Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The sinful oil

I abandon my trip post again because I am really not motivated to write about it anymore. haha~ So, for those that know me the most, my parents of course. Always knew that i have fear of hypercholesteronemia (high cholesterol) as my paternal side is full of high cholesterol people (i think nearly all have it) and i DONT WANT TO DIE OF HEART ATTACK!!!

Last Friday, I went for a simple blood test which checked my full blood count, glucose, blood type, renal function, liver function and lipid profile only....  I HATE NEEDLES!!! no... to be more specifuc. i hate being poke by needles. =( OUCH!!! it is definitely painful for me and my hands got slightly numb after the blood taking. Thats why I dont like to insert branula or take blood (cause i feel you sir and madame, the pain of course).

The result is out today... guess what. Everything is normal!! hooray!!! except my total cholesterol is at borderline, my LDL is 1.0 higher than the normal range. =/ ok...so what now? I should go exercise (when the sun rise from the west). Change my diet (which is nearly tasteless and meatless), drink more alcohol to raise my HDL... buahahahah~ and stop eating seafood (noooooo... i cant part with it). yea... so i should at least pick up some exercise (fingers crossed =D).

 Luckily, the total cholesterol to HDL (good cholesterol) ratio is still within the normal range... so i have low risk of getting heart attack. hiak... see how is it... next year ba.

I dont think i have familial hypercholesteronaemia since my LDL not very high also. No xanthomas or chest pain... no relatives passed away due to heart attack (although their cholesterol is high and i think most of them dont take medicine).  so... i should still be at the safe side. tee hee~ =)

Guess what... my dad told me people with high cholesterol are smarter!! =D haha. i should conduct a survey on this statement. =D


joyce said...

no worries.. they say still young... my first blood test LDL was high, the next time TG was high, then it's all normal now. the most recent one.. low creatinine. =.= no need worry! kakaka

Belle said...

swt... thats what the lab technicians told me too. =D =D low creatinine got problem o?

joyce said...

haha, it means never exercise! which is true because i hardly even walk back there. muahahaa