Saturday, August 6, 2011

Missed Heart Beat

Oh man~ i m supposed to post this up yesterday but i was too terrified and worried.

I was playing with my stethoscope  yesterday and trying to record the normal breath sound and heart sound into my brain (of course using my own breath sound and heart sound la). Breath sound is normal, vesicular breath sound, no crepitation. when i was listening to my heart sound, i expected the normal "lup dup, lup dup......" but what i heard is "lup dup, lup dup dup dup dup, lup dup, lup dup dup dup dup". 0.0 *panicjawdrop* i thought i m having illusion as i was auscultating the pulmonary region only. so i check out the other four regions. all are same, all are the same weird sound!!!! "lup dup, lup dup dup dup dup, lup dup, lup dup dup dup dup" T.T

I proceed to check my pulse. all of them (the radial, brachial, dorsalis pedis, posterior tibialis) are "dup, dup,silent, dup, dup, silent, dup, dup, silent" I am sorry to tell that my knowledge in cardiology is only borderline and i dun know if this is physiological or pathological. >,< because of this, i ended up ausculatating my heart and palpating my pulses the whole bloody night. Hoping that i m dreaming and there wasnt any changes. T.T but it remains there until i fell asleep. T.T

But luckily today all changes back to normal. *grin* but i shall continue to monitor my heart to prevent getting myself on the front page with a big big title "Young Medical Student died of Heart Attack" haha~ =)

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