Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is a day full of fright~

I tried to wake up at 6.30am but instead i woke up near 7. Rush to the ward as i didnt clerk 1 of my patient (cause she looked so... fierce). Reach the ward~ hey~ i m one of the earliest.

Then wait for more than half an hour for the Dr to reach. Get palpitation following the ward round. Learn quite a lot but i m still blur. I cannot connect with Ortho.... Grrrrr....

Have a class on radiology... totally KO on how to interpret the X ray. I think... you need to use quite a lot of IMAGINATION!!!! haha which i yet to develop in this area.

Lunch is normal.. plan to go off to get a book but sigh... research meeting is at 1pm. then halfway through my lunch. Research changed to 4. *grumble*

Went back to the pigeon hole. "WHERE IS MY AT A GLANCE????"  (oh. its a book). Look through every pigeon holes. full of questions mark why a person why to take a thin and nearly useless book. Did I make any enemy recently? sigh~ then... i nearly open every bag there to check... but i restrained myself.... "ah... mayb my book drop and some kind soul dont know what to do about it and return it to the library?"
check my account. T.T the book is still under my name. Run back to check all the pigeons holes again. No!!! nowhere~ its not there.
Then got an idea to stalk everybody in the library. Found a person with the same book.... really politely ask her is that her book? haha... and she said no. i was yay!!! i found it!!! haha. apparently my batch mates mistook it when she put her books in my pigeons hole. Thanks God!!! =)

hoho...stuck in the library. hate anatomy... never get into my mind although they are so familiar. reach 4pm. oh no!!! the meeting change to 4.30pm. stay back half an hour more. Later.... a group cut the queue and our meeting push towards 5pm....

On the way home, stuck in the jam. stupid... dont slow down to watch the accidents in opposite lane.

Man... tomorrow. please be more smooth.... i need to hand in the elective form. kak in the office. please dont make my life difficult. tq~ =)

ok~... finish grumble. back to study. =D sayonara~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matsu Japanese Restaurant & Sushi

 This is a meal long long long long x100000 time ago. Happened to discover a Japanese Restaurant in Seremban (accidentally through the World Wide Web) which I wont know its existence if  its not because of the superior internet.

Matsu Japanese Sushi Restaurant is located at Seremban 2. Near Jusco Seremban 2. A few shops away from Amway. It is quite shabby looking and I did not take notice of that shop even i went to that area a few times.

The first step into the shop is brrrrrrrrr..... so cold.  that day is a hungry day~ order quite a lot but i just manage to take this few pictures b4 someone throwing them into their mouths.
 The sashimi~ seriously... it is so long ago that i forgot what fish and which part it is. It tastes quite good. Just that i think they didnt defroze it properly. The meat still have small pieces of ice in it. Rm20++

p/s: must becareful when the waitress ask you do you want a variety of sashimi. Cause my first impression to her question is the price will be the same. but heck... after asking for 2 times.. she answered that no... it is more expensive. *evilwaitress*

 The tofu~ I always love tofu cause it looks healthy to me. This 1 taste nice if i seperate it from the outer layer. =DD  RM6.90 if I am not wrong.

 This is the only dish that I am really really sastified that day. Tamago~ look familiar? ya~ i put this picture up b4. it is extremely nice. the egg fragrance, the texture, the rice. All are PurrrrrrrFECT!!! Oh man. my stomach just rumble. =P sigh~ wish to have a bite of it now. I tried to make tamago last week but fail!!! it turned out to be a fried egg (again ><)

 Guess what is this? Miso ke? since i like miso a lot too. =)

 Ah~ haha~ its Japanese Porridge with salmon. Erm... I cannot appreciate it. It taste a bit too strong for me. I always love the porridge that i cook myself (which most ppl that taste it said tasteless) or white porridge with prickled beancurd. =) so... haha~ sorry to this porridge. I finish all the ingredients but not the soup.

Matsu Restaurant... i still think the price is a bit expensive. It is even more expensive than Zanmai!!! But, it is the only Japanese Restaurant in Seremban (for my knowledge). so... It is the only place to for Seremban-ian to go if they have craving for Japanese food (oh... beside Sushi King la).


 *blush* random photo i took when i m tired... of studying. ah... i shouldnt b tired. it is fun to learn new stuffs. but somehow, sometime, it really fill like my brain is going to explode entering too much info and yet there is still a lot waiting for me to learn. and yea... i must agree i look thin only if you see my face only... =D

Again... This is sth happened extremely long ago. went to sastify my craving (dont ask me why i have so much of craving)
 Sushi box Rm6.90 in Jusco~ got promotion that time. i think no more promotion already. =D see... it is really worth it. Got my sushi and octopus in it. and got 10 pieces of sushi which make the day for my tummy.

 Tamago again. =)) It is such a simple food yet I still cannot grab the essence of how to make it. Anybody willing to teach me how to make this beautiful thing. hee hee~ this look like normal right but OMG!!! i got a shock when i taste it. Inside it. There are CHEESE!!! yea~ CHEESE. Which make it really really nice, and bring the fragrance of the egg to another level beyond my expectation. Ai~ and the best thing is Rm1 for each. >< but not always available. love it and miss it.

 My yummy lunch~

Which included this cute container of soy sauce. =)

Ok~ time to start studying again. =) sayonara~

p/s: I wish i dont make the wall around me higher and higher until 1 day it is difficult for me to get out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banana Leaf

 Second days in Orthor and still cant fall in love with it and a single feeling of liking it. =(( I dont like anatomy. Why is there so many muscle but when we stab someone and  look inside the wound. It just a piece of bloody red meat. ya~ I dun know. Now i feel that Psychiatry is actually not that bad.

Oh~ JOYCE LAI TIAN TIAN. Thank you so much for pushing me to the library nearly everyday (or is it everyday?) haha~ now i still struggle a lot in anatomy but if that time we didnt keep revising the muscle, muscle, muscl, bone, bone, bone thta time. I think i will need to start from scratch now. =D love you~ *mua*

The food i had eaten for the past month... i mean not everyday. just sth that i wont usually eat.

 Banana leaf at..... oh shoot. i dont know where is it and what is the name of the shop. Its somewhere I used to pass by a lot last time but i dont even pay attention to this shop. Quite ok la~ I m not good in appreciating food with a lot of spices.

 This is Mushroom Algedro from FEgaFredo. Its the pizza shop behind columbia hospital. I LOVE THE MUSHROOM!!! it tastes so wild~ hee hee. And the cream really bring out the taste of the mushroon. =)))

The beef Lasagna. oh... too cheesy. I m trying to control and maintain my weight now. cause... erm... i think i m growing a bit too meaty... not general but localized... yea. and trying to dump the fat without doing exercise. (oh no!!! i m the 1 advising ppl to exercise but m sitting here. haha~ shhh... keep it quite from my patient. =P)

ok~ 88... i m back to the world of meat and bone. =(

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Oh~ this is super super super long ago. I received it at the mid of May. Later busy busy busy and forget about it. =P

Another postcard from overseas. This 1 is fill up with buildings, buildings and buildings.

Thank you Han Hong. =) and the words too.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My sweet tooth~ =)

 The soft strawberry... the cream...

 The thick chocolate~ *yum~~~~*

The delightful mango. my favorite food. hm.... =) =)

I think i need a lot of sugar to make me happy recently. =P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometime, some little stuffs can make me very happy. =))

"There is always little surprise hiding around the corner,
                                   You just need to find them out. 
                                                  Just like treasure hunt!! =)) "

p/s: bless you~ x0x0

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sth to share...

Actually i wanted to type in Chinese but my com refuses to let me do so "Bad com. Naughty Com. I wont use you for the next 1 week!!!!"

Recently mood is flattering, very emotional and very depressed for none reason. Maybe because I am in the Psychiatry. Maybe it just because it is not a very good month. Once upon a time, I listed psychiatry as a subject that I may want to specialized in (because there are so many stories to listen too) but I am unsure now cause I think i wont be able to handle the patient and I may follow the patient imagination (those who knows me know how easily affect is me).

Mommy went to book fair in Mines last Friday and brought back a huge amount of books (@@). Two of them are by Hou Wen Yong (a Taiwanese, previously an Anesthesiologist, now a full time writer). I nearly read finish 1 of them (despite a whole mountain of medical books are waiting for me to look through... they are too boring... BORING!!!). All Chinese must know this writer, he is the author for "bai Se Ju Ta". The Jerry of F4 acted in the drama.... but it is very boring for me that time and i scolded the scriptwriter *oops!!* but now i totally fall in love with Mr. Hou. His writing is very descriptive, attractive and it somehow make you emotional after you finish reading a story (oh. I was reading a short story collection).

One of the story go like this... he met a nephrologist who is a patient in the psychiatric department. the Nephrologist claimed he saw patients that passed away line up behind him according to their time of death and follow him everywhere. He can name every ghost that is following him and the sequence is really according to the patients time of death. Why he gone mad and starting to have visual hallucination? Is because there is no dialysis machine at that time and those with renal failure only can wait for their doom. This good Nephrologisst tried very hard to collect funds to buy a dialysis machine from America which is very expensive that day. But one day... on the road, a patient with SLE stopped him. She said, " Dr. you are a very good Dr. You helped those with renal failure. But how about us?" The doctor was guilty cause he helped those with renal failure but there are still a lot of patients who nobody would help them.... After the first dialysis machine came to his hospital. More difficult decision had to be made by him as the machine only can help 8 patients a day but there are hundreds of patients with renal failure. He cant help them all. everyday he needs to decide who to go for the machine. Everyday, patients begging him to help them, to not let them died and everyday more and more patients died as they cannot reach the machine. Because of dignity, stress and more stress, the doctor started to see patients who passed away quietly line up behind him, following him everywhere. Man... I will stop here. cause I cant really express myself in english... and I cant type chinese. Do you know how i feel now? cant be describe. Wu wei zha cheng.