Monday, November 7, 2011

Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant, Seremban

 Ok~ I always realize I am really lousy food blogger when I want to start a post to introduce the restaurant that i tried... cause i always forget to take the outlook of the restaurant... forget to take the menu and blah blah... I think I am excuse for this as I have terrible headache that day. =D

Visited Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant with my family during Deepavali. The restaurant is super... quiet, lonely and again only my family dine there at that particular lunch hour... wonder why. =/

The restaurant is really clean but really quiet. I hope that they put some music cause the stillness make me feel giddy (bro: stop complaining, always sikit sikit complain a lot).

I was quite impressed when the waitress (looked like Indonesian) talked in perfect english to me and very patiently explain and introducing their dishes to us. All of us are having sorethroat, fever, headache, giddiness, coughing and etc (in conclusion: all are not very well) so the food that we chose were all not spicy... (i know, very contraindicating with the oriental Korean food which is full of chili). haha~

My bean curd soup (non spicy).
 Oh my god... i just realize... i dump the resit away. so i cant really remember how this cost... the price given is just what i remember from my memory... RM12.

With rice!! =) All the soup goes well with rice!! =D
 and i love to mix the soup with the rice or the rice with the soup. =) although my mum said this is so not lady-like. bahaha. who cares? i m not planning to be a very lady like lady. =p

and you know what. beside the bean curd and the soup which taste like miso. Inside the soup are filled with prawns, sotong, fish, crabstick and some raddish. =) aiyo!! i will rate it 5/5 because got my beloved seafood in it and it totally overthrown the nightmare i have here. soup filled with chilli from top to bottom.

This is another sweetheart. know why? yes!!! because it is filled with seafood again!!! oh my god!! the owner is really generous in putting in so much seafood.
 RM30. Must eat. definately worth the price if you see so much sotong, crabstick and i cant remember seafood inside this very big egg pancake. =) daddy surely know what to pick. hee hee.

My mum chose this.. bim bim bap. yea.. it looks damn plain right? because my mum had sorethroat so she didnt add any chili sauce which is the essence of bim bim bap into it!!!! arggg!!!
 Anyway... this taste healthy and i think it will definitely taste better if the chili sauce is added in. =) bim bim bap is an art right? mixing everything and poof something delicious and homey came out.  RM12 (the price i think).

Again... my meat loving bro chose korean chicken chop (i really have no idea why he loves meat so much. good also... the meat that i dont want... i will just give him. hee hee hee *evil*)
Cant recall the price... the chicken chop is serve on a hot stone plate. look like teppayaki. =) but taste healthier to me. The chicken chop is not really 100% chicken chop... it has 2 layers. 1 is chicken... the other... i m not sure... taste like potato, my mum said something else and my bro said something else. so if you came across this dish... please tell me what they mix inside the chicken chop.haha

Unlike Sil Ro Am which gave you free side dishes and free korean green tea. You need to order the side dishes (RM7 for 5 plates) and also order the drink (got a varieties of drink) in Da Chang Jin.

The Korean barley green tea came in pot and glasses here. (i still dont like the funny taste, mommy said it taste like rice water she drank during confinement)

Although the side dishes need to be order, we got 2 free side dishes that day --> kimchi and radish kimchi. =) as usual... i still cannot accept the spiciness of kimchi (i prefer the local acar) but the radish taste very good, not as spicy. hee hee. =)

At the end of our meal, we were served with cold barley (the boss said she made it herself) and also watermelon. =D (i dont know if we get all these nice treats just because we are the only customers in the restaurant).

Conclusion, good service, good environment, good food (I think i mayb bias because of the seafood load =D) and reasonable price. good place to dine in. =) and my headache gone after the meal. hee hee hee~ =)

Location: No. 109-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4, Oakland Commerce Square, 70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan (near Tesco Extra and even nearer to 龙凤店) just google the location la. =P


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