Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello from Keiv, Ukraine

Sveta from Keiv, Ukraine posted this card about a castle called the Olesky Castle in Western Ukraine. I think it is quite a famous castle as when I googled it, a lot of specific websites are created just for this castle. =O I think it must b put into my "To-Visit-List". This site gives a brief account of the castle and how you can get to it. This  has some stories about the castle and also various pictures of it. =)

 If you visit Keiv during May, you may have the opportunity to view the chestnuts blooming everywhere in the city. According to Sveta, it is a very beautiful scenery. =) Above is a blooming chestnuts i grabbed from google.

Pretty stamps =) there is flora, fauna, scenery and a vase I think. All of them looks so beautiful. =)

Thank you Sveta for the beautiful card, awesome stamps and also the chestnuts =)) Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Friday, June 29, 2012

Laksa Seremban

Do you know that Seremban has their own famous Laksa. Well... I found that Laksa has different definition so Laksa in Seremban actually means curry noodles.

Restoran Laksa Seremban located in Kemanyan Square. Quite surprise that there are actually a lot of restaurants there. Even the famous beef noodles also has a stall there.

The authentic Laksa come with chicken or heard boiled eggs plus minus cockles. But in Laksa Seremban, you are able to choose the ingredients that you would like to add into your bowl of noodles. You can choose between chicken, cockles, prawns, squid and etc.

My parents chose Cockles and Chicken Meat.
The cockles are so big and juicy!! The cook is alse generous to give us more than 5 cockles which are actually a lot. Nowadays the authentic laksa either does not serve cockles anymore or their cockles is so small and dried that i thought I am eating raisin.  =)) so super happy to see the cockles!!
The taste is not as rich as the authentic laksa though. If authentic laksa has a score of 10, this wil have a score of 7. not too bad la...

Compare to the authentic Laksa, the price is slightly higher. The authentic one is around Rm4 but this cost around RM8.50 a bowl ( depend on what combination you order). But i can assure you, it worth it since the portion is big, the ingredients come in big pieces and fresh. =))

I tried this. Tom Yam with Rice. haha~ has being eating spicy food like mad recently. Love the sourness of the soup. The ingredients are fresh and they even add in a clamp for me. haha~ drink until the bottom of the bowl. =)
RM 6.80 only with drinks because this come in set. =))

The service is quite good. =) I like the big portion of food. =D *cheapstakeme* There is air coned. And I am dying to try their cockles dishes next time =)) Definitely will visit it again soon~ =D

Subjected to 10% service change.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Greetings from London

Angelv sent this beautiful card for me. =) It is the Croham Hurst School in the early 1990s. Featuring the Dandelion Field. So pretty~ if ever the school that I attend have such a field or such a garden. Thinking back... from primary school until university. All the schools that I attend are without field... okay... if you count a very muddy grass field.... my secondary school have one. lol...

Marmite is a cute name for a black cat. =) A garden of roses are definitely pretty =D

Euros have started... Didnt really follow it because I dont know football. =P Anyway, for those who followed Euros!! Enjoy!! =)

Thanks Angelv for the pretty card.

Yours Sincerely,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello from Germany

Marlen (I hope i spell the name correctly) send me this postcard about his city, Augsburg. The buildings inside is handsome. Augsburg is the third oldest city in Germany. To know more about Augsbury, click here. =)

And Marlen reminded me that i must visit Castle Newchwanstein if I ever visited Germany next time. I google the castle up. and Oh my God!!
 Isnt the castle beautiful??? or MAGNIFICENT!!!

It is the most beautiful castle that I have ever seen.
 The castle of Sleeping Beauty is drawn base on this castle. No wonder it looks so familiar. The best part is it is on top of a hill with greenaries surrounding it.

So so so so pretty =)
Makes me feel like a princess if i ever walk in the castle. If i am not wrong. One of the Detective Conan Long Episode also featured this castle. The story is about Easter eggs and Kudou Kid which is one of my favorite episodes of Conan Anime. =))

Thank you Marlen for the wonderful card and the wonderful reminder of Castle Newchwanstein. It will definitely in my travel list. Man... my travel list is so damn long now.hahahaha~

To know more about this fairy tale castle, press here

Yours sincerely,

Pretty Lily from Taiwan

Jia Mei From KaoShiung, Taiwan sent this exclusively pretty card to me. It is one of my favorite flower, Lily. Arent they beautiful with the bits of tiny water drops lingering on their soft white petals? =)) Thanks Jia Mei. =)

Haha. Kinda miss Taiwan (especially after watching 鸡排英雄). Arg... When will be my next trip?

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mickey Comes to Midvalley

This is a very late post... it supposedly to be posted up last week but as usual... i m lazy and 'busy' to log into my blog. =DD

I think the event is over. Mickey Mouse through the years. Displaying more than 100 hundreds of designed Mickey Mouse at the centre court of Midvalley Megamall.

Here are some of the Mickey Mouse(s) that I like: =)

Romantic Mickey(s):
Left: Mickey with a bunch of roses and a diamond ring!!! 0.0 "Married me please." said Mickey to Minnie.
Right: I love the eyes. Is Minnie and Mickey about to kiss each other!! haha~ Lovers will only have each other in their eyes. take note of Mickey's pants, there is a Minnie portrait on it!!

What that looks like a Mickey but not a Mickey:
When I saw this I was like why Donald is here? But got Mickey Mouse ears. So i assumed that Mickey is trying to impose Donald. The other side of it... which is Daisy wearing Minnie's bow. lol... so... Daisy is confused with a Mickey wearing a Donald duck mask.

Mickey on some branded clothing.
Left: Mickey in Burberry. =D
Right: Mickey in PDI. haha~ so kawaii. they looks like they are little children wearing oversize clothes. =)

Some Mickey that is unique:
From top left (clockwise): Mickey is the only mouse that break through the cage using just a scissor. I think he is in there for pretty long. note the pictures he have in his cage.
So can you guess which company produced these Mickeys? is Jusco!!! I like the miniature trolley and also the mini shopping bags.
Mickey is sexy lace. =D
Mickey covered up with a lot of labels. =DD one of the crafts that i do in high school.

Horrendous Mickey(s):
all the Mickey above is so geli or ugly... If Mickey turns into any of these, the children will cry their hearts out. Some graphic Mickey... I dont know why the eyes are so terrible like they got sty.
Ru Hua Mickey... very geli...
Can you guess what is this? is Monkey king Mickey. But wth. why is there a turtle beside it?
This is half man and half woman Mickey.

There are hundreds of Mickey in different designs and sizes. Which is the prettiest and most fabulous Mickey?
Is this!!!
I still Love the original mickey. =) Is the most handsome thing that i can find in my childhood. =D sorry for my awkward posture and the blur pictures. Lol... the camera lens are full of my fingerprints. thats why. =P

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Penang One

I know what Penang people going to said. The original Penang food is still the best and very very best. Other restaurants outside Penang even it said it is from Penang is not as good as what in Penang. Oh well... I dont know. I m pretty neutral... I think any food that is edible and suit my taste is good food. haha~ so lenient right? =P

Went to visit Penang One at Bandar Puteri out of my papa's enthusiasm. Just woke up from the journey trip and was quite drowsy and grumpy... so i didnt order anything. 0.0 what a loss. but i get to have a few bite from here and there so i think the review will be justified. =D

Penang One claimed that they bring down every single nice food in Penang and sold it in Puchong... well... I am not well versed with Penang food... so wait until I bring a Penang-ian and let him justified if this claimed is true.

From Top Left (clockwise): Hokien Mee. Koay Teow Thng. Ais Kacang. Char Koay Teow.

Hokien Mee is really too spicy for me... so what i ate is just spiciness. But the unique thing is they add in pork intestine. =D not to my liking though... i prefer "si ham" -cockles. RM7.90

Koay Teow Thng (7.90). OMG. this is delicious. I love the soup based. Not too thick and not too thin. Just perfect. It has pork blood, shredded chicken and fishball. I wish they give more ingredients or in bigger pieces. haha. i so cheapstake.

The ais Kacang is real good. Enough ingredients not too diabetes and the red beans are exceptionally huge. Of course with a  very good price of RM6.50. Fair enough. I got a Rm3.50 ais kacang in Seremban and it literally taste like ais and look like ais only.

Char Koay Teow (RM8.90)... Only manage to have a tiny bite cause I am fighting over the food with my bottomless appetite bro. Ok la... nothing special. But this is cooked with chicken egg, maybe the duck egg will provide a better taste. =D i know better char koay teow in seremban which is super unhealthy full with pork oil. =P

Overall... The restaurant serve quite good food. Mayb I should visit it when I am not in a grumpy mood. =P so i can give more neutral comment.

Last word (for this post), their service is really good with really friendly and considerate waiters (not the mechanical type) so touch to see such waiter that serve us with their souls. =)

Penang One
No.G5 Jalan Puteri 2/1
Bandar Puteri, Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-80520181

oh. they even have a website. Check it out. Penang One.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best wishes from Russia

 Just when I isnt expecting any postcard. This unique and beautiful squarish postcard came into my mailbox. =))

Isnt it pretty??? The postcard is from Sveta. I really appreciated her good will to send such a nice and artistic postcard to me. =) Now, it is my most favorite postcard. =))

It featured The Russian Museum (Mikhailovsky Palace) by K. Rossi, 1819-1825 which has a lot of art pieces exhibited in it. (I think the building is an art piece by itself, so pretty).

The Monument to A. Pushkin in Arts Square by M. Anukushin, 1957 (my nation independence year).

There is a line in the postcard, not sure if it is engraved on the monument but it said:

"I have built myself a monument mere hands can not topple.
                                                                                     By Alexandra Pushkin (1836)"

Who is Alexandra Pushkin? He is a famous poet in Russia. I do not know about him until I received this postcard.

The other best thing of this postcard is...:
Taaadaaa!! the stamps!!  Do you see the leopard? do you see the shape of the stamp? it is not the usual square or rectangular stamp. It is an irregular shape. =))) Thanks again Sveta for this stamp. =) The leopard  is one of the mascots for 2014 Winter Olympics that will be held in Sochi.
This is my second encounter of the winter Olympics mascot. First one is here.
To read more about 2014 Winter Olympics, press here.

Thanks again Sveta for the magnificent card and stamps. =) Great day~


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of Lisbeth Salander

All books lovers!! Ever experienced the thrill when you cant put down a book after starting reading it and even you have put it down, you yearn for more. At night you could not fall asleep because you are thinking what will happened next!!! you just get so tangled up because of a book.

Yes!!! I have met a book (books) like this again. It has being a while since I get so attracted by a book and has the deja vu feeling after i finish reading. Let me present the trilogy by Stieg Larsson!!! *clapclap*

Strictly 18SG and 18 SX.

I have seen this book on shelf a few years ago.... and swt... i thought it is a book talking about Chinese tattoo... so i didnt even bother opening it. Until one day I saw this book mentioned in one of the blog.

The first book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The character inside is pretty simple... Mickeal (seriously I think he is a womanizer) is given a job to solve a mystery of missing girl by a millionaire... and she encountered this weird girl, Lisbeth Salander, who is socially declared incompetent but is indeed the smartest person and most brilliant hacker in the world. So they sama2 solve the mystery... the truth is so astonishing... my jaw drop onto the floor after knowing the very very truth of the mystery. but it is so logic... so.. Stieg Larsson is really good in bringing you into the roller coaster of his story. Finished this book in around a month.

Second book: The Girl Who Played With Fire
 It is ok that you did not read the first book because both story does not really link together. This is a whole new different story that revealed Lisbeth's background which she does not know. Again... 100%  confirmed Mickeal is a womanizer!!!! cis!! Lisbeth is very brilliant!! and found another scary womanizer in it. Why I make this book looks like a porn book filled with womanizer? The truth of her back ground is really astonishing!! Again it is so deranged but the author put it until it fit nicely into the story. OMG. really salute Stieg Larsson. Finished it in a week.

Book 3 (the last one): The Gril Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Just read the first chapter of the book... and struggling if I should continue or leave it until my final finish (cause need to read textbook now!!) see how first la. But you cant start reading this book without reading the second book. If not you will go ahhhhh... whats going on. haha~ Lets see... If I could finish the stacks of notes that i supposedly finish by today... thne i will start reading this!!!

Must read book/books!!! Especially for mystery lovers who can stand violence (and maybe the sensual sex part) hahaha~

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mambau Khek Yong Tau Fu 万茂客家酿豆腐

We know about Mambau Khek Yong Tau Fu very long time ago and we know that it is very famous but somehow my family failed to go there (for some unknown reason). However, recently we decided to pay a visit to the shop since it is so famous, it is not too far and somebody visited it and said is quite nice. So, off we go!!!

Here is the direction from google map. A is Hospital Tuanku Jaafar. You should be able to get there since it is quite visible everywhere in Seremban especially at night.  B is the destination. Just try to get to the PD toll... when you are near the toll... you will pass by 3 petrol stations on your left hand side. Pass the turning into Seremban 3. Then turn left into the next junction (if you miss this. you will end up in PD toll).

Follow down the road... you will reach a roundabout. Turn 12 o clock... and you will immediately see this signboard on your left. The shop is on your left beside the road... no air con one ok? and no cement wall ok? its just a old wooden building beside the road, with fans but quite clean. =))
The signboard that you must be looking for:

We went on a Sunday around 12... and there is a lot of people eating in it.
The pricing... rather pricey la.. RM1 per piece but there are varieties la plus they also have vege and vinegar pork leg!! hoho!! The tea on the advertisement board behind is quite famous as a few bloggers mentioned it. Didnt try it...

The hakka pan mee.
I thought they so nice put some pork blood on top of it. then when i tried it... I cant actually make out what is it.. taste a bit like fishcake... but the texture is like tofu. Cant make it out... this pan mee is not too my taste.

We asked the taukeh (boss) to prepare 12 pieces for us... so this is what that comes out.
Left picture: My bro gobbled down the taufu pok and the fishball instantly without letting to have a bite. so i dont know how it taste... but the tau fu pok is quite famous here. The chilli is nice until the end when it gets too spicy. I dont really like the tofu (cause i can find better one elsewhere). The others are just normal. not really great. the soup is also normal.

Right: the fried stuffs... they deep fried it until i cant actually make out what is what. But i love the crunchiness. =)) and the meat ball is very tasty too.

Overall, so so only la. I dont know if i put too much hope in it and imagine it until too heavenly... There are other places in Seremban that offer much better yong tau fu especially for the tofu. But since this shop has being long standing and is still full house until now. I think it has its own attractiveness which mayb i cannot appreciate. =P

p/s: my kite flied!!! although not very high and it didnt stay in the air for long. but woohoo!! at least it flied. =D