Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi from Belarus

Dasha from Belarus sent me this awesome card with an Elk on it. Actually it looks like a moose to me. But wikipedia said they are different. Wikipedia- Elk

Both the Elk and Moose are beautiful animals, especially their antlers (so artistically formed). Dasha invited me to visit Belarus.Minsk One day k? when i save enough money to travel around the world. Till now, postcrossing gives me chance to travel through postcard.

Can you see the flower???? The red one with the yellow centre. It is so cute!!! mayb i should draw a star on  the postcards i sent in the future.

Thanks Dasha for the wonderful card. =)



joyce said...

i love all these postcards! ah, if only it were cheaper to do this... for now i just see your blog lah :)

Belle said...

aiya. you lazy bump. buy the postcards in malaysia airport... then send it out from malaysia. =DD

but the postcards i received very seasonal. some of the month there arent any. sometime all will come in the same time.