite worth it since it keep me full until my dinner. =) heh heh~ ok~ i feel sastified. I wont yearn for it anymore.

Man... then I have this intrusive thoughts for more than a week. I want to go Taiwan. I miss the 7-eleven, the clothes, the shoes, the makeup products there. Not so much of the food. And yes sir. the drinks!!! man... everytime my mind is no occupied, taiwan floats in. everytime i open the newspaper, something will trigger me, even a 7-eleven advertisement. Man... it even given me 2 sleepless nights cause my mind is too preoccupied with me. Just wish i could fly there at once. Sigh~ oh my. >< get rid of this thought!!!! i dont want my mind be eaten up by it. Gah... ok~ go back to my work. =))) i love food!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheesy Cheeze

Holiday is ending~ and its just the typical holiday which I really rest myself and do nothing. *biggrin* but its just still not enough.

Dreamt of going to a place for the past 3 days but it is almost impossible to go there. *sigh* how a? ying xin~ dont dream too much!!!!

Met with this cuties at the very start of my 1 week holiday. Good to look at. Taste... cheesy cheesy and cheesy and cant stop thinking that i had destroyed something as beautiful as these.

The "Oops!Cheese" cheese tarts!!!! Rm3.80 for each *veryexpensivela* (sorry... I m a stingy girl) but if you buy 10, they will free you extra 2.
I cant remember all the flavors. But i ate the strawberry 1 and the charcoal 1 (top, second from the left). I am sure i m not imagining things and mayb it should taste like this. I feel like i m biting very fine sand... ewwww but haha~ i wont take a second servings of it.

Yay~ tomorrow i will be in psychiatry. Dont like the wordy text books. wish that i wont dislike this subject that will show you how to read ppl's heart. =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bling Bling Pinkish!!

 I had finished O&G!!!! yay!!! holiday~ here i come~ =D =D =D

ooh~ you know~ i m not a girlish girl. if you need to classified me... please put me in the weird section. i dont mind. Yeap yeap. Last Friday, after the prep talk by D.S. I am still so happy that i told my mum i will treat her a pedicure for Mother's Day~ =D lol... dont get the wrong idea. Me, cannot do pedicure on you except you want your toes to look like Picasso's drawing.

End up in Nail Trend located in  Giant, Senawang~

Haha~ this is how its look under the sunlight....

and this is how its look when you see it straight in front your eyes.
Geesh.... See... i think some supernatural force is really trying to stop this post from publish... everytime i try to finish it or post it... something happened. hope you can survive on my blog.... =P

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I cant stop grinning now although today is not a very good day to me.

End up with sleepless night as today a very enthusiatic lecturer is taking me for exam (which means she wants something more than usual).

Unusually jam on the road... Can you imagine a 15 mins journey is extended to half an hour (oh man... dont compare with KL. In Seremban, this jam is a big thing!!! Yes~ Its BIG!!!!)

Thought i can get the patient that i clerked yesterday but.... sigh... didnt manage to get it.... oops!!

Answering super spontaneously during the viva and when i stepped out of the room i barely remember what happened inside~ only remember her eyes (which i try to avoid to look into but its so rude not to look into).

Soulessly following ward rounds and suddenly a GANG or a BIG BIG group of ppl came in and cramp the way to give out presents.... not to me but to the mothers. ahaha~

Aiyo~ then is debriefing which i confidently said i do ok but my other mates said they did bad... so i not sure if i m too confident or they are too humble but i really think i did ok la.

Too excited to read anything during break time... =P Spending it thinking what i should do after exam. =D =D =D

Exam is terrible... so many long long scenarios.... so many unexpected questions but i finish all of them though... not enough time to check back. It feels like i just sit down and the next moment i m getting up and leaving the hall.

I dont know why but i still feel so excited and positive even though so many not so good things happened to me today. and... still got 1 summary, 3 reports, cfcs, IMS, plan to make, episiotomy repair, stupid electives and etc still waiting for me to solve them. ah~~~ mayb today is a positive day~ all the positive electrons are surrounding me.=DDDD crazy me!!