Sunday, November 27, 2011

Macau - Fisherman wharf 渔人码头

This is what you will see when I slept less than 2 hours and still cannot continue to sleep after that... >< super scary. but i tried to tidy up a bit on the right side. D =D

Reach LCCT around 4 o clock, check in and no appetite for any food even my favorite sushi... so just stone there... aiks.

My companion, my mother. haha. look like me ho... wait till you see my dad. but he is not joining this trip. and you know what. the tourguide is my secondary schoolmates who i dun know who is he and he knew i m from chan wa. haha~ so lucky, he can fly to so many places because of his job.

Get to take a little nap on the plane until the uncle beside me said a very loud "EXCUSE ME". zzz.. make me panic. actually was the stewardess giving out Macau permit to be filled up.

After that, unable to sleep already T.T the food is yuckie. dont choose the nasi lemak pakage of Air Asia. very yer... i rather eat the roadside stall which cost only Rm2. After the meal, the uncle beside me starting to talk non stop. haha... which is a good sign (cause he introduces me to many places, eg, Hanoi, Gold Coast, New Zealand and Japan) and bad sign (when can i nap?? T.T)

Reach Macau Airport around 10.15am. Love this type of rubbish bin. so tidy and good for the environment. =)
Get trap in the airport for half an hour because the Macau tourguide took the wrong group... swt swt swt.

This is the view of Macau. Nearly all buildings are Casino. See the golden flower like building? That is the new Casino Lisboa (葡京).
Yea... sorry for that funny grey color... there is mist or haze surrounding Macau the whole day that day. aiks..

First stop was Fishermanwharf (渔人码头). Actually it doesnt look like a port to me. look more like some theme park. haha.

The fish in the fortress... look small here but they are very big and fat. wanted to feed them until i see the sign "Do Not Feed The Fish"... Maybe too many people feel them... thats why they are so big and fat.

Potala Palace (布达拉宫)in Tibet... no.. this is only the miniature. and there is a volcano at the back of the palace... erm... fake 1 also. According to the tourguide, they are going to tear down the volcano to build other things. So this might be my last time seeing the fake volcano.

The model of Forbidden City (紫禁城) in Beijing.

The entrance of the theme park. not available now as they are doing some renovation.

The volcano. Nothing shooting out from it. =/

This place really a bit lame. =/ only can do photography with something fake and nothing else.

The port which is nicely decorated like ancient chinese buildings.

A more normal port.

Then is my lunch... >,< is a buffeet lunch. Below is what i ate. Beside the meat and the rice and also the mango pudding... other taste weird... =/ didnt eat much and still feel hungry after it. =(

Ok... and we just pass by this statue.. Can you guess what statue is it?  Not allow to go near it because renovation is going on.

Here is some tips of what statue is it. Guan Yin (观音菩萨)

Or St. Mary (圣母玛利)

Dang dang dang dang.
The answer is Guan Yin, and it is designed by a Portuguese...
For me ho... this Guan Yin looks like St. Mary that dress like Guan Yin. =) Fusion of both western and eastern culture.

The souvenir shop that they took us too... they said it is the oldest biscuit shop in Macau.
The tourguide said this shop specialties are the xin ren bing 杏仁饼 must buy the smallest one and also the peanut sweet (钮花糖) and also something i forget the exact name... but i think it is called phoenix biscuits (凤凰酥)....

No comment la... I dont like biscuits.... so they all taste the same to me. =D =D but really got a lot of people went they to buy their souvenirs la. =)

ok...will be back soon.

p/s: remember to get a Macau Tourist Map in the airport. It is really useful. =) it even teach you how to get to the famous tourist spot.

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