Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aberdeen Treasures Hai Xian Fang, Wong Tai Sin Temple

Okay... resume my hong kong trip. hoho~ there is so much delay due to  multiple reasons (lets not discussed it here. it will be super long).

So here is Arberdeen seaside which the rich park their boats here like those we saw in typical hong kong movie. rich brats taking their girls onto the boat.
The posh boat.... not in favor to go onto any of them after the rough ride from Macau to Hong Kong. I swear i wont sit that boat anymore.

The 2 very expensive on water seafood restaurant. We are just there to see how pretty they are which i think will be prettier with all the lights in the night...

Beside posh boats. there are also some fishermen's boats... erm... the sky is really very gloomy. and my mum cant stop staring at the apartments or flats on both side of the shore... saying that we are so lucky to stay in terrace house. No need to stay in such a minute area... lucky me too.. i have claustrophobia.

The back of the 2 very expensive seafo0d restaurant... =D so contrast.

This is the deck that you ride the boat for a tour... seriously... i dont know what is nice here... i will preffer coming here at night. and the sky is just so damn gray.

Next time is the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙庙).
The entrance. If you are going there by bus like me... a group of people will come up to you and give you some pamphlets and newspaper... do not take any of them (esp if you are going to China later) cause they are 法轮教 (fa lun)which oppose the communist. heh... yea.

The entrance to the main hall with beautiful sculptures and red lanterns. =)

People who want to ask their fortune... sth like the crystal ball but this one you need to shake the bamboo container until one of the chopsticks fall off. I thought this need money too... so i didnt try but apparently it did not need any money... only when you want someone to explain to you what fortune you got then you need to pay.... not cheap... HK 300. swt.

Most of the temple will have the statue of the god they worshiped but here it is a picture. saw that arrow?
Wong Tai Sin is a taoist so my tourguide said Taoist dont pray like buddhist. how taoist pray is
put ur left hand in front of your tummy and ur right hand on top. step in front, bow, step back, step in front, bow, step back, step in front again... this time tell him your name and your wish, bow and step back again. done!! =)

Went to check in next... love the window and the carpet. aiyo.. so nice if you can sit by the window and look at the stars outside (but no stars for the 2 days i stayed there).
The sleeping room. rather small but you feel quite comfy with the deco. =)

This is how high we stayed. 31st floor and the lift is shooting up and down real fast you feel the changing of pressure in ur ears. oh... btw we stayed in Newton Place Hotel in Kuan Twang.

You will basically see a lot of seas in Hong Kong... and the sky is still misty. it is blur not because of my camera lens ya.

The bathroom which is much more smaller compare to the macau one. but it is comfy and you wont feel that it is too crowded. Not my dream bathroom... because they dont have bath tub. haha. =p


joyce said...

i stared at the last picture for a good while before concluding that you didnt rotate it! hahahhaa i was like wth is that round thing on the left and then oh.. it's the sink.. (i think) hahaa

Belle said...

yea. its the sink!!! hahah~ no. i did rotate but blogger rotated it again. zzzz... and i dun know how to rotate the photo back in blogger.