Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A lil sweet stuffs =))

It is depression day 2. End up in the OT for 1 hour ++ doing nothing and decided to go and have sth that will put a smile on our face.

Tutti Frutti came to Seremban!! =) i bet it has been there for quite long but I only realized it presence last week. =P

No. 334 G, Jalan S2 B8. Uptown Avenue,
Seremban 2.

It is near Paparich if you know where I am talking about.

What you need to do is choose a cup size (orange, green and red)

Then, choose the flavor. you can mix and match the 8 flavors.

Choose your toppings. ranging from fresh fruits, syrup to yummy crunchy cereals. =D

Lastly weight and pay.

Our ice cream!! or more precisely frozen yogurt. Guess which one is mine. =)

This is mine!! with fruit loops~ =) Like the  original flavor and the promegerate flavor. they are just not so strong in taste and i feel refresh after eating it. and happier. hee hee~

My cup cost RM6.45 after discount (with student card). Slightly expensive.

Oh. and this gave me an idea to put our usual yogurt into freezer, will it turn out as yummy as this too? haha~ let me try it out first. =DDDDDD

one day when i m rich i will just visit this shop everyday until I m fed up with it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My worst nightmare...

Is when there is a fusion of Orthopedic and pediatrics!!! See both of them have the "-pedi-" devil word inside them. =( i just hope i survive and learn something from this 2 weeks posting.

How hard can it be to know the 206 bones and also the little angel (or more likely devil) by heart?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When single becomes a problem....

When you reach a certain age, everybody will start asking you the same questions again and again. =.= I mean it when i said EVERY BODY.

As usual, CNY gatherings and luckily I am not the only one that are targeted cause there are other single ppl. =DDDDD

"Ah moi (haha. this is not how my relatives called me. just a sample), sudah besar macam ni, mana teman lelaki?" (and of course they dun speak in malay to me).

"Hey, faster find one partner already. you are not young anymore." (excuse me, i m only 23 and i considered myself young)

"Next year, I must see you bring a boyfriend here." (=.= yea... right. even i have one, i should be the one going to the boy's house right?)

and it went on and on and on and on... different ppl asking me the same question. haha. and i guess my cousins who are older than me suffered more from this seemingly eternal ranting. sigh....

One of my aunties have a discussion with me.
"aiyo, moi, you already in Uni for four years already. really no one that you like or people who like you?"
"er..... no. i very low profile one"
"your course no boys is it?"
"no a... got. hahaha."
"or they study too hard already? only can see the books cannot see the girls?"
"hahahhahha. no la. we not bookworm la. they got check out girls one. hahaha."
"But i tell you, dont take advantage of boys, if like him then just go out with him k? and dont break up halfway."
"i will try." (... ...)
"you know, nowadays girls are very fierce. instead of girls crying because of breakup. more boys are crying and moaning over breakups."
"Thats true."
"why girls nowadays so fierce one? They dont like the boy but still can go out with them. i tell you a... if you dont like the guy, dont take any presents, dont go out with them, dont accept any form of help from them. you are giving them hope if you do so."
uh oh.... inside my heart. "but very hard to decline the gifts wo... i mean is a good blessing from the guy. you reject the gift means you are rejecting their blessing. dont go out with them... how you know if things work out?"
"just dont do anything that hurt the guys la. really a lot of guys come crying because of break up or hurt by girls."
"haha. aunty. I tell you la. GUYS now are TOO PASSIVE!!! not because GIRLS are AGGRESSIVE. and guys like to make up their own assumptions. so GUYS need to GROW UP."

=p part of the conversations.... =D guys really need to grow up. girls are growing up fast and if you are too passive... sorry la. it is really your fault not the girls. blame urself and not the girls.

 with technology, love buds fast but dies off faster. =/ because when what you see is only your phone and your laptop, sometime you will just wonder if you are communicating with a real person or an imagination.

oh crap. this is all. if not i will be targeted for discriminating guys. =P hiak.

Thursday, January 19, 2012









Sunday, January 15, 2012

@@ =(

sometime i just hate to do the collecting jobs cause i will be stressing out when people exceed the timeline. the people that are late  should be  the one stressing out but instead of them i m the one stressing out!!! gah... how ridiculous is it.

Yea... if pass midnight today and... they havent send their reports & details to me... i shall just hand it up JUST LIKE THAT. oh well. blimey. a timeline is a timeline and i m lenient enough to extend it 12 hours later.

hoho... and too bad. you all are unlucky because i m in extreme bad mood today. =) yea. i m really in extreme bad mood even i have my smiley face on.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I went to Tzu Chi Year End Blessing last week. I had always adored this NGO. They managed to start from scratches and grow into such a big organization and lending warm hands to those that are in needs. The most admirable part is beside sending out rescue team, they also promote recycling, reading, vegetarian and also increase self valued (spiritually).

Came across these 2 songs which I think is very touching and straight to the point.

First one: Love and Care

诚心祈求天下无灾 (I sincerely wish that there isnt any disaster)
人皆平安远离苦难 (All of us are safe and away from sufferings)
愿持善念肤大地 (Wish to hold kind thoughts that will sooth the world)
世界充满爱和关怀 (This world is filled with love and care)

The second song, sound like some vow. Simple words with deep meanings.
oh... the lyrics are there.

hm... dun really know how to translate this. let me try k? if anything that is wrong. please informed me. =)
In this new era, we need to know new concepts.
When disasters come, we need to have the kindest heart.
When everyone has their eye blind, we must have the wisdom to unfold them
When havoc came, we need to regret, rethink and try to change it.

hm. hm. =) i dun know why but this two songs make me feel calm and wish that i can do something for this world.

For me, Tzu Chi is always holding the principle of “先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐" and “小小蚂蚁,能移泰山,皆因点点毅力,点点努力".

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The sweetest coffee ever

It is a long due post...

Starbuck came out with new coffee for this christmas and above is one of them. Cant remember the exact name- white chocolate raspberry frappucino with bites of toffee inside i think. Sweetest coffee ever but it still taste like a coffee. Who will be insane like me to wish that a coffee wont taste like a coffee. ha!

I am just loitering around. there is a lot of things for me to do. study to catch up (i havent study since sem start, mostly i m just staring at the books, stoning...), getting restless too easily. =/ not good not good. people now think too much and i just wish my brain could shut down for a little while then running wild. ha. that rhymes... ok... back to ebm... actually it is an easy task. find a few research to support ur view but somehow... i dont know what take me so long to do it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do Re Mi Recipe

This is not a new bakery in seremban. The main shop is at Megaway and last month they decided to open another branch near the cross junction of Bidara.

The first shop of Do Re Mi recipe.

It is a bakery school which offer full time and part time classes. The products of the students are sold here (I mean the good one).

Their signature are the authentic bread (which they claimed didnt add in any yeast... and it is healthy but i dun like the soury taste) and their pizza (which is thumbs up for me) =)) Pizza is only for limited time only.

The little cream tarts. Rm25 per box. I love them!!! their cream is so nicely beaten and soft. not too sweet. you can just pop one into the mouth (well, ppl with enormous mouth like me can do it). but dont keep it overnight... the weird butter will seep out if you put overnight. =)

My favorite. Hokkaido Tart or Muffin or Cake. =) Man... i had been finding them over seremban and finally found them. Rm10 for 3. Rm5 for 1. It is the softest thing i ever put inside my mouth.

With cream in the middle =) sent thrills down my spine (not because of spookiness is because of happiness)!! I LOVE CREAM!!!

and... dun asked me about the upside down photos in this post. blogger simply just dont let me to post my photos straight. I think i will visit them for their pizza. =)

oh yea. they are close on monday and their working hours is 10 to 6. =)

Monday, January 2, 2012

=S grrr..

Although Temperance Brennan in Bones said that  through sexual activities, serotonin and endorphine are stimulated which make people pleasure and high, please dont go and put some name and  pretend to be someone and go around sexual harassing people. It is still illegal in Malaysia, even the western country and you can be charge by lawsuit for what you did.

Guys, be careful of a person under the name of Wong Serren in facebook. at first i thought she is a girl, name sound girlish... but it turns out to be a boy or mayb a girl pretend to be a boy. i thought he was from chan wa too. since so many chan wa seniors and friends are under his mutual friends. whatsoever!! if you have so many time running around facebook doing something that are disturbing, please use ur excess time to help those in need, eg. orphanage, old folk home. hmph!!