Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A tinge of gray

Oh well... ignore this post k. If you dont want your nice day to be ruined. It just another post from a passive girl.

Folktales telling that men actually have 2 heads, 4 arms and 4 legs but because the god scares that men will overpower him. he spilt him into 2 and people is bound to search for the other half throughout their life.

But i rather believe another saying, a human has multiple soul mates, it is just that he will cling to it or just let it drift away by time.

After a lot of thinking and a lot of feelings rumbling over me... i think i would prefer to sit at the side and see whatever to just fly pass me. I can picture myself when one day I am old and haggard, just drop dead at some place, nobody realize it, let maggots or whatsoever feed on me. I will begone in this world and leave nothing behind. This is not pathetic... it is just natural.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saisaki Japanese Buffet

I need to put this up if not the person that took met here will kill me for not doing the favor of introducing this restaurant to more people.

Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant. It is in a building with a very complex inner part. Took us some time to find the restaurant.

This is how the entrance looks like. =) (i steal the photo from the world wide web)

There are LOTS and LOTS and LOTTAS FOOD!!!! i mean...  the only time that i eat in a japanese buffet is in Royal Adephi Seremban... which sucks...

Didnt take any pictures of the counters... cause i got a bit paiseh. =P but there is counter for sushi, Japanese noodles, the hot food, the seafood, the soup, the cawanmushi, the drinks, the dessert and also the ice cream!!! =D whoosh!!! wish i forget to eat my breakfast that day so i can put more food in.

 The sushi. =D oh... i really love the salmon and also the tuna. =) they melt in ur mouth. Not for the Squid though. It is rather tasteless..... like chewing some rubber.

What i LOVE the most is the octopus!!!! how frequent can you throw the whole octopus down ur throat??? +D +D +D haha~ the octopus in other place is chopped into small tiny bit but not this.

 The fried stuffs. Prawns and soft shell crab. I thought the circles are my favorite squib but it turns out to be onion rings. Eh... quite good la... but they are cold >< aish... otherwise there are a lot of fried vegetables. haha. not so into fried things because i dont want to get sorethroat or hypercholesterolaemia.

 The food from hot food section. The fried fish, and my Inari ring, Oyster, fresh prawns, salmon, aglio olio, oyster baked in cheese... and the UNAGI!!!! the unagi is the best k? Cukup rasa and the fat of the unagi just melt inside your warm mouth (haha. sounds a bit wrong). Conclusion: the unagi is GREAT!!

 My soba... =.= hm... ok... i still like the one from Matsu, seremban.

 Yea. More Unagi!!! and my favorite peas. =) i love the salmon, mango and crabstick wrap in rice paper. They are very refresh and not as filling as sushi, so you will be able to pop more of them into your mouth...

I think i left the snail a bit too long... cause i thought best thing should leave till the last.... and the cheese turns rock hard... =.= not able to dig anything out of the shell.

 Cawanmushi.... I dont really like steameggs (except the one that i make myself). But my friend said it tastes Great!! =)

Sashimi that we search for so long... and found that they put at the highest part of the counter. swt. Appropriate thickness and size... Aiyo... and the salmon... yea. MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. the squid is still tasteless and i dun know why i took so much. Smoked salmon sushi is great.

We didnt try the soup, but there is one which have the whole big, long legs crab in it. Should taste sweet.

Dessert part i only ate the green tea ice cream. ah... =) perfect!!!

I cant remember how much is the bill... but the total bill is less than RM100... (with lunch time discount). Of course we ate more than that... but i wish i can eat more... (why my appetite so small recently?)

Restoran Saisaki Japanese Buffet
1st Floor, Jalan Pinang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

To find out more Saisaki, Shogun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salam dari Indonesia

 Featuring a Komodo lizard. isnt it terrific? hehe~

The more awesome part is...
The stamps here. ooooh... edition of dragon year. They are j ust so beautiful =))) love them. Thanks Shinta. =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


More specifically, this is from Bruges. Press here to read more Bruges.

The city looks so pretty =) wish to visit there at least once in my lifetime. the buildings are also very pretty. aiya... make me want to run out and go travel le.

Another card from Russia

I like the bridge in the postcards. It is folded up. People said if you see a bridge folded up, you are in luck. So I feel very lucky now. =))) heh heh~

Thanks Svete. We share the same thought about smiling. =D hope we hold it tight to ourselves. =)


This postcard is so Malaysian like because of the tone of the green and also the golden butteflies.

Sina said he is going to get a leopard gecko as a pet. If you dont know what is it... click this Gecko. Haha. I think my mum will throw it out the minute it steps into my house. =P lizard is just not my mum's stuffs.

Hello From Germany

This very cute card is from Heike. =) It features a German animated film called "The Small Mole".

From Netherlands

Elaine said hello to me and wish me to have a joyful spring with a beautiful flower. =)

Thanks Elaine but Malaysia is summer all the  year round. haha~

So guess what is this? actually i m not sure. at first i thought is coffee beans on some strings with a furry black rounded stuff in the middle. on second thought. it looks like a flower. isnt it?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Swen's love card

Swen sent me this during christmas and i received it 2 months ago. hahaha~ this card is so so so unique. The flag is make out of clothes. could you see the string coming out? =) oh well... but the card is make out of papers la.

Take care sweetheart. =) *hug*

From Korea =)

News from Rowena. She is such a bubbly girl from her words and swt... she wrote my name Ying Tan. lol...

I think this is a drawings feature the water mill, a moo moo, a lady watching clothes and 4 other guys doing random things. swt...

Very beautiful card. i wish i can draw like this.

Cards from Moscow

Do you recognize this building? It is Kremlin. I got to know it from Mission Impossible 3.

So watching movie can top up your knowledge too. =) thanks Anna for the beautiful card.

Cute postcards from Russian

This one is dedicated for the winter Olympic Games that will be held in Sochi in 2014. Oh. the bunny is so cool =)

Of course. there are cooler stamps at the back but i forget to take pictures of them. hehe. terima kasih (thank you) for the card.

Greetings from Russia

 A very beautiful card from Nadja, Russia. Ok... and again i cant read russian so i dont know where is this beautiful scenary. ><

But the sky is blue and the water even bluer.

What make me more excited is the stamps at the back.
Do you see what i mean? all of them are beautiful and pretty. =) such an art such an art. thanks for the postcard. =)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally, they came to me....

 Still remember last month, i am grumbling that a company in singapore refuse to mail my stuffs to malaysia?

I got them now!!! without having to go there. =))) *grin*

Thanks to WS. Really sweet of him to let me use his address and brought back all these funny stuffs to me from singapore.

These are them. =) Right. postcards!!!!

It is relative hard to find postcards in Malaysia. All that you could find are those from tourist spots or local flora and fauna. I didnt said that they are not nice but these are really unique for me. =) hahahahahha~ and i fell in love the first sight looking at them in the online shop. Thats why so beria-ria and go through all the trouble and money to buy them (not cheap k? got a bit menyesal now).

The first stacks:
 The retro stacks. All of the postcards are really pretty here although they are in black and white. =)))

Stacks number 2:
 After editing it turns out like this. so you have to use ur imagination a little bit. they are make out of paper but they are as hard as plastic. They are so colorful and so pretty. =) featuring all the famous visitors spot or things of Western Country.

Stacks number 3:
 At the first sight of them... i was like wth... why so small? after putting the stamps no place for me to write already. see... they are even smaller than my palm and i have small palm *thickskin*

No matter what... i love them after looking through every single one of them. They are in lomo style and all of them are toys that we know from the heart. =))))) *hugthem* the best part is. you can play poker with them. see the stickers in the box? it is the way to change them into poker cards. but haiyo.... not a good idea. every single cards have different pictures, your opponent will know what cards are in your hands.

Tee hee hee~ super happy with them around. and yea... dont expect me to use any one of them. they are my collection not for usage purpose. =) *heart*

Thanks to WS again for doing me such a big big favor. =D

From Moscow

 Anna sent me a very cute postcard months ago. haha~ it is a plastic duck that used to accompany most of us in the bath room when we are young~ =)

Quack Quack!!!

And also the beautiful stamps behind it. I have no idea who are those people in the stamps. They just look very famous. and the scenery is a drawing i think. haha~ no idea. i cant read the Russian on it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Absent Minded

Once a week, i will absent mindedly take library books out without borrowing it and let the alarm rang over me. why la.... swt. and i think soon i will be black listed by the library. They wont let me borrow or touch any books again. T.T