Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do Old Granny do?? Nag!!

Please press the red little cross at your top right if you are not prepare to listen (or see) ranting. =) thank you~

For my 22 years of living i n this planet, I always think that I am a very blessed girl. Got a house to stay, able to reach somewhere that i want (reasonable one), fed well and taken care of. It is not an extraordinary life but a simple life that i am contented with. However.... I think i started to create some mess into this peaceful life of mine to create some excitement... =/ not smoking, not drugs (except those written in my notes). Somehow, I just feel that i try to lock up myself somewhere faraway from the crowd. =( ok... i dont know what I am grumbling now. Conclusion is I want my simple and peaceful life back which i cannot recall how it look like. Mayb i just create it out of nowhere.

" Guys always wish that girls wont change, Girls always wish that they could change the guys" ok... i m not so ambitious. not because i dont want too, is i could not. stop asking me why i change.. is not that i change... i still the girl that i used to be some years back or whatever. just that you know me more... i think i should start my elective and selective report... because i make no sense of what i m grumbling here. =D

well... you know. although i m soft hearted, sometime i may not and would not do something that you expect me to do. =/ soooorryyy...

Monday, December 26, 2011

I think o.... i really have pretty good self controlled that people always see the wonderful side of me and not the ugly side. Maybe I should just disarmed this self controlled things so people know who i really are.=/ Not sure, but i think my look and my usual attitude just deceived people.

yea... whatever. i m just talking to myself again and tonight going to stay awake again without any caffeine. sigh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Start

It is a new start. after exclude all the old stuffs, everything will start from 0. Hoegarden is the sweetest beer i ever had yet i still... dun like beer. =/ thats life.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The sinful oil

I abandon my trip post again because I am really not motivated to write about it anymore. haha~ So, for those that know me the most, my parents of course. Always knew that i have fear of hypercholesteronemia (high cholesterol) as my paternal side is full of high cholesterol people (i think nearly all have it) and i DONT WANT TO DIE OF HEART ATTACK!!!

Last Friday, I went for a simple blood test which checked my full blood count, glucose, blood type, renal function, liver function and lipid profile only....  I HATE NEEDLES!!! no... to be more specifuc. i hate being poke by needles. =( OUCH!!! it is definitely painful for me and my hands got slightly numb after the blood taking. Thats why I dont like to insert branula or take blood (cause i feel you sir and madame, the pain of course).

The result is out today... guess what. Everything is normal!! hooray!!! except my total cholesterol is at borderline, my LDL is 1.0 higher than the normal range. =/ what now? I should go exercise (when the sun rise from the west). Change my diet (which is nearly tasteless and meatless), drink more alcohol to raise my HDL... buahahahah~ and stop eating seafood (noooooo... i cant part with it). yea... so i should at least pick up some exercise (fingers crossed =D).

 Luckily, the total cholesterol to HDL (good cholesterol) ratio is still within the normal range... so i have low risk of getting heart attack. hiak... see how is it... next year ba.

I dont think i have familial hypercholesteronaemia since my LDL not very high also. No xanthomas or chest pain... no relatives passed away due to heart attack (although their cholesterol is high and i think most of them dont take medicine).  so... i should still be at the safe side. tee hee~ =)

Guess what... my dad told me people with high cholesterol are smarter!! =D haha. i should conduct a survey on this statement. =D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hong Kong Trip - Madame Tussauds, Avenue of Stars

Oh well, before i start, i think you need to turn your head a bit cause most of the photos are crooked. thanks to blogger which help me to rotate my photos until it is crooked.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is one of the famous wax museum in the world and it is located on top of TaiPing Hill in Hong Kong. To get up to there, you can take cable car or bus. Since I am tagging with a trip, of course i m taking the bus. It is extremely cold up there during winter because of the wind.

After you enter the mall, go down one floor and you will see these famous figures which indicate that you are just outside Madame Tussauds.

Lee Xiao Long and Michelle Yeoh. Looks stunningly real if you look from far. haha~ they are free of charge.

The ticket which do not state the price... but you are welcome to visit for more information.

Jackie Chan is the only person that you cant take photo with your own camera.

Inside it, there will be a room for famous hong kong stars, world famous people such as Obama or maybe those long gone people such as Hitler. Well... find out who is inside yourself. Most of us will know who are them. they even have Madame Tussauds' figure in it. She is a tiny and look professional lady.

Aiyo... this one is so damn cute!! Mak Dao, the pig!! and his mommy. hee hee. =) with models of food. I love food!! weather it is real or fake one. Wish to carry it back =D but my house has no place for it to squeeze in. too big.

Twist your neck a little. my mum isnt the one that doing the stun. She is trying to pull spiderman down. haha.

Astro Boy is out to somewhere. Leaving his boots behind.

Audrey Hepburn!! =) oh man. She is the most attractive woman i ever seen and actually and honestly this wax figure does not potray much of her beauty and attractiveness... and hm... sorry for the pink shirt girl beside her. totally a mess up!! =D

Captain Jack sparrow. the only one that look 100% like the real character... mayb due to the heavy make up, hair and also the clothes. make it easier to cover up the not so real part.

A short tunnel that you will meet real monster or ghost. Didnt try it... m a coward i must said. and most importantly no people is going to accompany me. ish!!

The scenary outside on top of the hill. Brilliant lights. You cant see this even in KL. yea... sorry for the blurness. This is the best photos i can get.

This tram or train is actually a tourist information centre. they provide really good map and place to play. Should visit it if you are a backpacker.

Next stop is Avenue of Star in Victoria Bay which I think we should go there in the morning instead of night. It is damn dark k... zzzz...

See this hand print and you will understand what i m saying. i need to squeeze and stare at it for very long time to make out whose hand print is this because the light is too dim. >< grrr...

Another night pictures of Hong Kong. yea... i have no idea why it is so blur. =/ but its beautiful. the lights. (although not good for the environment)

A lot of different figures along the walk... this one is again Lee Xiao Long... others... find out what are they k? =D

This is a pub street just across Avenue of Star. the tourguide said he rather come here which is more peaceful then going to Lan Kwai Fong.

Haha~ something funny that i saw. the flowers are actually real. I think they grow so well because of the extra nutrient.

The dessert of the night from Lady Street.

Papaya with gingko... erm... i m not a big fans for gingko... so i cant give any comment about this. =D and i still love sweet soup cooked with ubi kentang.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

HIV!!?? AIDS!!??

I know I am not a good person to talk about Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) since I am neither an infectious disease specialist nor a qualified doctor (just a med student). But I think I need to share what i know to prevent the situation from getting muddier.

This is how a HIV look like. quite pretty eh. =D

When I was in secondary school, there was a period of time which I refuse to eat the sauce in MacDonald because rumor claimed that a HIV positive person drip his blood into the sauce. Whoever eat it will get infected by HIV. How ignorance of me to believe it. =/ but it is forgivable, my knowledge about this you-know-what disease is near to 0 (it will still be 0 if i did not enter this field).

Recently, when I was working as a soft drink promoter, I came over  a few potential buyers (of my soft drinks) who refused to buy the product because there is an article in newspaper which claimed that a HIV positive person put his blood into the drinks. they fear that by drinking it, they will get the virus... =.= now now. this is not possible. Let me tell you why.

Transmission route for HIV is classified into 3 main route:
1. Homosexual who practice unsafe sex.
2. Heterosexual who practice unsafe sex.
3. Drug addicts that share needles with each other.

HIV will not transmit through tears, sweat, coughing and sneezing. Even if you share eating utensils and drinking from a same glass of an infected person. I ensure you, you wont get infected as HIV is only transmitted through body fluids such as vaginal secretion, blood and saliva (super minimal chance). Kissing an infected person will not transmit the disease to you too except if his mouth has wound, your mouth has wound and both of you are drinking Litres of saliva from each other.

Until now, there is no evidence that blood sucking insect such as mosquitoes help in transmitting HIV. Before they start to suck their victim's blood, mosquitoes will inject their own saliva instead of the blood of previous victim to soften the skin. According to a HIV book that i read, for HIV virus to survive through the stomach digestion, settle in the intestine and get absorb by the intestine into the body is nearly 0.

HIV is a very fragile virus, once they leave human body, they will die within minutes or even seconds. they are just like fish which cannot leave the water (human body), once they leave, they die.

Vertical transmission is possible but with new technology and drugs, the transmission rate is cut until quite low (less than 1% i think under proper management) and HIV positive mother is not encouraged to breast feed the baby as there is virus present in the breast milk.

Blood transfusion can be a source of transmission too. However, with strict screening during donation and before the blood is given to the recipient, chances of getting HIV through blood transfusion is very very low.

So 3 main sources of getting HIV is as above.

For the unprotected sex... just make it protected la... wear a condom. it will decrease the risk (I am not encouraging people to have sex... just try to tell people that have sex be SAFE).

or...  be loyal and have one partner only... not multiple partners. and make sure that your partner also have one partner only.
or just be abstinence from sex... haha. i think this is too harsh for most of us.

Vertical transmission can be nicely prevent by having pre plan pregnancy. your doctors will tell you how to minimize the risk of your baby getting HIV. so... discuss with your doc... i m not too sure what they do.
 Remember no breast feeding to your baby if you are HIV positive.

As for injection drug use... please dont share needles with each other... or just quit taking drugs (i am saying it too easily) for your own good... I am not sure if our government provides needle to the drug addict... but i think it is a good way to decrease HIV infection among drug addicts. The cost of treating HIV is more than giving out clean needles.

AIDS is not equal to HIV... AIDS is a state where your immune system fail due to HIV infection... If you are HIV positive and you are taking appropriate treatment, you may not reach this state.

Yea... so actually it is quite hard to get HIV if you do not take drugs or practice unprotected sex. =D

and HIV DEFINITELY wont transmit through blood on the food or in the drinks... except you drink a HIV patient blood like an vampire... fresh out from his body.

What we need to worry now... is actually Hepatitis B and maybe Hepatitis C as they have higher transmission rate compare to HIV. They are ignore because people is not properly educate on it... yea. thats why education is so important.

Conclusion... Read again the above article if you still confuse... can post questions to me... or correct me if i m wrong since I am not expert. haha~ it is just based on my knowledge and also some books. =)

Do not judge people who is HIV positive. what is more important is how do they live with the virus..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aberdeen Treasures Hai Xian Fang, Wong Tai Sin Temple

Okay... resume my hong kong trip. hoho~ there is so much delay due to  multiple reasons (lets not discussed it here. it will be super long).

So here is Arberdeen seaside which the rich park their boats here like those we saw in typical hong kong movie. rich brats taking their girls onto the boat.
The posh boat.... not in favor to go onto any of them after the rough ride from Macau to Hong Kong. I swear i wont sit that boat anymore.

The 2 very expensive on water seafood restaurant. We are just there to see how pretty they are which i think will be prettier with all the lights in the night...

Beside posh boats. there are also some fishermen's boats... erm... the sky is really very gloomy. and my mum cant stop staring at the apartments or flats on both side of the shore... saying that we are so lucky to stay in terrace house. No need to stay in such a minute area... lucky me too.. i have claustrophobia.

The back of the 2 very expensive seafo0d restaurant... =D so contrast.

This is the deck that you ride the boat for a tour... seriously... i dont know what is nice here... i will preffer coming here at night. and the sky is just so damn gray.

Next time is the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙庙).
The entrance. If you are going there by bus like me... a group of people will come up to you and give you some pamphlets and newspaper... do not take any of them (esp if you are going to China later) cause they are 法轮教 (fa lun)which oppose the communist. heh... yea.

The entrance to the main hall with beautiful sculptures and red lanterns. =)

People who want to ask their fortune... sth like the crystal ball but this one you need to shake the bamboo container until one of the chopsticks fall off. I thought this need money too... so i didnt try but apparently it did not need any money... only when you want someone to explain to you what fortune you got then you need to pay.... not cheap... HK 300. swt.

Most of the temple will have the statue of the god they worshiped but here it is a picture. saw that arrow?
Wong Tai Sin is a taoist so my tourguide said Taoist dont pray like buddhist. how taoist pray is
put ur left hand in front of your tummy and ur right hand on top. step in front, bow, step back, step in front, bow, step back, step in front again... this time tell him your name and your wish, bow and step back again. done!! =)

Went to check in next... love the window and the carpet. aiyo.. so nice if you can sit by the window and look at the stars outside (but no stars for the 2 days i stayed there).
The sleeping room. rather small but you feel quite comfy with the deco. =)

This is how high we stayed. 31st floor and the lift is shooting up and down real fast you feel the changing of pressure in ur ears. oh... btw we stayed in Newton Place Hotel in Kuan Twang.

You will basically see a lot of seas in Hong Kong... and the sky is still misty. it is blur not because of my camera lens ya.

The bathroom which is much more smaller compare to the macau one. but it is comfy and you wont feel that it is too crowded. Not my dream bathroom... because they dont have bath tub. haha. =p

Monday, December 12, 2011


Oh yea... I didnt hit the extra sale target this week again. everytime when i m going to reach it. the sale will be mysteriously stagnant. such is life....

whole body is aching now... legs pain. hips hurting and backache. urgently need some massage. If not i wont b able to sleep again tonight. the sore is just too annoying. =/

and... wth...  kids nowadays are real greedy huh. took 3-4 cups for themselves... next time must set the rule.. not in front of my booth one. i wont give to them... and hid all the sample somewhere so nobody come and grab it.... (but my booth is so damn small only. hide where?)

sigh... today is an emo day. =/

Saturday, December 10, 2011


These 2 days had been peaceful and i wish that it will end forever. (pray hard: please let it be no ending)
No more quarrels and no more sadness. woo~ felt like a heavy weight is lifted away from me =))
Although tonnes of philosphy and experience from whoever said that the more obstruction the richer is ur life but sometime... peaceful and shy ppl like me do appreciate a peaceful and boring life. not too much storm and earthquake.

Basically now I am stalking Watson and Guardian for their christmas sale. swt... so many cheap stuffs except the damn Hada Labo. still so expensive after discount (sorry for being auntie-ish. infected by my mum. money is hard to earn).

Starting to work again tomorrow. =o hope i can sell off 120 items in a day... at least get an extra Rm10 which I can use to buy... said... 10 pc of Jusco sushi. haha~ ai... and my legs will suffer again... and i need to carried all those super heavy stuffs. =/ poor hand of mine. i will pampered you after work k?

Ended my Oncology posting today... Erm... Basically is good. you know how m i and who i m. dont expect too much from me and the doctor is very kind to give good feedback on me. ha~ thank you. =)

aiyo... my hong kong trip posts are all stranded because the internet is down until Monday, i m lazy, i m lazy and i m lazy... hope to finish it off before my school reopen... =/ we will see how things go. deal one thing in a time (quote from the oncologist). =D

ok... the end for this little update. i got a lot of pictures to share. but this mode of connection is just too slow... like a tortoise.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


可是这一个月(哦。不。是上一个月。和这一个月) 我觉得我洒下满天满地的因。



Some people just dont let you rest in peace dont they?