Monday, April 23, 2012

I Wont Give Up - Jason Mraz

Aiyo... fell in love with this MV at the first sight. Just the lyric video of this song, not the official music video.

Those who know me well will understand why i love it. It is just so artistic. =)))

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Say Cheese

Oh my God. his voice is so nice that i cant stop pressing replay. =) sigh. oh my god. just noticed it. swt.

and i shouldnt leave just a sentence in the blog, if not it will function like a twitter.

Finish the killer Internal Med and wherever i go, its CCF, CCF and CCF. My clinical exam is CCF (congestive cardiac failure - both sides of the heart is failing). In the written exam, there is CCF. It is a signal that CCF is an important topic... although i neglect it the whole 4 weeks. CCF is really scary disease. Your heart which is your life pump is failing and it means that your "The End" is very very near. ><

Ok. That is a bit too scary but there is drugs that can controlled the disease... sadly to say not cure. =/

Looking through some blogs. Very impressed with some ladies who 24/7 doll up themselves. Man... i wish i will have the motivation and the time to do that. But i really have 0 motivation. dolling up is ok but the undoll part always make me feel tired. =DD so i will just remain the ordinary self here.

Adding in new songs into my music store. cannot get "If I am (your boyfriend)" out of my mind. (^3^)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Matsu Japanese Restaurant Again =D

 Matsu is definitely the best Japanese restaurant in Seremban (although it is quite pricey too ><). haha~  must share good stuffs with other people especially ur family. So here I am with my family in Matsu (that will b 2 weeks ago).

We are the first to enter the restaurant and guess what within 30 minutes the whole restaurant is filled with customers. Oh my. i dont know it is so popular.

Running through the menu when my mum whispered, "can i share with you." so yea. see... how i decrease my appetite. by sharing food with my mum. =DD and this help me maintain me at the underweight of BMI. swt.

Bro's set.
The beef is very tender. =) not the best but it is good. There is another plate of sushi that they send later. Only get to tried the salmon. Oiishi!! compare to sakae salmon sushi i still preferred sakae. it is thicker and juicer... the remaining 7 sushi are gulp down by my ever-big-appetite bro.

My mum and my set:
 Overall this set is ok. The unagi is thin...i miss the thick unagi in zanmai. The salad and the seaweed is awesome. very refreshing. tempura and teriyaki chicken are normal.

 Garlic rice. Its taste is rich. The first mouth you find it awesome, the second you find it best, the third you find it good and the fifth mouth... you dont feel like eating cause it makes you so full even it is only a bowl. Maybe its because i prefer light tasting food.

Dad's set:
 With pork, seaweed, fried sotong, salad, soup and sth rounded with mayonnaise. I tried the sotong (my all time favorite)... erm erm... what can i said? i just hope the sotong is bigger and juicer. lol... i always prefer juicer sotong so that you can bite it and taste the elastic texture.

My all time favorite, mango ika sushi set. wont fail to order it (if there is someone to help me eat the remaining half).

Matsu is still the best japanese restaurant in Seremban. They renovate the inner part a little. Sigh... cant forget their soba. should try it next time. =) ciao. more reports to do.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From Sioux Falls South Dakota

Thank you for the awesome card that carries a beautiful church. =) Wish i will get there one day.

Enlighten and turn dull~

Surprise me when people come and ask me why I am so emo lately... o k. fine. i will try to regenerate my emo ness to other channel and not through this. not good spreading bad feelings to whoever that just happened to visit here accidentally.

Since thursday, I am routinely eating something that all girls love and hate at the same time. Cakes!!!! To be precise... CHOCOLATE CAKES!!!

Sometime one piece per day, the most i can go is two. But i did not eat it willingly. =( so sorry to the cakes but i really will vomit when I see cakes now especially chocolate cakes. =((

Thats all my Dad's fault. bringing back 4 1kg chocolate cakes. It will be better if they are different flavor but all are chocolate. =(  yuck!!! now i see chocolate i will subconsciously link it to cakes... No cakes for me for the next 3 months!!!

Ewww... you. =( yuck yuck. hopefully tomorrow one is the last piece. if not i will just dig a hole and buried it underground. it is just too nauseous to have cakes everyday... the same flavor somemore... ai.

Feeling very emo now... but you see. i shall generate it to other place. so see ya. =/

Thursday, April 5, 2012



i need to go have a cold water bath if not you will found me dead with all my brain juices squirted all over the room.