Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When I saw sth that stunned me...

Damn. When I saw this article about a ring maker in NST today. My eyes and mouth turn into O shape!!!

OMG. They are damn cute and it is something that I would love a lot and wanted a lot. Instantly fell in love with it. In a lightning speed, rush to my com to check out the website:


Sou Zou Creations means you create something from imagination. and truely... those pieces that are sold there is really something that is in my head but couldnt b found in reality before this.

It is MINUTE FOOD RING!!!! and it is not the very coarse type. It is very detailed and it is so so so so damn kawaii and attractive!!!

Here are some rings that the very very inspired and wonderful maker creates and ship them to the reality.


Traditional Japanese Food Ring Okonomiyaki Shrimp Egg


Kawaii Coffee Ring Donut Miniature Food Jewelry


Kawaii Coffee Ring Chocolate Bear Cream Puff Miniature Food Jewelry

Man. Arent they cute???? I would buy each of them if I have the money. And I was impress by the detailed that is put in it. Wonderful!!! i know some of you will said they are not real food so what are you getting excited over something that is fake. yea. it is fake. it cannot b eaten. but it is a form of art!! that will excites me!!! and that is the only and valid reason. haha~ dont be such a realistic!

The price is actually quite reasonable but plus the shipping fees it is quite expensive la. (why no ppl in malaysia create this and why i dont know how to make this?)

Continue my tour over the Kawaii Japanese Miniature Food Rings by Sou Zou Creations.

They have a facebook page too.

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