Sunday, May 27, 2012

Of something bizarre... (for me)

Holiday is all about good food and a good rest. Although I am having good food even when I am studying cause I am staying home (buahahaha~ +DDDDDD)

I am satisfied with all the food I ate during holiday (especially the one in Zanmai. OMG!! still miss it. Sorry mommy. your food is still the best) but came over the below which left me quite grumpy, discontented and swear not to touch it again!!!

They look quite good in the photos and I have no reason to be upset with it. It is the lobster set from Dragon-I.

From top left (clockwise): Lobster Xiao Long Pao (dumplings). Fried Lobster. Lobster Fried Mee in Soya Sauce. Lobster with Spring Onion.

The dumplings are a disappointment... It tastes bad... no seafood taste (鲜味)and the normal dumplings are better than this.

The fried lobster is the worst!!! OMG.. I am not sure if lobster generally have tougher flesh or what but the whole thing taste like a rock which i really take a lot of patience and effort to dig out, chew out, slash out the flesh. =( and I get angry half way because i spend more time doing all these than enjoying the food which piss me off!!!

The fried mee makes me feel better. At least i no need to dig, chew, bite, slash anything out now when I am eating the mee. But in the end I still get angry because the lobster is very irritating. the flesh is real hard ( I swear it is not the shell). either they give us a very old lobster, they dont know how to cook the lobster and end up ruining it or lobster is practically has tough flesh. =((

Lobster with spring onion is the best among the four dishes.... at least it is softer, not so dried and have some green in it.

But the best among all is still the dessert. Cause i no need to deal with lobster anymore!!!

In the end I feel very tired when I finished the meal, I dont feel like touching any of them anymore, my jaw is painful. The most painful part is the purse cause... this meal which is for 2 but we share among 3 cost us Rm300++. WTF. Seriously. With that money, I can eat better food, more food, no need to squeeze out so many energy. It is totally not worth it. and I am not going to touch any lobster again in my life except someone willing to peel the meat out for me and paid the expenses. Huh!! I make myself sound like a grumpy and too pampered princess. hahaha~ but really not looking forward for lobster anymore. this meal has killed my fantasy about lobster. RIP lobster. You are save from my stomach for the near future.


joyce said...

omg lobsterrrrrr! LOBSTER!!!! eh lobster got more flesh than crab ok... few days ago we ate crabs and that was the most tedious meal i had in years!! so i understand how you feel about digging the flesh out. eek. haha... but it still looks appetising to meee...

legally blonde has an 'e' behind blonde :D i LOVE legally blonde!! I LOVE PINK!!!! haha i think you know that dont you? haha


Belle said...

yea. got more flesh but the flesh is very hard. i rather eat crabs!!! choose a bigger crabs. or i will eat soft shell crab.

oops. sorry. haha~ =) lol..know it ages ago. pink girl.