Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello from Germany

Marlen (I hope i spell the name correctly) send me this postcard about his city, Augsburg. The buildings inside is handsome. Augsburg is the third oldest city in Germany. To know more about Augsbury, click here. =)

And Marlen reminded me that i must visit Castle Newchwanstein if I ever visited Germany next time. I google the castle up. and Oh my God!!
 Isnt the castle beautiful??? or MAGNIFICENT!!!

It is the most beautiful castle that I have ever seen.
 The castle of Sleeping Beauty is drawn base on this castle. No wonder it looks so familiar. The best part is it is on top of a hill with greenaries surrounding it.

So so so so pretty =)
Makes me feel like a princess if i ever walk in the castle. If i am not wrong. One of the Detective Conan Long Episode also featured this castle. The story is about Easter eggs and Kudou Kid which is one of my favorite episodes of Conan Anime. =))

Thank you Marlen for the wonderful card and the wonderful reminder of Castle Newchwanstein. It will definitely in my travel list. Man... my travel list is so damn long now.hahahaha~

To know more about this fairy tale castle, press here

Yours sincerely,


X'tra Large said...

so dreamy eh!!!

Belle said...

yea man!! got to visit it one day~ =) will be dream comes true. =D

ninja said...

i went there during last winter! the castle! :D

Belle said...

=D how is it? is the inside as dreamy as the outside?