Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mulu National Park - 21/8/11

Woke up around 6am today and miracle my legs did not ache from the over exercising yesterday but the pain at the ankles still remain but it is lesser!!! =D =D *happy*

Have buffet breakfast. =) so many yummy things to eat but I dont know why everyone except Michelle ate quite little. There you even can have fresh fried omelet (the yellow color things). =)

Here is something I found quite unique that I didnt see before. Black pepper black. A bread made from black pepper. 0.0
(above) black pepper bread with blackberry jam.
(below) Butter and raisin bread with coconut kaya.

Have you ever taste of black pepper? this bread taste black pepper.... haha... otherwise not a taste of bread... so not of my liking. >< I still love the flour taste of a bread better.

After breakfast, we started our journey around 8am. Walking down the slippery and steep steps to the dock gives me heartattack and our boat is a long and thin one.
This is how our boat looks like. Despite it fragile and unstable look. it is actually quite stable, not swaying, not bumpy like motor boat and quite fast!! you can feel the cold breeze blowing pass you. =) one word: FRESH!!!

Half way, we stopped for a morning market in a Penan Village and I saw this!!!
Chicken and Chicks!!!! aiyo~~~ arent the chicks adorable. and it being a long long while since I saw chicken bringing chicks just like the drawings in my primary textbook!! =))) awww... such a nice memory. hee hee~ chickies are so cute.

See... not only 2 chicks are following mommy to peck for worms. There are at least 7 of them. =))) so sweet... I hope they dont end up in the cage like those chicken who end up in out tummy. T.T

We are the first to arrive the junction to the cave... Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave. To my horror, we need to climb up stairs again. T.T ok.... jia you!!!

This is Wind Cave, you can hear some sound of the wind and a lot of birds flapping their wings.

Waiting for Mr. A to give us briefing. He loves briefing a lot. Next time if you want to visit Mulu find him... you can ask him a lot of questions and he will give you a lot of briefing. Can you see the entrance of the cave? it is pitch black. Yea... light are still not on at that time we reach and we get to experience walking in pitch black for 10 mins... =) good experience but i also scare i will fall out of the rails.

This is taken when we are in the middle of the cave. A very deep valley with a hole high up. Remind me of 1 scene in "Shen Diao Xia Lu" where Yang Guo was push into some hole by the Master of the valley. According to A, the wall here is very suitable for rock climbing.

Inside the cave, there is a very big chamber which called the King's Chamber and if you are very interested in walking through this cave thoroughly... you can sign up for it... the walk is around 12km... with a lot of slits that you need to squeeze through and also pitch black!!! =D hm... sound interesting... mayb next time... when my stamina is better and I am not so afraid of dark.

Going to Clearwater cave is another walking experience. walking to narrow roads and when I thought I reached... I found some monster standing proudly in front of me.

This is the monster!!! Another staircases.... It look so long... so high... I cannot see the end. Mr. A said it is shorter than the 207 steps in Batu Cave but who cares? I didnt climb Batu Cave before so I dont know how long is it... A lot of huff and puff for me to sort of "crawl" up the stairs but Mr. A can just jump jump jump and later disappear in front of my eyes. >< damn... I think this trip I used up my exercise quota for next year too.

After ages... I finally get to the top.... Another briefing again. But you see... I cant concentrate and start taking pictures again. What I heard is just Mr. A asked how old are we... I think no body answer that question. and someone ask him how old is he and he said 23... zzz... erm... he looks like he is in his late 20's la k? haha~ ok... i dont know if he is telling the truth.

The entrance to Clearwater Cave. The cave is going downwards. And it has the 11th longest river in the cave.

See... A lot of steps down again. I will appreciate going down steps more than going up them. ai... and this is only part of it.

A lot of shark teeth again with green fungus growing on them.

Tell you something special about this plant. 1 plant has only 1 leaf. So count how many leaf there and there are how many plants sticking onto the rock. The elongated 1 is at the top and you can find some love shaped one at the lower part of the cave (which I didnt take any photos).

The cave is dark with a river with very fast and strong current. Now only I found out that I scare of a lot of things. First, darkness in somewhere I am unfamiliar. Second, water. I am imagining some monster trying to grab me down the bridge when I am crossing it. Just like Billy the goat and the monster.

Not much railing here and if you slip, you can just fell into the river and i will said 88 to you. =)

This is somewhere in the end of the cave... not really the end... just no more paths to take if you want to go further in. The water in the cave is icy cold and I brave myself to touch it k? why i need to brave myself? I worried that some alligator or monster will whoosh out and chomp my hands off... (see... when your imagination is running too wild... it is not good. ><

Trying to take my shadow on the wall... but fail... cause really too dark... and behind me... where you cannot see... is the cave river.

Felt so relieve that we walked out... hee hee. Sunshine so beautiful to me at that moment.

This is the Clearwater River. The water is very clear k? why it looks greenish because there is algae at the bottom. If you scoop the water out with a glass... I can guarantee it is really clear. crystal clear.

This is where you can jump into the river to swim with fishes (small one). the water is cold... but not as cold as it is in the cave.

The river for you to swim. Look nice right? =D but i dun know how to swim.

Feel like some nymph will hope out from the jungle. it is really beautiful there. 10x better than what you see in this photo. =) what it does not look exactly like what I mentioned? because of my lousy... photography skill la.

After that, off we go to the airport... and we can reach the airport through the river. =DDDD

Our lunch. Simple... and I just wish I did not finish this that day.

Again, I came as a Male of course I must also go as a Male.

Not able to sit by the window. But I able to take this photo. =)) cloud is quite beautiful and the sky is blue and the person sitting beside me just sleep himself off. =))

Good thing always come with something nasty. The flight met some turbulence... =( bad ride... felt like in the roller coaster with my stomach full. What make things worse is the person sitting behind me vomit. the smell.... *vomit*

=/ but i didnt vomit on the plane... just as I am going to vomit... the plane land and i slowly walk to the toilet to puke... (i still wonder how i can suppress my reflex). feels bad afterwards. keep wanting to vomit even my tummy is empty.

Lunch prepared by David's mom. *thumbsup* The dishes are really yummy!!! and the fish and prawn are damn fresh. =D fill up all gone food with these delicacies. tee hee.

Raining in Miri... Have a tour around Miri.. Saw a lot of seahorses. Seahorses is the symbol of Miri... (reason unknow)

Dinner at Dynasty Restaurant and came over with this special dish.
This is Kailan!!! yea... The shredded green stuffs is fried kailan leaf. special right? Taste like seaweed though. =) thank you for the dinner a lot. Enjoy it.

Back to the room and we played cards game. Did something silly like trying to google up what card games to play. Ickes and yen haw... I dont know how to play Nertz already. >< I cant remember how to play it despite playing it with both of you quite regularly last time... sigh... dont know what happened to my brain.

K... Thats all for the third day... tomorrow will be a relaxing there. =DD

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mulu National Park - 20/8/11

So how can I wake up so early in the morning even last night I slept at 1am. People who know me knows that I am a sunflower, my daily life is controlled by the sun. If the sun rise up early then I will wake up early too. See... In Miri, the sun rises half an hour earlier (or maybe more). 6.30am in the morning looks like 7.30am in Peninsular.  =/ at first i thought i was hallucinating when I saw sunshine pouring in from the window.... after confirming I am not dreaming (by pinching myself), only do I know how the sun works here.

My first breakfast was in an unknown place (looks like a hawker) that David's family took us. In the midst of blurness (due to lack of sleep), I agree to take laksa... What in my mind at that moment is the curry laksa in seremban. Ho hey!!! when it arrived, it is different (look like asam laksa without cucumber minus fish). At the first taste, A-HA-HA!!! I KNOW YOU!!! You are so strange yet so familiar.

First attempt of Sarawak laksa is a bad memory. Ickes, Yen Haw and Me cooked it. It is hazardous... too oily, too sour, too many funny herbs inside (because we forget to sieve) and I was thinking Sarawakian has funny taste for food. Second attempt was better because the cook is my mum... but still i told myself I wont like it, the taste is rather strong.

With the first bite of the Sarawak laksa (in above picture), it tastes pretty good. =) love the mee hun the most. Not spicy (although it looks peeping red and hot) and not sour at all... =) Ickes and Joyce. Finally I taste the real one!! =D =D Let me take back my words that Sawarakian has funny taste.

After that, we headed to the airport, cause we will be spending 2 days 1 night in Mulu (I refuse to climb Mount KK, so I choose the second choice which is visiting the cave). RM 200 for the whole package from lodging, dinner, breakfast, air ticket, guide fare and etc, blah blah blah. It quite worth it but I dun know how to get this package ya~ cause is Oscar that found out about it (I think).

When I received my boarding pass... something looks wrong... but I cant really tell what is it.
A second look.... O.M.G.!!! My gender has being change, I am a MALE now!!! hello, Mr Tan. kakakaka~ worried that the custom would not let me past or shot me a weird look thinking I may have change my gender from a male to a female.But... all this did not happened la. =D Mayb they do noticed, just they are professional enough to keep their question marks to themselves. =P safely boarded.

This is our mini plane, MAS wings. Joycey asked me if it is a Twin Otter.... @@ i dont know.... I just know it looks smaller. Can carried around 100 passengers, the seats are more comfortable compare to AirAsia one and I get to sit by the window. *bigbigsmile* =D

Wings of Love... spreading the Love from the sky.

I took a lot of photos during this flight (because i get a strategic seat) but.... all turn out quite blur... blame on my photography skill... blame on my eyes which do not see the mode that allow me to take picture from the plane. Only 2 photos that I think is acceptable... =P

Hm... Medical Student Syndrome is back. You will tend to link sth you see to something that you learn before. This is a picture of part of the river that you will came across if you take a water transport to Mulu. What does the shape of the river (red arrow pointing) looks like to you?
UTERUS!!!! Does it looks like a very well drawn and fat uterus to you? kaka~ =P

The second 1 is this. White fluffy cloud that looks like bits and pieces of yummy cotton candy. OR white bouncy sheep that flies!!! woohoo!!! I love my imagination when it runs wild. =)

The whole flight took around 35 minutes and here we are at Gunung Mulu National Park. =))) Oh... according to the guide, there is only 1 flight in and 1 flight out of Mulu everyday. It is to limit the amount of people that visit this place so that nature can be maintained. Yea... i do agree that Human is quite a destructive living organism. *thumbsupforthisrule*

The airport is quite unique but again... you see... I am not a photographer. Sometime I rather use my eyes to see than taking photographs down... so if you do want to know how the airport looks like... please visit Mulu yourself and also the transport that bring us to our hotel. Looks like a open bus without any wall... oh... you should have a look yourself. =D

Part of the bus with a sign read "Be Prepared to Get Wet If It Rains". So that is how "open" our transport is but the sun is shining strong and the weather is more humid than seremban. No complaints.

The Royal Mulu Resort. You need to enter it through a bridge (with a very wide and looks deep river below). Feels like you are in a very posh kampung. haha~

The welcome drink (orange juice) in a bamboo cup (really makes from bamboo). So unique!! let me give a suggestion, I think it will be the best if the drink is rice wine!!! Oh man... I really hope that it is an alcohol when I drank it but it is orange juice. Sigh... go healthy huh?

This is the outside of our room. Shape like a modified long house.

Our room!!!! Arent it big and spacious? we got an extra bed because 4 of us are staying in a room. usually there is only 2 beds. The window shows you the scenery of  jungles. Kala refused to let the curtain left open... reasons??? she scared someone will be knocking on the window at night or just staring at her. haha~ she is so cute. =)

Take 2 of our room~ =) Its being a long time since i stay in such a big hotel room.

The toi-let. Simple and nice with a notice above the toilet bowl warning us not to drink the water straight from the tap because it contains Cl-..... Hm... Wonder if there is really people who allergy towards Cl-.

 Of course. not forget a SS photo because there is a big mirror just outside the washroom. =) Oh. how I wish my room has a mirror like this *envy*

We ate our lunch which is prepared by David's mum. Playing many rounds of cards until nearly everybody fall asleep. then is 2.30pm!!! yes!! finally get to do something... and this something is just so scary. We overheard that we need to walk 9km in the Mulu National Park. Wonder a couch potato like me can finish the walk.... wonder if my already pain ankle due to 20 mins non stop walk under hot sun yesterday in high heels will bring me any benefit. =.= gah~ since I already stuck here. Lets just do it!! =)

I am glad my mum did not come, cause she will start nagging me for sitting at the back of a Pajero!!! "dangerous la girl. Dont always funny stuffs. " kaka~ warm and humid wind is sweeping past my face... Woo hoo!!! so nice!!! =)

Our guide in the Mulu National Park was Mr. A (below). Long hair, little beard, talking quite fast in his... i dont know what slang... and i always space out during his briefing. "Brain all used up during exam la. now no brain." Michelle, 2011. Yea... thats how i feel. =P
 And, he always said if you want to listen walk with me. if you dun want then walk in front of me. But he walked so fast that we barely can even chase up with him (for me la)... so I am "force" to listen to him. but I think he is really quite knowledgeable. =)

 In the park, it is very humid and warm (not hot). For now... seremban is the most humid place for me but this place is even more humid than seremban. We cant stop sweating, sweating like mad. I think i finish my quota of sweating for this year in just that few hours.

 This is some plant... which you see... i dont pay attention so I dont remember what is it. oh... i know i know. It bears fruit that looks like snake skin. Beats me. what is it? Ngai hm ti tau.

A has a very good eye sight, mayb he is trained for it. but still... seeing this in a midst of walking is just fabulous!!!
 Do you see what i see? the red arrow is pointing an insect similar to the twigs. It is super alike k!!! i wouldnt have see it if I didnt take a closer look. @@ pandainya insect ini.

 I like this pic. because it got a rainbow in it. =))))))))))))))

 These 2 plants look like they are going to fall to the ground any moment but isnt that great that they pull each other so that they will stay swinging in the air? =)

Again, Mr. A spotted something tiny that I took a few minutes to spot it.
 This insect has a horn and it is far up the tree. Far far up. even i jump i cannot reach it and this is the best I can focus on it. I am starting to wonder if they put all the insects in a place so that they can point to the tourist whenever they pass by (I think i think too much la =P)

 This is a huge, big tree with a lot of other plants live on it. It looks tough but actually it is quite soft. The inner part of it is filled with water to supply to the plants that live on it. Such a motherly tree.
 And Mr. A has a very bad habit. He asked questions but he does not give an answer to it until you ask him for the answer. I think he is trying to test if anybody paid attention towards him.

 This are the 2 caves that we visited on the first day, Lang Cave and Deer Cave. Lang is name after a person... Deer Cave I dont know how it gets it name because no deer inside and the cave is full of... (just continue reading)

 Another briefing by Mr. A, he loves to brief. with kala paying full attention and David curi curi smiling to someone.
"Do not touch anything in the cave because your hands got a lot of bacteria that will kill the formation inside."
"Remember your torchlight. Careful of your steps."
"Take your own time and walk on your own pace" (but he walks damn fast.... so no walking on my own pace)... ... ...

Off we go to Lang Cave. =) Here are some photos.
 Stalagmite.  Looks like teeth of the shark. No touching.

 Do you see the threads hanging down... not very long, around the length of a short ruler. It is produce by glow fly (if i get his word right). This insect stay inside the dark and they glow to trap other insects inside the thread and eat them up. pretty smart guys. =)

 Owh... Can you guess what is this? some said fungating mushrooms, some said mummified bird. There are 2 baby swallows... not cute. look rather hideous and I thought they are dead if they dont move. Be gentle to them,  shine only orange light towards them. White lights are too glaring.

And if you shown your torch (the orange one) into the hole above your head. you will see bats hiding in them. =) so cute. I want to hide in there too. (no pictures due to poor lightning).

 Do you see the formation of steps? Quite magnificant. I saw better one in china with water in it and looks like a bathing tub. lol... this one had dry up.

 The tall rocks.

What is a cave to you? For me it is just a hole inside a mountain and it is pretty scary. I always scare of dark when I am in a place I dont know.

 This picture always looks like the ground is at the top to me.

 Loves this pic!!! Everybody is walking out of the cave, walking towards hope. This is the exit and entrance of Lang cave.

 Deer Cave is the next. So another briefing by Mr. A.

"Dont touch the railing, it is full of bat shit. (of course he said it in a better way but I forgot the specific words that he used."
"Try not to fall. Cause if you fall you will find yourself dealing with a lot of shit"
"If you cannot walk, you can go back to the open area. Cause this cave got a lot of steps"
"Follow me... I will show you shrimps, fish and insects, Eden's Garden, Shower of Adam and Eve".

After a 10 minutes walk... (my ankle is hurting like mad now).
 We saw this palm trees. According to Mr. A, you can find no palm trees so tall and thin. They are tall and thin because of natural fertilizer and also lack of sunlight.

 Sigh... sorry for the bad photograph. I am in a hurry because i am way back and I am blocking other ppl way. Try to imagine if you cannot see it. Red arrow point to turtle head, yellow to a fish in its mouth and green to its flippers. There is another flippers but i didnt get to take it.

 At the entrance of Deer Cave before it gets to dark to photograph. All the brownish red stuffs you see are dungs. Bats dungs. Full of them. everywhere. When you lift up your head, you can see blackish patches which are the bats.

 The entrance... Hm... the cave smells yuckie...

After a quite long walk for me and climbing out some very steeps stairs (only 6 of us climb up the stairs because our legs can still carried us). We saw the Eden's garden.
Dont ask me why it is called Eden's garden la. Mr. A doesnt know too. I try to spot Adam and Eve and also the big black snake but there just look so peaceful... mayb it is called Eden's garden because it is so peaceful, faraway and untouch.

Just in front of us is the shower of Adam and Eve. Looks just like the shower we used. Too dark... photos not able to be taken but the shower really have continuous water dripping down.

The final part of the walk... watch the bats soar to the sky. From here.
 haha~ this is what it looks like when we look up from the small field. This is above Deer Cave. Mr. A said it depends on our luck if we can see the bats fly out cause they wont fly out if it is raining... and the sky looks like they are going to rain. but we are lucky!!! after less than 30 minutes of waiting..... =)

But spotting the bats are a bit testing to me. I cant spot them until they fly to the sky and it is too late for me to take photos of them. But I manage to get some... =)

 Yes... these are bats. not insects or bees!! I would love to focus nearer but they are too far up and this is the best my Lumix can do.

They flew out in batches and in spiral shape and whoosh they will be disappear in just a few seconds.

Walking back is torturous and I started to question myself if I am going on a holiday or a training. My ankle hurts like mad and feel like sitting down and just pass my day in the forest.... haha We manage to get out of the park within 45 mins... exhausted... sweating like a pig... and felt that i have achieve something great in my life. walking for 9km in a day. =D =D

Bath and my legs feel wobbly. Really felt like an old woman.
 Dinner in this hall. Isnt it magnificent? A lot of choices of food!! =) but unable to eat them because i lost my appetite from walking. gah... but the custard corn is nice. hee hee.

Cultural performance... not paying attention to the performance. but hey. i clap everytime they finish k?
Have a picture with the crews.... oh. and hit the bed at 10pm. =D damn early but feeling afraid because it is too dark. Kala close the window tightly afraid of people staring in and I wrap myself tight inside my blanket afraid of something unknown....

They promise me a more enjoyable trip for the next day... will it be so? better be. cause i think my legs will ache like mad and I am unable to walk. good night~ =)