Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miri - 22/8/11

Woke up with a delicious breakfast prepared by Auntie... hm... now i regret of not taking any pictures of the homecooked food. Breakfast was glutinous rice with chicken and a cup of Neslo.

Then, we head off for our tour. =) First stop, we cross a bridge with sign "Beware of Corocdiles". After some turning, we reach Piasau Boat Club.

The logo~

The sea looks a bit muddy. and it is just muddy. no more. no rubbish. no oil. no other things else. so beside muddy. it is quite clean and peaceful. =D no boat is seen cause it is a weekday.

See... how strong is the wind and how big is the wave. Not planing to go into the sea.

Can you feel the wind? it is really strong. and the beach is empty. Besides 4 of us, nobody else.

Oh!!! we found something!!!

Laugh me dungu!!! but i found this. Hermit crab. my first time seeing this creature with my own eyes. =) this one is really tiny. around 2cm only.

I love this photo. Handsome 1 look handsome. Pretty one look prettier. hee hee~

I counted.... to take this photo, we attempt for 5 times.

And for this. around 4 times. =/ jumping non stop on the beach. aha~ crazy ppl.

Later, I found the same hermit crab again. see see... this is how a hermit crab looks like when it is out. hoho... i m so kind that day that i didnt think of separating it from the shell. Amitabha. shouldnt have evil thought.

These are the tress that lined the beach. tall and thin. and if i come here at night. i will suspect something is watching us from the trees.

The next stop.... we went up the hill.
Miri view from the top of hill.... actually all buildings are short. if you see a tall building, it must b a hotel. see... th color of the sea. quite muddy near the shore and when it goes further out, it turns into blue color.

Love photo 2. This photo the handsome 1 still handsome. but the pretty 1 is getting prettier than just now. tee hee hee~ =) narcissist.

This is the first oil driller in Malaysia~ =) look like some cabel to me. and she already retired and now she only serve as a model. She has a name, The Grand Old Lady. Must be very old to get this name.

Below it, you can try to drill the ground by pushing with this men. hey ho hey ho!!! haha~ 2 posers and only 1 is trying to push.

Next stop is a public beach.... I am not sure what its name already. i think is call Pantai Lubang if i remember correctly. Why Pantai Lubang?
Because there is a lubang here. serious. I am not kidding. At least this is what I remember from what David told about this beach.

This beach is super lively!!!
It is fill with crabs!!! yea~ crab as above which make small tiny mud balls. The mud balls are quite round and consistent in size. They must have mudballs fight everyday to reach this level.

This is the humongous crab... around my palm size. hiding in a hole. I thought it is dead. and we poked it with keys and branches. I think we angered it... and it tried to sort of attack us... haha. Shock. =P

The pier... for people to get closer to the core of the sea.

More crabs!!! =D +D man... they are so tiny. DOnt end up in fishing nets!!

Big waves hitting the rock!!!

Bigger waves!!! Splash!!! erm... luckily i m not in the sea.

Last stop before lunch is.... this boat club again... the guard damn racist la. He said, "kamu bukan orang putih jadi tak boleh masuk".... swt. what wrong with our skin color again? but we get to view the boats from different road.
The boats. A lot of boats... private property. haha~ Rich ppl property.

Lunch is again yummy and our tummies are filled up by David's mum good food again.

You know... after lunch... we will feel sleepy and everybody went to sleep except me watching TV shows. I felt sleepy too but if I fall asleep, it will be a 2 hours sleep. So it is a no no.

In the evening, we went to a clubhouse... which I forget the name again. but we came across a lot of gorgeous house, big big houses. This club is damn big k?It is the biggest I ever seen, with chalets, golf course and a big clubhouse.

The view is very nice. If Kala changed into wedding gown. This will be a good place to take her wedding picture. of course must change the photographer too la.

Opposite of the place Kala stood. The lake is very big. even bigger than the Lake Garden in Seremban. But no fish inside. They kept the fishes inside a net... hm... mayb there is crocodile inside that eat the fishes? =/

Part of the club house.... 0.0 big like a palace.....

After that we went to Miri Park... I think... man... the park there also damn big k?
With a lot of bridges, and even have a pool for children.... I dont know how long we need to walk to cover only the circumference of this garden... haha~ so we just take the short cut which is the bridge. Miri ppl is damn bahagia. If Seremban got such a huge park... i will definately go for evening walk everyday. But seremban dont have!!! =D so i no need to exercise. wahahahhaha!!!

Dinner was prepared by aunty. this time with dessert too. And Kala finish her quota for vegetables for this year and next year. good job!!! =D =D leaving to KK tomorrow. ah~ a whole new start with a whole new experience. suddenly miss my home (but i m at home when i m typing this. relax max. everyday is just sleeping for me only =D =D)

Love photo 3. tee hee hee~ Kala with 3 more heads and 3 more pairs of hands. =P


joyce said...

piasau boat club! i went there once hee.. there all ang mohs isnt it? that time got ang moh kid.

and the beach/pier thingy i likeeee.. and the crabs u took on the rock, i have the exact same picture!

and and dungu!!!! never see hermit crab before!!! i used to catch a lot last time when i small :)

Belle said...

That time the beach is super empty and peaceful. Only 4 of us only!!! lol.

wasai!!! thats why we are buddies!!!! =D +D =D =D =D

=P what!!! i not staying near any beach. i only go to PD once with my family k. and langkawi does not have hermit crab i think... lol... what you do to the hermit crab?