Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do Re Mi Recipe

This is not a new bakery in seremban. The main shop is at Megaway and last month they decided to open another branch near the cross junction of Bidara.

The first shop of Do Re Mi recipe.

It is a bakery school which offer full time and part time classes. The products of the students are sold here (I mean the good one).

Their signature are the authentic bread (which they claimed didnt add in any yeast... and it is healthy but i dun like the soury taste) and their pizza (which is thumbs up for me) =)) Pizza is only for limited time only.

The little cream tarts. Rm25 per box. I love them!!! their cream is so nicely beaten and soft. not too sweet. you can just pop one into the mouth (well, ppl with enormous mouth like me can do it). but dont keep it overnight... the weird butter will seep out if you put overnight. =)

My favorite. Hokkaido Tart or Muffin or Cake. =) Man... i had been finding them over seremban and finally found them. Rm10 for 3. Rm5 for 1. It is the softest thing i ever put inside my mouth.

With cream in the middle =) sent thrills down my spine (not because of spookiness is because of happiness)!! I LOVE CREAM!!!

and... dun asked me about the upside down photos in this post. blogger simply just dont let me to post my photos straight. I think i will visit them for their pizza. =)

oh yea. they are close on monday and their working hours is 10 to 6. =)


joyce said...

THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGG i love cream too!!!!

Belle said...

=) yea. come seremban joyce!!!