Sunday, February 26, 2012

This post is dedicated to you...

 Yea~ you!! you!! dont look to your left, your right or your back. Is you Joycey!!! So Ying Xin is kind of "busy" with her psychiatry report and summary... so she wants me to send you a message. Who is me? You havent met me before. I am new in the house.... since Dec 2011. And I love to camwhore =)

Hello~ Joyce. My name is TaDa. ... ... yea... right. dont laugh at my name. Dont pick at my name. I have no choice but to use it as my name. Ying Xin the horrible just force this name onto me. I am a christmas bear, a boy of course since I am so handsome *blinkblink*

 When Ying Xin is studying... She always tell me story about how you guys used to study in the library. Sitting in the studying area, in the museum, looking at gross model or in your room. She miss the time.

 When I am playing Doctor and Patient with Ernie. She always mumble how you guys used to go to the CSU to practice OSCE. Listening to the music while practicing those very robotic clinical skills. haha~ She missed those time too. (Ernie's problem is he has such a big mouth that he always ate my portion of food =/)

 She also said that you never fail to bribe her with lots and lots and lots of junk food. The rice crackers, the chocolate, biscuits, puddings and dried fish fillets. Haha~ and now she only have this little food with her. Oh... and she found the Daddy's mee in Jusco. She does not dare to eat it raw..... (is it nice?)

There is time she grumble the most-- when she is watching dramas on the computer!!! She compliments you as the best and most hardworking video supplier. Supplying her with a lot of dramas and movies until she cannot finish all of them. and I know you have a special ability of reciting the exact same quote and telling out the stories line. hoho~ and no one will force her to watch the same parts again and again. or listen to the same songs again and again. SHE MISS ALL OF THAT. VERY VERY MUCH. although you guys still share pictures, songs and dramas through internet, it is never the same when you are not by her side.

Aiyo... forget about my job here --> to send you a message. How forgetful am i? *giggle*
Since I cannot talk... so I am using my own way to send you the message. Guess what is in my hand?

Is Honey Star!!! Bring back some old school memory. haha~ You know, Honey Star have stars and rockets now. Make out a nice space adventure. When will they include the moon and the astronauts?

Here is the message:

This is what she wants me to tell you. =) Am I the first person to pluck down so many stars and rockets  for you. Romantic boh?

Oops!! I am so sorry that i ate all the stars. Just too hungry. >< *nomnom* they are delicious with yogurt.

I think this is a better way... so i wont eat up the message.
May you have the most wonderful birthday!! enjoy every moment of your life!! Be happy!! Be healthy!! and faster come back to meet Ying Xin and me. She really miss you very much. Then you can introduce me to the big bear of urs, Berry and we can sama sama take a lot of pictures. =)


p/s: woi... joyce. we really didnt take any nice and clear pictures together? I cant find any photo of you and me one. we must take photos together, k? =) so i can put in my album. =D real solid photo album.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

To do list for this weekend~ =)

Can you believe this? I am a final year med student starting next week. oh, how time flies and in a blink it is my final year. Final year  means there are more hideous exam waiting for me ahead. *shivering*

Yea... it is true that a lot of people told me is nothing to pass MBBS because it will be more difficult when you are studying specialist. but heck!! i m still a baby, so of course walking is hard for me. Dont come and tell me how hard is flying when i cant even walk.

To pass my remaining sem 8 weekend... i put up a to do list. tadaa~~ haha.
Trying out the new "photoshop" website that i just found. Think i still need a lot of practice. =) Practice makes perfect. since I am not the smartypants. i do need to put in a lot of hard work.

Aiya~ back to my report and summary. Psychiatry is a really a tough and delicate subjects.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Make the milk interesting

Stalked this from a blog months ago. Until weeks ago, decided to try it out myself. and Woof.. fresh milk is so exp now. I still remember buying 1.5L at just 3.80 now it turns out to b RM6++ for 1.5.L. aiks!!! *heartache*

Some of you do not like to drink milk because it tastes too gentle and obedient. Here is a way to make it more interesting. What you need is just another can of soft drink, preferably 7 up or sth that taste similar (I used clearly citrus).

1. Pour the milk into a cup.
2. Pour similar quantity of soft drink into the cup.
3. Do not stir.
4. Take a sip.

Wula~ so does it taste better? =) for me, it tastes funky, playful.

But i still prefer the usual taste.

It is fun to try this once or twice. But not always....

You will end up wasting the Calcium in it. One of the factor of low calcium absorption is actually excessive intake of soft drink. =)

The sky looks kind of grey nowadays and i feel my temper being boiling for a lot of times recently. =/

How suckie is it when you want to b a nerd but cant b a nerd? when you want to look through movie but you end up not watching any because you do not have any mood? food just tastes the same. =/ gah...

There is only 2 words to describe myself now. WEIRD. CRAZY. =(

Saturday, February 18, 2012


太照顾有时也未必是好事。=( 唉。。。 可是也请别不照顾我。


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When everyone is happily celebrating V's day, my ancient problems came back to me.

Ah.. stupid gastritis, please go away. =( I promise I wont eat fresh oyster anymore. =(

Feeling quite weak now. tsk tsk.

Thursday, February 9, 2012






  • 爱情这东西没道理的
  • Wednesday, February 8, 2012


    Saw something that I like but they do not deliver to malaysia. =( only singapore. fine!!! =(

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Atypical Keep-Me-Awake Pills

    Found out another pill that do something funny to me ---> my non sedative antihistamine pill causing me to have insomnia.

    Grrrr... I am having running nose for the pass 2 days, allergic rhinitis not flu cause they feel different and this time definitely a prolonged allergic (everyday raining... of course la)

    Blocked nose always wake me up from dreamland so naturally people will take antihistamine to unblock the nose. yea. it works miracle for the first 2 hours. Eventually fell asleep without myself knowing. oh right. for ur information i m taking a NON SEDATIVE PILL which means it wont put me to sleep.

    Then i woke up around 2 sth... thinking it maybe the strong wind. I slept back. I woke up 1 hour later... oh man... did i even slept since 2.... sort of doze off, The third time i opened my eyes. it is 4 sth.... grrrrr... ok. what the heck... I dont have any nightmare and i just woke up with my eyes bright and my brain clear. =.=

    At 5 sth i woke up again....T.T walked around my room, read a book, go to toilet but my stupid brain refuse to sleep. Later, 6 sth again and finally i get to sleep for 3 hours. Gosh... and the identical incident happened every time i took my antihistamine!!!!! it is supposed to not make you drowsy but it does not have an insomnia effect so why the heck it cause me to have insomnia??????

    Btw... my block nose came back after i woke up around 9 sth. T.T and the drug supposed to work 24 hours. I swear i didnt overuse it so it couldnt be cause of tolerance. For 2 years, i had only taken 5 similar pills. guess i need to try the SEDATIVE one next time. =(

    Grumbling again below... please do not proceed and get affected by the emoness.

    I have always being a quiet person, not talking much and i enjoy people talking to me...except those who grumble a lot (ahem) so when there is an equally quiet person comes to me.... i tend to runaway... cause i dont know how to make you talk to me and you dont know what to talk to me then better we dont talk to each other.

    yea... i will try to talk first.. if it does not work out... i will just runaway.i know selfish but yet it is my instinct. =.= haha. i know what pet i should get for myself. a talking parrot. But in the end i think i will just ask it to shut up because it repeats the same thing again and again. ai... me a difficult person huh? yea. i think so. cannot be in somewhere too noisy but cannot be in somewhere too quiet also. =/

    yea. i have no rights to runaway... yet i will runaway now. =(

    Friday, February 3, 2012

    Sweet tooth =))

    I am a happy girl when i surrounded with CHOCOLATES!!!

    I have no idea that i have this much of chocolate until i tidy up my cupboard a few days ago. haha~ =)) swt. some from friends, some i bought myself, some are new year gift.

    oh well, chocolate is the best medicine for bad mood. tee hee hee~ i like half melted chocolate, they are really smooth. =)

    Am a happy girl. =)

    p/s: shouldnt keep that in the cupboard. cause if i dont see. i dont eat them. =DD