Monday, October 31, 2011

Teppayaki House In Era Square

 I always wanted to visit this Teppanyaki House in Era Square but yet... it is always not opened. =/ although it said that the only rest day is monday. ish... but finally i get to catch the chance to taste the food there early this month. =)

Erm... environment is ok... and people asking kept asking me why i wanted to eat there so much. is because of this!!!
Tayu Okonomi!!!! I didnt see this in the menu of other shop. =) and this taste great (when it is hot) with a lot of fish flakes on it and the mayonnaise.
 Rm7.90 per plate.

Otherwise.... the food there didnt taste Japanese... It taste more like food from fusion restaurant.

Cream Mushroom Chicken.... erm... sorry to say but it really taste like the mushroom chicken in some cheap cafe... The vegetable taste like my cooking... haha. not enough fried garlic.

Below is Peppermint Chic Rice... ah... actually i forget how its taste but it does not taste like peppermint... =.=
Rm9.90 and a free soup which is not miso soup.... i dun think is seaweed soup... it is just some black color soup... which i dun like...

And it is really kinda weird to serve luo han guo in a japanese shop. it is just like sushi king serve you herbal tea instead of green tea. weird max!!! swt....

Conclusion is, if you want to pay a trip to this restaurant, dont expect too much. haha. or mayb i m just too picky =/  I think you should visit here. The comment here is more neutral. haha~ stay tuned... i m bored and restless. why should i wait for the answer. cant they just tell me if i m chosen or not. =/

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi hi, Finland

A very beautiful card from Finland and I am not sure if I misinterpreted this fellow message. He said his cats eat clothes!!! swt... scrims is fabric right? so i told him i would like to see his cats eat the clothes... cause i didnt see before. =D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Greetings from Ukraine

She quoted from somewhere, forget the exact sentences but the paragraph means isnt it good to have no countries, no religions. everybody has nothing to die for and fight for. the world will be at peace.

No... I dont agree to ask everybody to have the same thing and having no choices and whatsoever cause because of different religion, different skin color and different etc. All of these differences and combinations make us a unique individual. If everything same, that will be very dull. But there are ways to exclude war and fight, it is easy to say but very hard to put it to work. To throw away selfishness, to throw away the sense of superiority and to understand and not discriminate.

Aiya.. =( no way there will b a world like this. It is just in my imagination.

Mushi Mushi

This dog is cute... (but i wont want it to get near me) =D From Saki. Thanks god you didnt send me a real dog. haha~ =) congratz for getting married. =) aiya... wish to see your wedding ceremony.

Shivering down to the spine

Get this lovely postcards ( i like this. so artistic) from... em... i forget his name but i remember what he wrote on the card.

"I came from somewhere that the polar bear will freeze to death"

which I replied,

"and I came from somewhere that is so hot until the cactus died"


Actually I am quite depressed now... Even the minor postings are over, exam are over and now I m officially on holiday *sortof*

For now, I am sure I am still a little girl living inside her own world, creating my own new dreams while ignoring the real world. One day, when the real world came banging on my door and shouted bad names on me. I think i will just shattered and blown away by the wind. *knockknock* AHHHHH!!! =( I just dun like the world, why is it so different from what I see when I am small, young. Did I read too many fairy tales? It looks ugly and dark.

Yea... and I am  not a person that put my thought into words. so most of the time i will just stare at you blankly, give you a smile and turn away. sigh.. =( x1000000000

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ni Hao from Taiwan

haha~ a very cute girl... and the postcard is actually upside down.... unable to turn in back gr... it is about a mountain which I dont know. aiks... i miss Taiwan. i want to go back there. =/

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

鼻子塞了好辛苦。。。 =( 快点好起来。不然没心情读书。



Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Shoes for YX

It had been bad days to me ever since i enter Ophthalmology and A&E. Everybody started to be very restless, moody and angry. Everything seems to turn from bad to worse. There is an exam next week and I am just about to start to revise... =/ no motivation. Everything seem dark and gray. and an inner me just kept screaming "leave me alone"... Ai... if there is a mountain nearby i think i will just run up and becomes a hermit there.

For the whole Saturday, I had been sleeping non stop, I am not sleep deprive... but i just sleep through like... 2/3 of the day... and mommy tak tahan nampak saya macam babi... jadi dia menarik saya keluar rumah hari ini.

Spending 2-3 hours in Esarli, Jusco Seremban 2... to buy shoes. Mommy said my heels are haggard, my slippers are not nice, my flats are going to have holes for my toes to wriggle out...  so... New Shoes for me!!! Chooses 6 shoes and all of them dont have my size!!! =( wth...

Finally settle with this...
Aiya... not the best in my heart... but still ok la... =D appreciate... Dont hurt my feet can already.

Oh oh... Vincci has some very gorgeous shoes but... too expensive la. >< ah... ok... need to go to shop during holiday.

*lookingforward* hope nobody moody this week... hope i also not moody this week or depress or not motivated. =D aza aza fighting.


A Na Ha Sae Yo

A lot of loves from South Korea. haha~ this person that posts me this card is super cute. =D hm... wonder if i can ask her to take me around if i go Korea... one day~ =D

Hello from Chicago

I cant imagine there is still quite a lot of greenery in Chicago even though there are a lot of skyscrapers. How do Kuala Lumpur looks like if taken from above? 

Greetings for Thailand

Ah... This friend gave me a lot of stamps at the back of the postcards and this temple is so majestic. Wonder which part of island it is in. Anybody knows?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometime I just scare when it reaches night time. more specifically i m scare to sleep because that is when my brain is out of control having tonnes of very vivid and unbelievable nightmares. No that I hate dreams... but they are just too real and staying a bit too long in my brain. they are not supposed to be in my memory but there they are haunting me. =(( hope tonight i will have a good sleep cause i m having dreams... too real dreams that my sleep is disturb and my brain said that it is tired during daylight. hm...

要铁起心肠来。。 加油!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today my first step into postmortem... not as scary as i thought. dont have the smell of formalin (maybe because the bodies are still fresh). Just the smell of meat, mixed with blood... Just like the smell of butcher stall in the market. No more description... haha~ i scare most of you cant stand it. =P if you really really really want to know and after knowing it wont change ur opinion to not doing a postmortem exam... you can asked me...

Amithbha. May the deceased rest in peace.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you Guys~ =)

 Oh~ haha~  I know this is a super long due post. Supposed to blog about it 2 weeks ago. The hectic and messy last week prevent me from doing anything except moaning there and feeling that I am unfit to even step my foot into the medical fields. I am not gift in Ophthalmology and I knew it since I am in secondary school as I have utmost difficulties in remember and understanding anything about the eyes and it took me like ages to understand the topic on refractive error. ok~ Ophthalmo is over!!! (yay!!! 100 times) and A&E is coming... erm. just hope this will turn out good. tee hee =)

My pressie!!!
 Thank you for those that gave me these lovely birthday presents. haha~ all are lovely and I truly appreciate them. =) hoho~ but there is one that i brought for myeslf. =P (can you guess which 1) I think I should set another rules and regulations for my birthday --> to buy a prezzie for myself every year to thank you myself of living through the years (haha~ this make living sounds difficult).

Last but not least, I am grateful that there is more than a handful amount of people that remember the exact day of my birthday. =D Yes!! again. i played a prank on my birthday by deleting the notice from facebook. =) hahahaha~ and also those that wish me belated birthday =P I am just too naughty.

Ok.. the remaining post is dedicated to Joyce. =) I think you can proceed if you want. haha~ =)

Joycey!! you know how confuse I am when i received this package as I am waiting for my new pendrive to be delivered to me and suddenly pop a package came to me with a statement written coffee... swt. I thought they mistaken my order and gave me coffee instead of my pendrive. Then I saw your name. =D Joyce Lai Tian Tian. =D kaka.

The box of 8 packages Latte Macchiato coffee. So sweet~ =) i mean Joycey. hee hee
 The coffee is exactly like what show in the picture. =) with the froth. But uh... Joyce, the coffee taste is still very strong la. haha. I think i will add in additional coffeemate to cover up the taste. (I am those that loves coffee without any coffee taste)

 *thumbsup* for this paragraph. Memory reviving back to those days which Joyce locked me up in her room and forbid me to go back to sleep even if it is 2am in the morning. haha~ how can i tahan until that late that time. I can barely survive after the clock struck 12 these days. =P maybe the video are really interesting. haha.

A card which reach a week later... swt. I was thinking who is the one that send me a card....
 Open it and saw a cute dog which can float up like an astronaut to catch the star. haha~ =)

Of course, from lovely Joyce again and this card makes my day shine, a bad and messy day again but with this, everything felt better. =)) thank you Joyce!!! you are truly sweet.

woof woof Joyce~ =))))))

p/s: Sorry la. other presents. all of you cannot personally display here because I M LAZY to blog. after got ppl said me hao lian which I m already is. hee hee~ so, thank you again guys. =))

Friday, October 7, 2011


 Today introducing you a very fun way of getting postcards from all over the world. That is POSTCROSSING.

I came across it in newspaper which really thrill me as every time i received postcards from my friends overseas. I will be super happy. Somehow, I love mail who is dedicated to me and the best part is the handwritten letter and also the stamps. tee hee~ =)

What you need to do is simple. register urself in the above link. get an address (it is randomly pick) and write the postcard and send to that address. Your postcard will get registered and you will have chance to receive a postcard from a corner of the world.

So far... i had sent 6 postcards and received 2.

This is the first one, from Germany.

And the second one from Holland.

So if you are a mail lover and postcard lover like me. Please have a look at here. =)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Actually I dont plan to post this up but since I m having some amnesia whenever someone asked me what questions i got for the megacode... I think i will just post this up here... to remind myself and also for reference for others.

My case is very simple and short (that's what i feel). So my patient a woman, quite young i think came in with discomfort in chest, not pain, just discomfort.

"Hello hello. How are you?"
Dr. I said no response... Dr. T said, "ah... my chest feel a bit funny."

So called for help, give O2 mask since she still can breath, ask for blood pressure, cardiac monitor, Iv access. oh... and palpate for carotid pulse.

Her blood pressure is quite low 80/60mmHg, respi rate ( i cant remember... did i even ask for it?), pulse rate is very fast. Attach lead of cardiac monitor... shown SVT and since her condition is unstable (considering the low bp and very fast pulse and chest discomfort) i said i will do a cardioversion.

Dr. T, "your helpers are still finding all the stuffs that you want and nobody is around so what you want to do? want to try anything before cardioversion?"

My mind goes blank... i was like huh? what to do? talk to the patient asked her dont deteriorate so fast ke? Lol... of course I didnt said this out loud... i said do carotid massage... not working... give adenosine 6mg IV... not working... push in another 12mg.... not working... give verapamil la... Dr.T, " huh? how many times can you give adenosine to her?" "3 times." "so... just give all 3 times first before you tried other drugs..." ok... so i will push in the last dose of 12mg adenosine... not working also but now my defibrillator came already. =D

First thing to do in cardioversion is take consent from patient if she is conscious... "Hello, miss. i am going to put you to sleep cause your condition need some shock." Then sedate her. Press the sync button on the machine, adjust the energy level to 100J, charge it, put gel, place the pad her. "I clear, you clear, everybody clear, check rhythm and shock."

I am not sure what happened next cause Dr. T said my patient blood pressure raised to 100/80mmHg, i forget the heart rate already... i stare at her... blankly and i think with a lot of questions marks on my face too cause i dont know what to said. "Arent you happy that your patient stabilize? isnt the blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal?" "i was like yea... i am happy that my patient recover." "then why you look like you are so confuse?" i let out a nervous giggle. Of course i am confuse cause the 2 candidates in front of me had such long cases with twisting of the scenario here and there and mine is so... straightforward and short. lol... god bless me.

Oh... and before doing a cardioversion... must do a 12 lead ECG to record the rhythm and after cardioversion also need to check vital signs and another ECG to be taken...

Ah... so that is my ACLS...  please memorize the 3 algorithms until you can vomit it out. The dosage of the drugs!!! very important. every single one and the max dose of it. practice some scenarios with your friends. Dont get too panic. Oh... must know how to read ECG too. Remember to always check the vital signs. =)) ah... and also the 6 H's and 5 T's for secondary causes. How to investigate them and how to treat them.

That is for megacode... T.T for theory paper... i dont know... =( feel very unsafe for it. every answer is so close to each other. haha. pray that i will pass both. aiks...

Monday, October 3, 2011


Ok~ today supposed to sit for the exam which i imagine wont end too badly then have a hearty dinner and just laid around watching 1 drama before starting to study for eyes. But heck!! it doent end like this. Waited for nearly an hour outside the csu and get the bad news that our group test is postponed to tomorrow because cannot finish examine the first group....

That is a bad sign k... that means the first group did not do very well in it and i dont think colleagues from group 1 are not so good students. they are excellent students. I think the lecturers really do ask something out of the box... gah.. sigh. T.T so tonight need to study again. and hopefully i still remember what is in my previous postings.

Oh.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself. tee hee hee~ =) 22 now.hopefully i m mentally 22 also. neither older or younger. @@ok... continue study... until i can vomit out the 3 algorithms of ACLS.

Mumbling again

Tomorrow I will be sitting for both theory and practical exam for ACLS (advanced cardiac life support). Erm... a lot of things to remember. the theory paper must get above 70% to pass and that means i can only get 5 wrong... the most.

Practical exam which included 3 other people and i m the team leader. gosh... i m the worst leader in the world and they want me to be a leader. Luckily the patient is just a dummy. if not i think it will die in my hand.

Please please dont said stupid things like flush with 2ml of normal saline instead of 20ml. Remember to gel the pad, clear everybody, check the rhythm then only shock that patient. CPR must change people after every cycle. Pray the scenario dont have too much twist and turn and dun give a whole long story which I cannot catch up.

Oh well... last but not least. Its EPINEPHRINE EPINEPHRINE EPINEPHRINE not ephedrine. You dun want to decongest the nose of a patient which complaint of cardiac problem.