Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enlighten and turn dull~

Surprise me when people come and ask me why I am so emo lately... o k. fine. i will try to regenerate my emo ness to other channel and not through this. not good spreading bad feelings to whoever that just happened to visit here accidentally.

Since thursday, I am routinely eating something that all girls love and hate at the same time. Cakes!!!! To be precise... CHOCOLATE CAKES!!!

Sometime one piece per day, the most i can go is two. But i did not eat it willingly. =( so sorry to the cakes but i really will vomit when I see cakes now especially chocolate cakes. =((

Thats all my Dad's fault. bringing back 4 1kg chocolate cakes. It will be better if they are different flavor but all are chocolate. =(  yuck!!! now i see chocolate i will subconsciously link it to cakes... No cakes for me for the next 3 months!!!

Ewww... you. =( yuck yuck. hopefully tomorrow one is the last piece. if not i will just dig a hole and buried it underground. it is just too nauseous to have cakes everyday... the same flavor somemore... ai.

Feeling very emo now... but you see. i shall generate it to other place. so see ya. =/

1 comment:

joyce said...

that so looks like choc indulgence.. am i right?

i'm filled with choc!! after the whole non-snack/choc lent, i'm feasting on choc till i get headache. bad bad..

aww dont emo... come and help me do my stupid report? pleaseeeeeee? :)