Friday, September 2, 2011

KK - 23/8/11

So there is changes in trip partners for today. David is staying in Miri, Kala flew back to KL. Left Michelle and Me. >< but good thing is Adeline joined in and she is super energetic and bubbly which is good for us as both Michelle and Me are half dead for unknown reason. lol...

First is to get to our hotel... oh no. is sent Kala off to Terminal 1 (MAS and firefly landed) from Terminal 2 (where AirAsia landed). Damn.. you dun know how contrast this 2 terminal is... Terminal 1 is just like KLIA. Terminal 2 just look like a freaking old bus stand. =.= And taking a taxi from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 which is 5 minutes away cost us RM30 for the whole cab... so damn expensive k?

To reach our hotel which is at the middle of KK town (Switz Paradise Hotel) took around 15 minutes and cost the same RM30. =.= the taxi driver damn hilarious... asking us if he took us to the right place. how do we know? we dont even know how the hotel look like. and we are left at a sort of like shopping mall building (Asia City) trying to find our way to our hidden hotel.

When at last we found our hotel which located at the parking lot. One of us need to hide (which is me) because we only book room for 2. haha~ then Michelle called me and told me the room number... and I pretend to have book a room and just walk in and turn in to the room. whew... I think the receptionist know which room i belong cause later i came out with Michelle. =D =D

Around RM65 per night... I dont know how many star is Switz Paradise Hotel but it is very suitable for backpacker.
The room is smaller than my bedroom. with the smallest toilet i ever seen (but well equipped with a toilet bowl, basin and a shower room.

The room has 2 single beds, a TV, a table, a chair, a cupboard and a small desk. Quite ok la... for that price... just  a bit dirty but the workers there are very friendly and tend to every complaint of us. eg. "very dirty, please clean." "bedsheet kotor, please change." "aircon rosak, tolong repair la." haha~ yea... we have a lot of complaints. =P

I was clueless where we are going... we are just like flies. headless flies!!! Didnt really plan what to do in KK... and we met this taxi driver, Abdul who fetch us to visit everywhere we want  (nearly everywhere we want) and I think he earn a lot from us... but he is really friendly and helpful la. and most of the plan is made by Adeline who is very super energetic. =))))

Sheng Rou Mian (生肉面) in Lintas... I forget which shop we went in but the boss is a chinese. This noodles is a must try according to local KK people. The meat is very nice and the soup is just nice.. not too salty, not too oily, just like what mommy usually cook. But the portion is quite big!! >,<

The next stop is Monsopiad Cultural Village. (its around 15-20 mins drive from Lintas)
The entrance.... Remember to bring your student ID... cause If you dun have your student ID, you need to pay RM55. with it, you only need to pay RM30.

There we are taken a tour to a house who is a warrior, a head hunter and which is now maintained by his ninth generation.
The skulls up here are all real!!! ooooh... I wonder if their owners still remained in that house.

The vases behind me are used to put in dead body... dont ask me how they put the dead body into such a small vase... I dont know.

Tangkob, the place to keep the rice... once upon a time. The guide said now it up to no use. If you want to cook rice, what do you do? go to super market... swt.

This is the machine they used to remove the outer layer of the grain.

Our super talkative guide. On the table are 3 different kind of rice wine with their ingredients. The nearest basket with no bottle in it.... can you recognize what is in it?

This is brittle nut. The nut that will make your mouth and teeth look red and the cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the 60ties of Malaysia.

The small wooden thing beside the brittle nuts basket is actually the local tabacco. Wrap it up, light it and there you go, you can smoke it!! =)

Brownie the dog with a mind like a puppy.

The worm... that they used to eat it? seriously... I dont know what they used it for.... but it is so fat and juicy... i think a bite of it... you will feel its juice runny down your throat...

The coccoon of the worm. It lives in trees.

The under maintained house... not open for public.

Blow pipe!!! I hit the bird's eyes. of course the fake bird. yay!!!!

The elastic band on Y shaped branch.... ah... so epic. =) but i fail to even shoot it out. =P

Traditional dance performance which the narrator will give you a very good briefing of each dance, their costumes and even the sound they made during dancing. They imitate the eagle.

And one of the best performer is this guy... which give us a fright. at least me... trying to shoot me with the bamboo pipe when i thought he only there to perform the warrior dance.

Then... you get to walk across this bridge which is around 100th years old. very shaky and squeky. the guy that stand behind me is our friendly taxi driver... he nearly follow us everywhere we go... sometime give us some explanation too.

Later we went to the mosque... around Tuaran I think...
The mosque has a lake around it. but we are forbidden to go in... no. not because of our very less clothing... because it already past the visiting hour which is before 3.30pm. ngek~

The mosque~ look majestic right? haha

We bid farewell with Mr. Abdul at Fillipino Market... which sold handicrafts.... which I think handicraft lover will love the market... not me... who is still a beginner of looking at artistic things.

At the left side of the market is sort of seafood market... sold a lot of ikan masin, ikan bilis, dried prawn and even dried seahorse. Any seafood that you want can be found there. In dried form... remember to bargain with them... I think they set quite a high price for what they sell.

The other side of Fillipino Market is the night market which we had our first dinner in KK!!!! A lot of BBQ and bakar seafood!!! Lobster is in the list too but oh man... so expensive. We choose a stall and sat in it... I sat in it. Michelle went to order. And the Food Lover Adeline is no where to be seen.

Me.... They hadnt on the light yet.

How the night market look 1... this is only the part which sell bakar seafood. The other side will be mee and rice. Further some away is raw meat. Further further away is fruits.

At the back of the nightmarket is the sea~ =D but we cant really see it. the stalls block it already.

The stall that we sit in. So the rule is. where you sit... you must order something from there. then only you can order from other stall...

The BBQ chicken!!! yummy!!! They have a sauce which make it different from all the BBQ chicken I eat before and it is damn cheap!!!! 1 piece of wings is RM1.20. and if you buy more. it will be cheaper... how can you get this price in KL??? and even Seremban.

The coconut which I finish it all by myself. =D ok la... normal... cost RM3. if you buy from a coconut shop.. it can be as low as Rm2.50. Ask ice from the stall owner if you want it to be cold. and the ice is free!!!=)

The sotong!!! my favorite!!! which cost RM13. The backbone is still attach to them.. and also their eyes.

The prawn... erm. very fresh. and I love the sauce they use to bakar them. *slurp!!!!*

And the big big prawn!!! RM8 for each. they are at least 2/3 of my forearms. =) super fresh and aiyo.. I didnt eat seafood as fresh as this before... and 3 of us ate up around RM80 for that seafood dinner. not regret. =))

Miss the seafood... Seremban seafood is still not as fresh as in KK. cause seafood here is frozen before... hm... stay tune for tomorrow. which I lost a section of the photos which cannot be recover. T.T


joyce said...

omg i've never heard of any of those places u went at kk! that cultural village look like the one here!! (i think here one even more exp, but students 15 bucks only :D). your seafood... i hate you T.T

Belle said...

tee hee hee~ =P more to come. I think you will hate me till the max if you read the newest post.