Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Belated Daddy;s Day

Oh no!! I am posting a long due post again. haha~ this should be post about 3 weeks ago yet I delayed it until now. Reasons? Orthopedics and EOS are killing me!!! =( so many things waiting to be revised (a whole stack of papers and books that will crush me to pieces if they fall on me) =((( and also reports. Why am I writing and writing and still writing reports every week? I am thinking if i have obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

Ok~ back to the topic. haha~ ok. this year Father's Day. No present for dad (unable to get him anything) so i will fill her tummy ba. Below are dishes prepare by my brother and I. =))) *grin*

Tofu with salmon seaweed toppings and tomatoes!!! ah~ it looks so healthy. One of the dishes that i always prepare when I am in vista.

My baby porridge. All the ingredients are boil until super soft which you can swallow without biting it.

Conclusion for breakfast: very healthy. =) no salt added. no meat. and full of carrots, tomatoes and carbohydrates. I LOVE TASTELESS FOOD!!!  my mommy and daddy said they are quite nice. =P thank you~ =)))

Tomato Mushroom Pasta. My first time using alien mushrooms (swiss brown button). Trying to decorate the dish and make it loos more high class but i think there is still more improvement that can be done. =)
p/s: the mushrooms that i usually use are those in the can and shitake only =P

Fruit salad!!!! Green apple, red apple and my own home plant mangoes. Yummy~ best when serve chill. *drool*


Dinner started very early as daddy is working... (yea. why a teacher is working during Sunday? ask his school?) It is failure. haha. This suppose to be 炸酱面. But it turns out very lacking in sauce and meat. Again a very healthy meal. =DDDD and i think i did not fill up anybody stomach including mine for dinner.

Conclusion: I hope my daddy love the food. I can be a good cook to prepare food for those that want to go on diet cause the food i always prepare is less salt, less sugar, less oil and less meat. hahahaha~

Congratz to me again. I am becoming aunty again. =DDD


joyce said...

awwww... that's so sweet!! and considering that i havent had breakfast now im feeling hungry as well :)

next time cook for me alsooo..... :D

Belle said...

=D =D yeap. come come. i cook for you~ put a lot of garlic in it. =DDD

joyce said...

YER. i dont want garlic!!!

i'm scared... results coming out in 45 minutes!! ><


Belle said...

haha!!! c. you did good (from your fb status)!!! your holiday began!!! yay!!!

joyce said...

yes yes yes yes yes!!!! :D :D :D over the moon now... (still) hehe