Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The city of dreams, Venetian Casino


On our way to Venetian Casino when the  tourguide suddenly asked if we want to go extra places. Extra places means tambah money for her la. swt. In the end... all of us decide to visit The City of Dreams as the optional.
Pass this building a lot of time, it is the highest building in Macau and there is bungee jumping. Didnt try it as the price is really damn good. RM1000 for 1 jump (+video and certificate). I m now old with a weak heart, not good trying this. haha.

Reach the City of Dreams (新濠天地) and everything is damn dream like there.
The long posh car at the entrance. Imagine sitting inside it with all the wine, Karaoke, dessert and music. Wasai... =) damn nice leh. heh heh. even can sleep in there i think.

When you go into the main entrance...
you can see all this pretty ladies swimming in the "tank". haha~ not all the time though. they will disappear for a few minutes and come out somewhere else. It is nice to see a crowd if people chasing after them and took photos of them.  haha~ but they are really beautiful and sexy. Guys... too bad. they are just 2 D not 3D.

Another posh car. Dont know what car is this. In my dictionary... there is only pretty car, cool car, big car and small car. =p

The show that we are going to watch... Dragon's Treasure (龙腾). It only cost HK30 and the tourguide asked us to pay HK60. How easy to earn the tourist money eh. ish.

For this show, you will brought into a room. The theater is just a hemisphere surrounding you. you will be standing and turning round and round and round. @@ until you become giddy like me. It does make me feel nauseous with all the turning but the  graphics are very good and attractive.
These are some pictures i took at the start of the show... because i feel pening after that looking through the camera screen. hahha~

Later, to the Venetian Casino (威尼斯赌场).... You can google it. apparently it is quite famous for it design and the whole casino or resort if so big that it is divide into four wings. (you need to get a map to make sure you wont get lost in the casino)
Another posh car. damn... why is there so many posh car and so many branded outlets in macau. 纸醉金迷阿.

This is the sort of main attraction of Venetian Casino beside the casino. The blue sky. arent the sky very blue and real =D =D and it is always that blue. 24/7

The chirtmas tree!!! everywhere is decorated in christmas now. love the christmas tree. =)

Their washroom. =D all the washroom in Macau are automatic.

This is the main aim of me to go macau which make the uncle that sit beside me on the plane scowl at me. haha~ i told him i went Macau for Portugese Tart only!!! =p Most of the websites recommended Margaret's Cafe portugese tart and Lord Stow's Portugese tart. both have other branch outside Venetian Casino (things is Venetian Casino are more expensive).
Egg tart, HK8. =) very yummy. the biscuit part have layers and the inner part is so rich of eggs fragrance. =) not too sweet so its just nice. aiyo. definitely better than Portuguese egg tarts in malaysia. must try.

Below is the hotel that i stayed... Not very near to the town... Regency Hotel, Macau (丽景湾酒店) but it is a 4 star hotel.
The bed room. quite comfy. =)

The bathroom which is quite big too. tee hee hee. and i love the big mirror. =))

Persuade my mom and went to bought these 2 cans in 7 eleven.
Must try the blue girl. it is a famous brand in Macau. and the beer is really smooth. =D oh. that reminds me the hoegarden hiding inside my closet. time to drink it. heh heh.

One shot before i go to bed. Good things that happened that day? 1. i tried the portugese tart.   2. i tried the beer.  3. i won HK4 in the casino without me knowing it.

Bad things? BAD LUNCH AND DINNER!!!! gah!!!!

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