Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When I saw sth that stunned me...

Damn. When I saw this article about a ring maker in NST today. My eyes and mouth turn into O shape!!!

OMG. They are damn cute and it is something that I would love a lot and wanted a lot. Instantly fell in love with it. In a lightning speed, rush to my com to check out the website:


Sou Zou Creations means you create something from imagination. and truely... those pieces that are sold there is really something that is in my head but couldnt b found in reality before this.

It is MINUTE FOOD RING!!!! and it is not the very coarse type. It is very detailed and it is so so so so damn kawaii and attractive!!!

Here are some rings that the very very inspired and wonderful maker creates and ship them to the reality.


Traditional Japanese Food Ring Okonomiyaki Shrimp Egg


Kawaii Coffee Ring Donut Miniature Food Jewelry


Kawaii Coffee Ring Chocolate Bear Cream Puff Miniature Food Jewelry

Man. Arent they cute???? I would buy each of them if I have the money. And I was impress by the detailed that is put in it. Wonderful!!! i know some of you will said they are not real food so what are you getting excited over something that is fake. yea. it is fake. it cannot b eaten. but it is a form of art!! that will excites me!!! and that is the only and valid reason. haha~ dont be such a realistic!

The price is actually quite reasonable but plus the shipping fees it is quite expensive la. (why no ppl in malaysia create this and why i dont know how to make this?)

Continue my tour over the Kawaii Japanese Miniature Food Rings by Sou Zou Creations.

They have a facebook page too.

Chicken Rice in Seremban

I forget about the existence of this shop until a few days ago. This is the second time I visited it. The first time is way long before i have this blog. That time my manager decides to treat the girls some good food so he brought us here.

Chicken rice shop located just next to the Seremban State Library in a building called Continental Hotel. It is a side shop. The shop is quite long standing... since my mom  primary school days. LOL... of course now she thinks is the son that run the shop la.

Ordered the chicken rice. The rice is normal. 3 persons portion of chicken meat.
Eh. Quite nice. I like the taste of sesame sauce. It brings out the fragrance of the meat. Not too oily. Not too fatty. The texture is smooth.

Side order: Lou Dan 滷蛋. what is it in English. Marinated eggs in dark sauce!!!
Sorry for the blurriness!! but the eggs are really tasty. The sauce really enter the deep layer of the eggs plus they give you a lot of sauce to pour on the eggs too!! Yummy.

The other hit of the shop is Lu Ji Jiao (滷鸡爪). A lot of customers order it but nobody teman me eat.... so I didnt order. Must try k? and tell me how good is it.

Chili sauce that they provided goes well with the food. Thumbs up. I paid a lot of attention on chili nowadays although i still cant really eat spicy food.

So the total price for 3 plates of rice, 2 eggs, 3 person portion of chicken meat, soup (I forget to mention about the soup. It is the most tasty soup that I can find in a chicken rice shop) and drinks. RM23.++. Price is reasonable but no air cond la. haha~ =)

The owners of the shop are very friendly and efficient. The shop is closed until 10/6/2012.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Of something bizarre... (for me)

Holiday is all about good food and a good rest. Although I am having good food even when I am studying cause I am staying home (buahahaha~ +DDDDDD)

I am satisfied with all the food I ate during holiday (especially the one in Zanmai. OMG!! still miss it. Sorry mommy. your food is still the best) but came over the below which left me quite grumpy, discontented and swear not to touch it again!!!

They look quite good in the photos and I have no reason to be upset with it. It is the lobster set from Dragon-I.

From top left (clockwise): Lobster Xiao Long Pao (dumplings). Fried Lobster. Lobster Fried Mee in Soya Sauce. Lobster with Spring Onion.

The dumplings are a disappointment... It tastes bad... no seafood taste (鲜味)and the normal dumplings are better than this.

The fried lobster is the worst!!! OMG.. I am not sure if lobster generally have tougher flesh or what but the whole thing taste like a rock which i really take a lot of patience and effort to dig out, chew out, slash out the flesh. =( and I get angry half way because i spend more time doing all these than enjoying the food which piss me off!!!

The fried mee makes me feel better. At least i no need to dig, chew, bite, slash anything out now when I am eating the mee. But in the end I still get angry because the lobster is very irritating. the flesh is real hard ( I swear it is not the shell). either they give us a very old lobster, they dont know how to cook the lobster and end up ruining it or lobster is practically has tough flesh. =((

Lobster with spring onion is the best among the four dishes.... at least it is softer, not so dried and have some green in it.

But the best among all is still the dessert. Cause i no need to deal with lobster anymore!!!

In the end I feel very tired when I finished the meal, I dont feel like touching any of them anymore, my jaw is painful. The most painful part is the purse cause... this meal which is for 2 but we share among 3 cost us Rm300++. WTF. Seriously. With that money, I can eat better food, more food, no need to squeeze out so many energy. It is totally not worth it. and I am not going to touch any lobster again in my life except someone willing to peel the meat out for me and paid the expenses. Huh!! I make myself sound like a grumpy and too pampered princess. hahaha~ but really not looking forward for lobster anymore. this meal has killed my fantasy about lobster. RIP lobster. You are save from my stomach for the near future.

Pinkish 0.0

My old orange pencil case with a lot of batches on it which faithfully followed me since phase 1 spoiled during my Gynae posting and I substituted it with a goodies bag. It is so hard to pick out the stationaries when it is place vertically. =/ Had been finding a suitable pencil case ever since. Went through MPH, Jusco, Popular, nightmarket, Sinaran, Tesco and etc (basically any place that sell pencil case) but unable to find anything that I like.

Until..... I met this in Jusco Setia Jaya Mall!!! Man... this is so damn cute!! isnt it? maybe a bit childish la. I love the cats on it. I am always a cat person. Do you spot anything unusual? it is pink!!! OMG. if it is one year or mayb 2 -3 years ago i will not chose it... (cause I HATE pink that time and wanted to be macho and pink is such a girly color). hahaha~ and I found out that I have more pink things in my closet than I ever have. geesh..  now trying not to buy any pink stuffs.

Joycey introduced me to this musical. Legally Blond. The props that the main actress used are all PINK!!! My god!! and she looks sweet in it. If you want to view it, it is divided into 18 parts, each part around 9 minutes. =) enjoy~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Part 2: Food Again

Continue my unfinished food post. had being running around for the past few days, making me more tired than my usual class days. ><

Seriously have no idea where these photos are from but the food looked like they are from Matsu, Seremban.
From top left (clockwise): This one looks like its from Zanmai Sushi: Tamago Mentai from the left, Inari and some tuna sushi. Totally no idea what is this and the sauce on top of the sushi looks a bit ahem... like shit. My favorite soba with tempura in Matsu!!! they provided you with the raw quill eggs to mix with the sauce and i guarantee it really makes a different. Eel bento.

The food that I prepared for my bro and I during our home alone weeks. swt. Thinking back... i starve him a lot, all dishes are so little and I dont think he is really full... maybe he hates my cooking too. just too polite to say no. If he doesnt want to eat, there will be no food anymore. =D so he is force to eat my cooking. BUAHAHAHHA!!!

My favorite baked crab. It is the must eat dish in Seremban. The crab is coated in Marmite sauce. I used to love to suck on the shell because of the salty taste... now no more liao. It doesnt taste as nice as last time and the crabs are getting smaller and smaller. aiya. T.T but it is still my favorite food.

The sauce is very good too. For me it doesnt go well with the crab (although it is supposed to go with the crab). I preferred it on other dishes. =DD exceptionally delicious with cracker. *slurpppppp*

These were something long long back.... in Pasta Zanmai. And the oyster in the middle is the one that cause me have AGE (acute gastroenteritis) for a few days. T.T but it is so juicy and delicious and yummy. I guess my stomach hate raw oyster. The top one... i forget what it is liao. The bottom one... I cant remember how the mackerel taste like but the scallops skewers are awesome!! =)

From Peng Lai Taiwanese Restaurant. Again... cant remember how these food really taste like. The pineapple sherbet is awesome. The smoked duck meehun soup is a heaven. It tastes so nice and the amount is so abundant that it needs 2 people to finish it (mayb because my dad and I have small appetite). Peng Lai serves food that suit my taste. =)

I purposely put this last. Some more in such a big picture cause I COOKED IT!!!
Smoked salmon with tea leaves.
It doesnt taste very great actually. Just normal and I have troubled with the tea leaves as they stick on the salmon after cooking (see the balck part is not burnt. is the tea leaves).
Anyway, I still think salmon taste best when it is RAW!!


craving for the moment is raw salmon aka sashimi and baked crab (I want the big one with a lot of flesh!!!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi from Belarus

Dasha from Belarus sent me this awesome card with an Elk on it. Actually it looks like a moose to me. But wikipedia said they are different. Wikipedia- Elk

Both the Elk and Moose are beautiful animals, especially their antlers (so artistically formed). Dasha invited me to visit Belarus.Minsk One day k? when i save enough money to travel around the world. Till now, postcrossing gives me chance to travel through postcard.

Can you see the flower???? The red one with the yellow centre. It is so cute!!! mayb i should draw a star on  the postcards i sent in the future.

Thanks Dasha for the wonderful card. =)


Greetings from Ukraine

Natalie from Ukraine sent this beautiful card with beautiful girl in it. I love the flower crown on her head but i have totally no idea what does the writing mean. lol...


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From Netherland~ ^^

OMG. You dont know how happy I m when i received this postcards from Netherland.
It is from a cute kids, 10 years old, named Daimy.
He is the first person to actually google up Negeri Sembilan. You know what he commented?

" I have looked at pictures from your town Negeri Sembilan. and it looks so beautiful. It is on my list to visit when I grow up!!!"

OMG. so sweet. the first ever time i heard people praising seremban. *proud*

Yea. Do come visit when you grow up. I will take you around if I m not too old that time. =)))

Thanks for the card Daimy. Amsterdam is one of the cities that I would like to visit if i have the money. =) and it looks so beautiful with all the lights and fascinating buildings in the postcards. =)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Part 1: Food

 Tidying the photo album on my desktop when all these pictures pop up.

Most of them... I cant remember when i ate them plus i was too lazy to check if i had posted them in this blog so i sekali gus post it all up. =)

Lets the feast begin!!! =)

From top left (clockwise): Chicken teriyaki from Pepper Lunch. Raspberry White Chocolater Frappucino from Starbuck. Green Tea Latte from Starbuck. Seafood Aglio Olio From Pepper Lunch.

Food from Pepper Lunch is extremely pepperish!!! and I m not a fan of pepper on other dishes unless it is a soup. So no comment. But it is fun to sort of "cook" your own meal on the hotplate. =)

Love the green tea latte from Starbuck. It is my only love and the most beloved. =)

Raspberry White Chocolate Frappucino is good too but it is too sweet to my liking.

 From top left (clockwise): Wantan from Typhoon Dim Sum, Seremban. Crystal Sausage from My Tea, Era Square. Unagi handroll from Jusco. Green Tea Ramen with dumplings from My Tea.

The fried wantan is the best i ever had but the service in Typhoon restaurant is not really good, very haywired... but that is 4-5 months ago. I dont know how it is now...

Crystal Sausage or 晶晶肠 is very yummy. I always took for granted to bite the long Taiwanese hotdog. But this is just nice that you can just pop it in and gulp down. RM 5.90. Recommended snack.

Nothing can beat jusco sushi if you want something that worth it price. =) Unagi handroll... haha. not my cup of handroll?? cause i always find it difficulty to bite it and i have no idea how to start eating the handroll. In the end i will end up open my mouth extra big or.... just eat the ingredients seperately. =DD

Green Tea Ramen.... Soso...My Tea provides other flavors ramen too such as egg, pumpkin, buckwheat and etc. If you are interested... the shop is just opposite Terminal 2.

 From top (downwards): Fried soft shell crab. Herbal Mee Sua. Prawn Mee.

All above are from 老字号 in Uptown Avenue Seremban 2. Highly recommended the fried soft shell crab. It is so fragrance and crispy. In fact it has 2 texture. Outside is crispy whereas the inner part is soft. I think they add in salted eggs too.

The mee sua so so only. The soup is extremely tasteless, not a tinge of herbs.... Maybe because herbs are expensive... but they add in a lot of shitake mushroom.

Prawn Mee is good but not the best. They boiled the soup with prawn shell (i think) which make it very nice and taste like prawns. Only one shop in Seremban can do this. This is the second one but not as good as it. Haha... and this one is oily... see the oil floating above?

 Nothing special. Just something i prepare for mommy during Mother's Day. Vegetarian Aglio Olio with vegetarian salad. I think I am going to turn my whole family into vegatarian if I am the cook. Side dish is potato salad with onion (which is damn good!!!), boiled corn and carrot plus cabbage.

Credit to my bro who help me chop up all the ingredients and tearing non stop when chopping the onion. =D you are my hero!!

From left to right: Sashimi set and sushi from Uptown Sushi.

Visited Uptown Sushi last Wednesday. It is quite classy and the price it quite "good" too (more expensive than Matsu *smackhead*). Had a weird experience with one of the waitress. She broke all the plates that she was collecting and my dad and me just sat down... then when she was arranging out eating utensils, she nearly dropped the plate on my dad... =.= After that, she told me all the sushi that i ordered is not available... as you can see i ordered very basic sushi such as salmon, squib and tamago!!! lol... luckily her colleague came and said all are available. Later, she forget to key in my noodles and i waited for so longggggg and starve for so longggg.... anyway... the noodles is not recommended... the soup is even tasteless compare to the mee sua above.

Except for the very fresh ingredients. The very tasty cawanmushi and the very comfy dining environment... The price, the waitress (mayb only that particular one) and the skill of the chef is not as good as Matsu one... The sushi breaks into multiple pieces when i pick it up. swt....... Doesnt feel worth it la. =/

haha~ thats all for now. stay tune for more FOOD!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Freedom for maybe a week?

Today is my last day in Gynaecology. Although I do not like Gynae as much as Obs (because it feels blessed to palpate pregnant abdomen), I do feel slight yearning to stay a little bit longer cause there are so much things that i still havent learn.

Practical exam with Holmes went on quite good (at least better than i expect). After she told me to cut the story off and straight to the points.... i think it went good.... there are parts which i dont agree with her like the management of missed miscarriage. Otherwise, ok la. except i get too worried when she asked me when i want to see back the patient, thinking of 3 months but scare too long so i said 1-2 months and realized i wont get anything out of the patients if i see her so soon (menstrual regulated?). Always checked for metabolic syndrome in PCOS patient cause they are very prone to it. erm... always involve the husband if it comes to infertility issue, to make them understand and give support to each other.

The other Holmes said this to one of my friends. "Pubic Symphysis is just 1cm below the hairline." I measured mine *shy* quite true la. around 1 cm. so next time no need to susah payah go and palpate for pubic symphysis.

Theory exam is a headache... why la obs and gynae questions always need us to write super long answers??? mayb we answer it the wrong way. mayb there are ways to summarized the answer. sigh..

Things i learnt in Gynae:
1) Stay in ward more often (i still take it for granted cause the ward is super hot k)
2) Always think at patient point of views and involved them in the management. Do not ever make assumptions.
3) Be confident in your answers. Justified it.
4) Sell your diagnosis like selling a product. *make urself a salesman/girl*
5) Summarized. haha~ except if you are request to present a full case.
6) Pathophysiology is very very important. you understand it, you understand the disease from A-Z.

Thats all!!!! back to my Bones. Why la Bones end the season so fast? i just saw Baby Christine for  a few episode... =(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of String of Pearls

Since I step into med school, I always dislike pathophysiology. Why? Cause most of the pathophysiology is either not proven yet, still a theory or the main cause of the disease is idiopathic.

So, I happily think that since it is so vague, no need to know about it la. Just cast it aside and study my sign and symptoms, how to investigate and tralala...

When I am in Sem 8, to my horror,  pathophysiology is actually the most important part of a disease. Failing to understand will make the disease looks like a broken doll. If you understand it, all the signs and symptoms, investigation and tralala... link to each other. Even I still dislike pathophysiology, I am trying hard to give it more TLC (tender, loving care).

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of the must know in Gynae. I learnt it in phase 1 but what is left in my brain is it presents with "strings of pearls" in the ovaries... otherwise *blank*

The pathophysiology of it... is still a theory. but this is what I think the theory wants to tell us. It perfectly link to why there is hyperandrogenism symptoms, why there is infertility, why there is oligomenorrhoea and why there is menorrhagia.

Blogger again decides to make my photo lay down. Sorry to having you all tilting ur head to the right.

Please do tell me if there is anything that goes wrong here. Cause this is what I read from books and combine it all together to make it looks "sense".

Having my theory and clinical skill exam this Friday. Wish me luck. =))

Hello From Iowa, USA

It is very sweet of Melissa from Iowa to send me this wonderful postcards. She mentioned that the postcard was bought by her grandmother.

In the card featured Amish Wheat Harvest. A little introduction printed on the card:
Children of the Amish families learn the values of work at an early age. With horse drawn equipment, wheat is cut and bound in sheaves. It is then stacked in neat rows to dry and cure before being threshed. The Amish are hardworking farm people who believe in the lifestyle and agricultural methods of their forefathers.

This is my second "contact" with Amish. The first one was in one of the Bones episodes about a very talented pianist being murdered and he is an Amish (in the story) and he as an Amish is not supposed to play a piano.

To read more about Amish.

Thank you Melissa. =))))) Nice day.


Greetings from Turku

I have no idea where is Turku until today. At the first sight of the word "Turku" I thought this gentleman spelled Turkey wrong. swt.

Turku is a city in Finland. It is a very pretty town with a lot of trees!!! Man... i really love trees and am very upset that Seremban is cutting more and more trees recently. Now, the only place that i can see big trees is in the park. =/

To read more about TURKU.

Thank you for the card. It is very admirable that you played computer games =) my mum doesnt even touch the computer. Shall make a memo to teach her about computer one day.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello from Saint Petersburg

Oppsie~ bloggers rotated my photo again. Galina sent this cute and christmas-tsy postcards to me. She also mentioned that Saint Petersburg, Russia is exceptionally beautiful in June when they have White Nights (the sun never goes down).

Cant imagine how will I react to 24 hours daylight.

Anyway. Thanks Galina for the pretty postcards.

Hi, From Taiwan Hsinchu

Postcards from Hsinchu, Taiwan. Featuring is Hsinchu Tsingtsao Lake Reservoir. Quite a pretty lake~ =) if i ever visit Taiwan again. I will definitely visit here. =) let it not be summer, i am a puteri lilin now. =D

Thank you Apple.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

I never like Justin Bieber before this. His voice is good but the songs that he sang give me a very bad headache when i listened to them. But not this one!! =DDD Love "Boyfriend" so much especially the background music that make me feel like i m floating in the air.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

If Holmes is a real person, I will push him into my idol seat (which is currently empty) because he is extremely smart, observant and with a good sense of logic.

Today... I think i met a Holmes. To be a competent doctor i think one need to be Holmes. To observe what normal people do not see (not spirit). To consider what that is there but not obvious. Deduce applicable theories and b considerate and empathy.

Seeing the Holmes make me feel that I am actually like the common citizens in the story. Whenever Holmes asked a question,"so i see you have being to the train station and buy a carton of milk." citizen (opened eyes with disbelief): how you know? Holmes explained his theory and citizen will actually go oh~~~~~ like that only la (in malaysian slang). swt...

Watson once asked Holmes,"how do you come out with all these splendid theories? How do i  who is with you unable to generate such theory?"
Holmes "Watson. Both of us see the same thing. its just that you see it but you dont see it. you dont link what you see and i will deduce and string them together."

Yea... so now i m in a state worse than watson. I am doing things so roboticly that i just repeating the same stuffs again and again. time to change. time to be more observant. Time to think more, link more, observe more, come out with a theory/ plan. I really hope i can b Holmes one day so that I can help those that are in need and also help myself.

One of my favorite sentence.
"When all the improbable is eliminated, however impossible. It is the truth."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plan A

People around me are starting to ask me, "What are you specializing later?"

My answer,"I dont know." "Havent decide." (all those very official answer).

It is insane if i havent start thinking where i should head in the future. I have choose a few fields, finding out which one suits me but in the end i always end up questioning what i have decide. Yes. I am undecided.

A few seniors doctors said you will know what you are interested in. Your heart knows. You will feel a sparkle. see a ray of sunlights. angels singing. when you are in the right field. I went for most of the postings now but nothing really strike me. It makes me worried. =( worried weather I am in the right field, weather I am choosing the right career, weather I can benefit the patients and the most weather I can be a good and competent doctors.

Sigh... i admired my colleagues that have decided what they want to be in the future. Those that with an aim will achieve high and me who has no aim, maybe circling at the same spot again and again and again, unable to find a way out.