Thursday, September 29, 2011


Do not proceed if you have phobia towards ear wax. =)

 I have this problem for many many years already and it is solved today~ so happy =) hee hee. What is it? is my ear wax!!!!! in both of my

Since secondary school i experienced tinnitus (small, sharp ringing sound that is not heard by other people) and i went to let doctor, normal clinic doctor check my ears and they said is just a small problem. no worries. put some olive oil 3 times a day and the wax will drop off itself. BUT IT DOES NOT!!!! instead my tinnitus get worse.... hmph... mayb the wax swell up after in contact with the oil.

Last month, snorkeling in Tuanku Abdul Rahman Park brings back the tinnitus, aural fullness (unable to hear properly) and also dizziness which make me super depress.

During ENT posting, when we need to  check each other ears with otoscope, my friends couldnt see anything in my ears and Prof came and checked. "your ears are impacted with wax." 0.0 go back and put olive oil... may need to b soften first before remove. thats what he said.

So i religiously go through the therapy for 1 week but the tinnitus worsen... and i dun like the oily feeling in the ear. until this Tuesday after I saw a Mr. helping a patient removing wax... i asked if he can help me with my ears too and he agreed!!! =D

Today... have my 2 large, harden, ancient wax remove!! no pictures taken cause very embarrassed and i dun even dare to look at them. but from the ooh and aah my friends let out after seeing the wax i think the amount is pretty stunning. tee hee hee~

Some sample of ear wax. on second thought. this picture looks more like an insect get wrap up by ear wax. =) ear wax is not a sign of uncleaniness instead  it is due to too self conscious about hygiene of the ear.

Ear is an organ that can clean the wax that are produce by itself by slowing migrating it towards the outside world. However, if you keep digging ur ears with cotton bud, fingers and etc... the wax will be push back into the ears hence... more and more wax accumulate in it and form their own buildings inside.

So yea... no digging ear with cotton bud and finger although it does really feel good. i agree. =)

There is also situation that a person sweat a lot, their ear canal is narrow and tortous which can contribute to impact ear wax in the ear but i think these are quite rare, mostly impacted ear wax are due to people trying to clean the ear wax themselves.

So.. dont try to clean the ear wax by yourself. if you feel the ear wax is irritating, can use olive oil, fill up the canal, leave it there for 5 mins. Then, put a cotton wool outside the ear and let the oil drain out by itself for 20~30 mins. do it for 1 week... at least 1 a day. most ear wax will drop off by itself.

If it doesnt, and get worse in my situation... please seek for professional help to take out the ear wax.. for my one, it is dont within 5 mins. and everything sound so loud to me now. the signal of my car that i usually cant hear are now so loud. =D so happy

and yes, if you feel that i ignore your calling in the past... please forgive me. i do have hearing loss in soft voice in the past but now no more. bua hahaha~ =)

88 ear wax and i will try not to touch my ear even if they are very itchy. hee hee~ =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

田馥甄- 还是要幸福

不確定就別親吻 感情很容易毀了一個人
一個人若不夠狠 愛淡了不離不棄多殘忍

你留下來的垃圾 我一天一天總會丟完的
我甚至真心真意的祝福 永恆在你的身上先發生

你還是要幸福 你千萬不要再招惹別人哭
所有錯誤從我這裏落幕 別跟著我 銘心 刻骨

你還是要幸福 我才能確定我還得很清楚
確定自己再也不會佔據 你的篇幅
明天 開始 這一切都結束

還我鑰匙的備份 我覺得再見可以很單純
我甚至真心真意的祝福 永恆在你的身上先發生

你還是要幸福 你千萬不要再招惹別人哭
所有錯誤從我這裏落幕 別跟著我 銘心 刻骨

你還是要幸福 我才能確定我還得很清楚
確定自己再也不會佔據 你的篇幅
明天 開始 這一切都結束

你還是要幸福 你千萬不要再招惹別人哭
所有錯誤從我這裏落幕 別跟著我 銘心 刻骨

你如果很幸福 半夜的簡訊我就無需回覆
因為你的悲喜已經有了 容身之處 我也 能有 最純粹的孤獨

I tried but I cant upload the video... gah... so find it on youtube k~ HEbe really got a very nice and stubborn voice. =)

This song is so realistic and can I said it is quite positive compare to other heartbroken songs?

Mom: aiyo... love song nowadays a... all so sad and slow not like our time all lively and happy.

Me: mayb people now is very pessimist... =D (esp me). =D enjoy this song~ =D *thumbsup*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kensington - Era Square

My second time eating in Kensington despite it is one of the oldest western restaurant in Seremban.

The first time was several years ago when the Era Square branch was still at no where and I cant remember how the food taste like and even how the shop looks like. swt... =P

So... this time, came here with dinner, I purposely went to find out every review about this restaurant. Most of it recommended the prawn salad... which I dont think is the below one.
Prawn salad --> Rm24.90++. But I must admit, it is very delicious!!! the salty taste of the prawn (which is big and juicy), the sweet sourness of the mango (they use a very good type of mango), the crunchiness and freshness of the cabbage and cucumber. *thumbsup*

There is another prawn salad which is with wasabi salad... (should try that next time) and will tell you guys how it taste and which one is better.

This is dinner portion. Big huh. Grilled salmon. =) I tried the fattest, most oily part of the salmon. *thumbsup* it is so soft that it melts instantly in your mouth. just like eating a very good quality salmon sashimi which is cooked. tee hee hee~ oh well... other parts which are more meaty I dont know how it taste. but, the most cholesterol and omega 3 part is the BEST!!! woo hoo. I forget the price of this... Around RM25++ I think.

My Spicy Seafood Spaghetti. There are squids, mussels, oysters, prawn and fish in the spicy, fragrance soup.  Nice~ =) but i like the prawn in the salad better. hee hee. RM18.90++

Kensington is good that it serve plain water to those that dont order any drinks. The environment is good, classy and comfortable. Price is higher than last time but it worth it. HOwever... 1 big bad thing about it is becareful when you read the menu... cause the set which requires min 2 pax is double the price... which mean the price they put there is only for single person. ah... it is super confusing... but yea. =/ nearly kena trick by the long twisting sentence but luckily the waiter is good to double confirm with us.

For the above 3 dishes, we spent RM 62.50 exclude service charge. The charge 5% for their service.

Address: 34, Jalan Era Square 3, 70200 Seremban
Tel : 06-7687288
Buisness hours: 11 am - 3 am
Mon- Sun

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sil Ro Am Korea Restaurant - Seremban

I have not had Korea food for quite a long time. So long that i barely can remember how it taste like and otaku me dont know that there are 2 Korea Restaurant in seremban. One is Sil Ro Am that I will be introducing now and the other is Jade Restaurant in Oakland (unable to visit it because that area is hard to find parking.

One fine day... when I am going to try my luck in the Teppanyaki Shop in Era Square and as bad luck as usual... it didnt open... and so happened I look to the opposite and found this shop. Sil Ro Am!!! =)

There is a lot of Korea decoration and the show on Tv are also Korean show. =) so nice. The shop is really nice to free you the drink --> a Korea tea (which I dislike at first but later get used to the funny taste). One jug... for 2 of us and according to my friend. if you finish the jug, you can refilled. woo hoo!!! how considerate.

The best thing is that they will give you small side dishes FOR FREE!!! =)) oh.. i think 1 order will get 5 plates. We only order 1 thing... so 2 of us share 5 plates of side dishes. =)
The side dishes of the day. The most top is Kimchi. My first time... and it is so spicy and sour that I drank finish 2 cups of tea... hm... not my liking... second line. Right side is some vege... quite good. left is sweet and spicy ikan bilis. the lowest row. right side is something with eggs. and the left is eggs with cucumber. all very yummy. =))

The bimbimbap. I always wanted to try this =) cause it is like my eating style. mixing all the stuffs together. tee hee hee =))
It is enough to fill both of our tummy (quite a big portion) if you are not a big eater. very fragrance with eggs. and spicy too... oh man. I think i find some other ethics that like spicy beside Malaysian. RM20.

This is the other time when I visit the shop with the other friend.
Bean curd soup with rice. This time we ordered 2 main dishes. so they gave us 10 side dishes... lol... so much. and of course the free cold Korea tea too.  =)) For this bean curd soup, I would like to change its name to chili soup. cause there is 5 pieces of bean curd only and the remaining are chillies, chillies and more chillies. the bottom of the soup is filled with chilles seed. swt...Now only I know Korean loves spicy food!!! RM20 too.

Sil Ro Am is quite a good place to go and have your meal. Although the lowest pricing there is RM18 but there is unlimited tea and also side dishes for FREE. Besides that, it is tax free. If you go there during lunch time, you can tried out their lunch box which is RM10 each. haha~ and quite a big portion. Go here to see their lunch set. =)

Sil Ro Am: Traditional Korea Restaurant

No. 30-G, Jalan Era Suqare 3, 70200 Seremban N.S.D.K.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant - KLCC

 Went to the book fair in KLCC the day after I came back from my trip. Having our lunch around 6 but oh my god!!! every single restaurant in KLCC (except the non halal one) is filled with people... lining up!!!! super long queue.  *dizzy*

Then.... we just walk into the restaurant that had least people  ---> Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

The menu... with a Yuzu on it. Oh man... have heart attack reading the price. Yea... I m not reading the dish but the price. lol... It is triple and double of what Zanmai offered. Hm... anyway I think it is more high class than Zanmai.

 This is my tea... Lemon Green Tea. And my parents and I are conned by the menu. We cannot find "green tea". In fact... there is a list of green tea in different flavor... so we order different flavors and swt... it comes in pots that can be drink by 2 people and the waitress did not told us it comes in pots. so 3 pots and 3 cups on the table.... lol... RM7 (excluding tax).

 Beef Cozen (RM48). My dad's set. I think it is expensive because of the beef. They marinate the beef very well and it is very tender. *thumbsup* from a non beef lover like me.

 You see... My bro is crazy... trying to pump himself up by eating a lot. so he chooses the biggest set. Unagi Gozou (RM48). But ohohoh... the big fat and juicy unagi is so attrative. and there is so many types of sashimi. haha~ the big eater barely can finish it. lol...

Mommy shared her Yuzu Gozou with me (RM38). cause I think ala carte is quite expensive (compare to Zanmai) so we wanted to try something that is not common which is Gozou.

 Part of our set. The teapot contained mushroom spring onion soup, yellow cover cup is cawanmushi. the red plate is raddish. 3 small plates contained sth taste like custard (I LOVE IT), green tea cake and fuits. Of course not leaving out my beloved cha soba with tempura. Aiyo... everything is so mini just like the model. and because it is so small portion, you tend to keep it in your mouth for longer time, enjoying the delicious taste. =)

 The other part of the set. Some sauce... the rice taste like lotus leaf rice, fried chicken, unagi roll, some marinated fish and the salad with crab's eggs.

 How the whole set look like, very delicate and nice. =))))) *drool* even my mum and I share the whole set... we nearly cannot finish it. The culprit ---> the rice... so big bowl and so filling.

Conclusion: very nice experience and very good environment. price is actually reasonable. =) I love Gozou. Eating everything and not the only thing. =)

How the soup look like... haha. with super much of spring onion and mushroom (which are not seen here because they are in tummies). tee hee hee~

Yuzu has... both government and service tax... so is the tax that raise it price a lot too.

Restaurant: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Address: Suria KLCC, Ramlee Mall, 4th Floor. Tel: 603-2161 4176
Fax: 603-2161 4169
Business Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kota Kinabalu - 25/6/2011

 Last day in Kota Kinabalu. I got to finish this before school start cause i will lost the motivation to blog instantly when school start. The last day is spend on Tuanku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. We hoped from Manukan to Sapi Island. =))) Get tanned... but nobody noticed I am tanned and nobody noticed that I m fairer during exam month. sigh... I think my skin color does not attract any attention (which maybe a good sign).

Woke up around 6am... Did not have a good night sleep (because i m sleeping by myself... scare of ghost...eeeee).

Same taxi driver, Mr Abdul drove us to....
 Jesselton Port. This is where you buy your ticket to Tuanku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

 A closer look. We got our ticket from the booth counter. Which is on your right after you enter this entrance... I think better get there. cause got company... We successfully get out ticket at RM25 for 2 islands and also rent snorkel and life jacket for RM15 which make the trip RM40 only. =)) (tips: you need to bargain a bit la..)

 The Jesselton Port. With a lot of boat and  a lot of people stalking you, trying to ask you to buy ticket from them... If you look into the water, there are a lot of fishes!!!! ahhha haaa!!!! so excited. I havent see so many fishes swimming in the water before (another dungu me. =P)

 The other side of the port. The port have a shape of "T'. here is for larger boat... the sea is deeper.

 The port with large boat...

Even you double confirm with the counter that their boat will be on time. They wont be on time... we only get to sit on the boat at 8.45am. 15 minutes late from what is promise.

First island is Manukan Island!!! =)

You need to cross the bridge to get there and then pass a house. You need to pay RM10 per person (it is beach maintainence fees, this is for malaysian citizen only). then only you get to go into the beach.

 The sand here is not as fine as the one is Shangri-La that i show in the previous post but its good enough. the water is very clear and blue. =) *happy* and there is a lot of seaweed floating on the beach and also in the water... and a lot of corals on the beach. See properly... is ON THE BEACH!!!! so becareful  not to be cut by them.

 Me with my life jacket and my snorkel gear is somewhere else.

 My first time snorkeling and it is a disastrous... Adeline and Michelle taught me how to wear the mask... how to use the mouth to breath instead of nose...

First attempt is horrible... i get panic the time i put my face into the water.
Adeline: too low!!!! the tube that you use to breath also under water... how do you breath o?
Second attempt... i float and put my face into the water.... and i float to somewhere that my leg cannot reach the bottom of the sea. BIG BIG PANIC!!!! i started to struggle and struggle and struggle!!! I really panic... =( and water enter my nose... so scare for a person that does not swim... *sob*
Tried to adjust the mask... because it is too loose but dont know how to adjust... so ask a very macho life guard... he helped me.. then he said:" dont smile in the water!!! the water will go in from both sides of your mouth..." swt... everywhere i went... somebody will warn me not to smile.. but i didnt smile. T.T

Then Adeline said i should try in somewhere that is shallow... and also learn how to move my body in the water... so i tried and tried and tried... a lot of times!!! but i still cant... i get panic when i reach somewhere i cannot touch the bottom of the sea... and i still cannot move forward. T.T the biggest problem is I DONT TRUST THE LIFE JACKET!!! *sob*

A guy... in all the scuba diving equipment except the oxygen tank kept asking me to go further out... i was like no!!!! in your dream!!! then he kept pointing... i said no!!! and he said he can take me out there, there got a lot of fish. i was like... i dont know how to swim... (os: i also dun know you... after you dump me there T.T then i will die in the sea). Adeline came... and she said go la... i will go with you. So both of them take my hands... i m in the middle... just float... no need to do anything... and they pull me to the deeper part... yea... deeper part got more corals and fish... and i dont dare to take a look above the sea... scare i panic... so he and Adeline took me a round... I really thank him a lot la... He let me have more confident towards myself when snorkeling later with Adeline (she still pull me but I need to kick my legs now. haha).

 Love this pictures!!! thanks to Adeline!! =) and Michelle. you are very thin k?

 Oh... this is taken at Sapi Island. haha~ =) the sea is blue-er here. We went there at 12pm.. again. the boat is late.. and we decided to go back to the port at 2.15pm... scare the boat is late and my flight is at 5pm.

 eeee... This is Manukan... haha. The water is more to greenish here.

 Sapi island has more corals and more fish and MORE PEOPLE!!! the sea bed is more shallow too. =D

Oh man... and something funny happened... when we swimming towards the deeper part... Michelle suddenly scream!!! very loud:"GOT FISH BITE ME!!! THE FISH IS ATTACKING ME." then she quickly swim away and also scream ..... you see... i get panic again... since this is my first time going to somewhere i cannot step on the ground and i felt something hitting my leg... but there is no seaweeds. so i jump onto Adeline. Poor her... she need to pull me off and push me towards the shallow part... tee hee hee. And she herself saw the fish bite her too... the black one. she said.

Moral of the story... Do not feed the fish there... cause they will think you are food and attack you. We just snorkel for around 1 hour... then we bath and prepare to go back.

 Can you see what i see... Hai Dan Hai Dan. I dont know what its english name... yummy!!!

 Closer look of the delicious meal. This port has a lot of fish underneath it... but my camera cannot catch them.. so please imagine it.

 Elongated fish.

Elongated fish 2 which all the fish will swim away wherever it goes.

Super tired after getting back to Jesselton Port. and  hungry... and i feel tanned although all people didnt said i m tanned... and full of scratches on my legs because of the coral... and some unknown thing biting me.

Mr. Abdul bought us somewhere at Tanjung... (some place near the airport to have our lunch).

 Roti Kahwin. The bread is very soft and the kaya and butter is well spread. (thumbsup)

 The sweet nasi lemak... not spicy but sweet.

 So pao that taste like meat bun.

Some bread that taste sweet but dun know its name. hm....

Went back after that... with tinnitus... vertigo because my right ear had water in it and unable to take out (after a lot of tries...and also after multiple methods are tried). Slept throughout the journey back...

It is nice to have such fun trip once in a while and i used up my 2 years exercise quota. =)) so no exercise for the next 2 years!!! yay!!!! Aim to go to Sepilok and Sipadan next time... I do prefer trip which are not that relaxing... sth like this type of trip that i have this time. its FUN!!!! =D +D ok... 

*THEEND* thank you. =)

My legs which end up with a lot of scratches... because of the corals and also unknown thing that bite me when i snorkel.... my skin and hair and lips are super dried after that. Osmosis eh... all the water move into the sea... The skin on my legs still dried until now.. hm. =) but its fun and i learnt sth new. hee hee.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

KK- 24/8/11

Second day in KK started off quite ok~ by using the Iphone, we get to google to this shop which sell Tuaran Mee... but again... the same problem is we did not know if we end up at the correct shop but who care la....  This shop we went is just opposite All Saint School.

Tuaran Mee. It looks like yee mee but it is softer than yee mee. The noodles is cooked with egg which enhance it taste. Got some char siew, fish cake and vege. It does look simple but a whole new taste for us. =) *thumbsup* but too big portion. I cant finish this plate and Michelle helped me out.
Oh... 1 plate is RM5.50... erm... a bit expensive la... but I found out that in KK the noodles, fried rice all cost around Rm5.

We went to find the Custard bread that other blogger recommended. We found it by asking people but the boss said the bread is only out at 11am.... which is 2 hours later... lol.

We had the same taxi driver, Mr Abdul.. this time he drove a... four wheel roller... (I think... something like a pajero but smaller (I m not good in recognizing car). Throughout the 2 hours drive to Kota Kinabalu Park.... Michelle, Adeline and Mr. Abdul's son slept soundly... really soundly. But, I cant.... 1. is i dont sleep in car that stranger drive (except i m super tired). 2. Wah... he drive really fast (not recklessly) but real fast... i scare... 3. the road is really bumpy... i dun know how Michelle and Adeline fall asleep... good thing i didnt feel nauseous.

This is taken during out way to Kota Kinabalu Park. Can you recognize this mountain?
Yeapie~ it is Gunung Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia and the mountain that is on the flag of Sabah.
Does it looks unreal here? It does to me... look like sth is wrapping around it... making it very mystery. The summit looks deserted...  no green on it... pretty scary.

When we reach there... the moment we step out of the Pajero-like but not Pajero vehicle... I shivered!!!! It is so cold!!! ok la... not that cold... sth like cameron highland.. with cold breeze blowing once in a while. and I m wearing shorts!!! cause i thought the park will be at the ground.... not on a highland... @@ zzzz... but the chill is still bearable.

The mystery mountain which in chinese we called it Shen Shan (God of the Mountain), maybe because of the mist that surrounded it 24/7/365.

Entrance ticket is RM3 per person.

The motto that you usually see when you go to a national park. "Take Nothing But Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprints". =) please obey this rule. you dont need anything other than this. =)
The left board is the trail you can take for KK park only (around 6~7 trails). the right one is the path that you need to take to go to the summit. haha.

We chose Kiau View Path which half way will cut to Podonas Path and then to the botanical garden.

In Kiau View Path... the road is steep, muddy and we are surrounded by greenary, funny sounds make by animal and insects... and a lot of insects surrounded us. >< The road is not as good as Mulu National Park but it is not as humid and stuffy as in Mulu (because it is on highland).
I very scare we lost our way in this ulu place cause really no people is ahead or behind us. just 3 of us. Besides tree, you can see nothing else but trees trees trees trees and MORE TREES!!

Around 1 hour of walking and hoping to see sunshine and not surrounded by so much greenaries... we finally walked out from the path. yay!!!

Must take a photo. =) with Mount KK again. We are supposed to head to Sabah Hall and from there go to Botanical Garden...
I dont know how la... but we miss the road to Botanical Garden... and end up sitting by the roadside... haha~ to wait for someone to tell us where are we.

Adeline trying to stop a car or bus or van... I dont know. by standing in the middle of the road. haha~ while Michelle and I chilling in the pondok... Finally.... we got out from this maze by taking a ride on some ranger four wheel roller. =) tee hee hee~ what an experience... next time must bring a compass... and we did get to go to the botanical garden...

Next stop is Poring Hotspring... which i lost all of the photos (despite being ask to pay RM5 to take photos)... sigh...

This bug is the biggest I ever seen.around the size of my index finger. hoho~ =) live long.

Lunch are at some chinese looking restaurant opposite Poring Hot Spring.

Sabahan's vegetable... very coarse... the branch is quite hard. I let mommy have a look at this photo... and she said is the vege that people usually use to cook Mian Fen Gao (面粉糕). but we dont cook the twig or branch here. only the leaves.

Silly cat... maybe adorable which kept meowing and looking at us, begging for some food... Someone said:" Bounce off." I cant stop imagining the cat roll into a ball and bounce off like a ball... kaka. very cute~ =) Soft hearted toward this meow meow... fed her with some beef.

Teppanyaki Beef. texture a bit hard... but dun have the funny smell of a beef. =D =D

Chicken Tomyam. =) so so~

So... I only can tell you how Poring Hotspring look like. No need entrance fee if you already get 1 in  KK park... but must show them your ticket..
You will cross a river (by bridge of course) called Sungai Maut... oh oh... nono. Sungai Mamut (but if see from far really look like Maut). Walk a bit further... you will reach hot spring area... we didnt really explore it... cause the weather is super hot... i dont want to cook myself when i m already roasted.
There is a area which has 3 pools of hot water.... they are for deco purpose only... dont try to be funny and put in your hands, legs or any food. cause the water is extremely hot... if you put any part of your body in... =D congratz!!! you can taste your own meat already....

Open bath is rather =.= .... but the advantage is you can have your own tub.... which you sit in it... open the tab and try to adjust to the temperature you like...

Under some pondok... got a pool which you can dip in your foot only... so see properly the sign board la...

If you walk further up... you will reach canopy walk... Rm1 for entrance... i think. but if you want to take photo... RM5 for each device... T.T eat money punya... People who has phobia of height, heart problem and high blood pressure is not advice to take this walk...(but i dont know if they are not allow to or not).

Walking to the top to the hanging bridge is disastrous... it is a 30 minutes walk... quite steep with a lot of steps... the worst thing is... our 40 years old taxi driver run up half way... without stopping or gasping for air... oh... how unfit it all of us. T.T

The walk is honestly very challenging to the heart.... around 4 storeys high from the ground... walking on a narrow and super shaky hanging bridge... if more than 3 people walking on it... it felt like it will break in any minute... cause too shaky... and please obey to the rule of do not jump, do not run, do not bounce and not more than 6 person should be on the bridge. haha~ at first, quite scary... but when you adapt to the height... the scenery is fantastic but no pictures here... as the picture are all swept out... really!!! and only this part that cannot be retrieved... sigh sigh.

Next and last stop is this beach. At Ria. I think it is private beach of Shangri-la hotel. hee hee.

The beach... It is already sunset and going to rain at that time we reach. Not many people on the beach...

Shangri-La hotel. Oh my god. It is damn big and posh k~ and the beach is so huge and faraway... you need to walk quite long to the beach... so most of the tourist will stay at the swimming pool area. not the beach.

Sunset~ =) can make this as a postcard le. tee hee~

The sand is extremely fine and soft and clean. When I step on it... my leg will sink into the sand a little (not due to my weight k?)

The toilet in shngri-La smells good. very huge and clean and the staffs are very nice and polite. whoosh... but i have no money to stay in this 5-stars or maybe 6 stars hotel. T.T

The way to lobby~ >< the hotel is damn huge k. i think staying in the hotel is already sufficient to spend your whole 1 week holiday there without feeling bored.

So we are left here. Seri Selera Kampung Air for our dinner... For that day. taxi fare is Rm350...

Must must must come to this hawker center. =) seafood is famous here.

Ok... you must come to this Sang Tian's restaurant. It is the most famous by the way and it located at the very very very far back of the hawker centre. On your way there.... other stalls will come and hypnotized you... telling that Shang Tian is not nice... they charge government tax, service charge... blah blah blah... all of that are bull shit k... they dont charge anything beside the price of the food... and according to Adeline who survey all other stalls. The price is nearly the same.

So many tanks of lively seafood!!! swimming!!! the most varieties of seafood that i have ever seen... some i dont even know what the heck is it. You can choose which prawn, fish or whatever is inside that you want... and they will weight it and tell you the price. The waiter or waitress are quite polite... but not giving good suggestions.

The shells!!! =) and lobsters... if you saw them. Adeline is staring at them... drooling. haha~

Salt water fish, soft shell crabs and also sotong!!! =) I didnt choose sotong as yesterday meal already satisfied me... and I m really worried about my cholesterol level... after 2 meals of seafood. pure seafood.

The shells again. I dont know they are so many varieties... the only types that i know are lala, cockles and oyster. haha~

Have a better view of the name of the restaurant... and also the term that they state there. this is the menu.

Their famous pangang ikan. I love The sauce!!!!!!!!! taste like curry but not really like it. there is a tinge of sourness. The fish is really well cooked with the sauce staying in every layer of it.. the chilli sauce is also yummy!!! all of us fighting over for that sauce.

The oyster!!! =) Small one. Large one is too expensive. It is steam with garlic. aiyo... i feel like I m in the heaven. The garlic brought out the taste of the oyster which I love!!! =)) till MAX!!!

Closer look. yea~ i had to admit.. the oyster is a bit too small for me. but the soup is very nice. contrast of the rich taste of the ikan bakar. make everything balance up....

Caution!!! following is  Cholesterol, choleterol and more cholesterol. Crab, crab and extra crabby!!!

One big crab!!! =) I dont know what sauce is it.. cause Michelle and Adeline order... my responsibilities is to eat only. woo hoo!!! i love it. so meaty. tee hee hee~ enjoy eating it.

Soft shell crab... hm... not really nice... tasteless.... and felt weird eating the shell... Japanese restaurant still has the best soft shell crab. =P

Crab again.. yea... there is a lot of crab that day. thats why i m worried about my cholesterol. cis... but they are so yummy. this is Jin Xiang Crab.

Sigh~ (content). =) The seafood is really fresh and I need to praise that that stall really has the best cook for seafood. =))))))) the price for all this food is Rm127 with free coconut pudding (not very cheap la but worth it cause the seafood is FRESH!!!!)

Oh.... tomorrow is the last day. >< holiday ending so soon. I hope that it will extend a bit longer. >< stay tune... to MY BLOG. of course. =D