Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hi from Netherland

Sorry for the co ordinate of this picture again. Blogger decides to act on its own again. T.T

Eva, 6 years old sent me this card. haha~ does it brings back memory of yours? It is one of my childhood CARTOONS!!! Pussy Cat and Tweety Bird!!!! =DDDD

Tweety Bird is the one that always outwitted the pussy. and the owner of Tweety is a very kind looking grandma. =)

So Eva has a lot of pets!! 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 rats. wah~ from a very nice looking food chain. =P anyway. I hope all your pets live in peace with each other. I only have 2 very angry looking tortoise. =P

Thank you for the card, Eva. =) It is lovely. I think this is the first time i received a cartoon cards. =)

Happy Postcrossing~

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Uncle Jang, Ampang Branch

Swen (and YH) took me here and she was very cute, praying the whole way from Seremban to KL (esp when we are stuck in the smart tunnel for 1 hour!!! wtf) that the restaurant wont run out of chicken. Hahaha~

So when we reached Uncle Jang, Ampang Branch, is around 8.30 le. >< so late... i cant feel my stomach at that time. The restaurant is pretty filled and it smells smoke (food smoke) =DD omg. so i predicted that i will smell like the food after i get out of it. They do provide a red apron to  protect ur clothes from the smoke... but i dont think it help much. As if u will b happier if only ur face and ur hair smell like smoke but ur clothes dont plus i hate wearing other things on me when i m eating.

So Uncle Jang is famous of Dak Galbi. A Korean stirfry dish.
It works like this. A big fry pan in the middle. They throw in massive amount of cabbage, marinated chicken, rice cake, sweet potato and chili sauce and stir fry it. =D of course you dont need to stir or fry it. the waiter will help you and what you need to do is wait and eat!!

This is how it looks like after it is cooked. =) It is quite heaty if u eat it like this as it is stir fry and there is a lot of chili although the one that we ordered are original, non spicy one. Luckily we didnt order the spicy one. ><

It tastes fresher if you wrap it up with the lettuce. =) or add in some onion, garlic or kimchi.

If you think that you are not filled. you can always order extra dishes to be cook with (eg. mushroom, ramen, rice cake, sweet potato and etc).

Later when you finish half or maybe 2/3 of the big pan of food, you can order fried rice. Again, what you need to do is wait and eat. =D

This is the fried rice. Lol... I get tired of chewing the hot and heaty food and gave up eating half way. N i drank the most water that I can drink that night. Luckily i didnt get any epitaxis. =)

The garlic and the chili sauce and the lettuce to wrap the dish up.

Onion which taste very nice, not so offensive like the usual onion. I think it is because of the sauce that it is dip in.

Opinion of this restaurant. Must try!!! it is worth trying but as I said... Korean food is not my cup of tea. haha~ so for better opinion. Please refer to here or the facebook of the restaurant. =)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dubu Dubu Korean Restaurant, Midvalley

I know I shouldnt blog this if I cant remember anything else other than i have taste this food. swt... I think it is 2 months ago or mayb 1 month. Man... my memory is getting worse as the days go and my finals is coming. T.T Sob... How la? *panic*

Went to Dubu Dubu Korean Restaurant as someone has not try Korean food and conveniently class it in the "dont like food" category... lol... not like I love Korean Food but... i do like to make people to try things out (within my limit one la).

So i ordered my only favorite Korean food. Bimbimbap =D which I dont remember how much it costs... vaguely under Rm20 excluding tax and service charge.
You need to mix the chilli sauce and the rice urself. I added all the chili into it.... >< too confident that i have upgrade my "stand spiciness" level... but failed... i m puffing and drinking my water the whole session. =D but the chicken is very nice (smooth) =) and it doesnt spoil my love towards bimbimbap. Not the best i have but still it is good!! =)

The food that the conveniently-class-sth-that-havent-being-try-before-in-the-dislike-category person's meal. pua... so long. I forget the name... It is a set... And again I cant remember the price.
The chicken is very silky (they used sunsilk to bath the chicken), smooth and full of onion taste. =D i love onion and garlic. I dont mind bad breath. lol...

Conclusion is... it is a worth try restaurant if you want a fast and sort of cheaper Korean food.

Located at Ground Floor, Midvalley, right after Guardian Pharmacy.

Note to myself: jot down the name of the food and also the price next time since I wont remember anything after like.. 1 week?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hi from HangZhou, China

 The first impression of me for Meng Ciheng is that she must be a very sweet girl and she has very nice writings (neat and tidy). =)) She came from HangZhou.  I havent being there though. It is famous for the West Lake (西湖) which all the famous Chinese poets love to visit it and been inspired by the beauty of the lake.

Some little info of Hangzhou. =)) Here.
This is a card about west lake~ =) so much greenaries and the pink flowers and dark brown trunks are so China-ish like. =)

You know what? Ciheng praised that I have a beautiful smile. =) thank you~ =)) Doesnt know that the photo reflects my smile.

Then stamps =) looks like it came out from some drawings using the Mao Bi. =D miss drawing but I can never draw anything solid. it is my first time to see postage stamp in Chinese!! how much i miss the beautiful chinese writings. these days, i m dealing with more and more alphabets writing. Doubt that I can write an essay using Chinese block words. =(

Anyway. Thanks Ciheng for the beautiful cards and stamps. =) love them. and I am a Chinese too. Malaysian Chinese. =DD

Happy Postcrossing.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello and Greetings from Russia

Yelena sent me a unique card. =)

See. this is the back. It has printings on the postcard and also some really beautiful stamps

This is the front part of the card. Looks very Winter Sonata. It is labeled to be the railings around the Summer Garden at Saint Petersburg.
Summer Garden is a famous garden in Russia and it looks extraordinary romantic on pictures I found from googling.

Here are some of them:
 The artistic statue, the fallen trees leaves and the mix of orange, green and yellow color. Is int it beautiful?

Yelena said that it is reopened again this month after 3 years of reconstruction so grab ur chance to visit it asap. =)

Here will give you a brief idea of the history of Summer Garden.

This gives you a brief idea how to get there and the opening time and closing time of the garden. I think the garden is quite big and you may need around half a day to roam inside it.

Thanks Yelena for the beautiful card.

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Special Thanks to Hada Labo

I just want to say a big THANKS to Hada Labo. At first I just like the page and filled in some form... thought the sample wont reach me so I just forget all about it.

Then 3 weeks ago... I got a package and see what is inside!!!
The sample (9ml) that the website promise.  Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion (Toner) is reported to have 4 bottles sold off every 1 min!! whoosh!! thats a lot of sales k~ =) and it claimed to be the No. 1 face lotion in Japan.

"One Drop Locks Up an Ocean" is a bit exaggerating but it is the best toner that i have used. Continuously buying it for the last 2 years plus. Feeling happy as the thick base moisturized my dry skin far far better than other products. Even if I did not put on any moisturizer after it... it keeps my face smooth and soft for at least half a day.

I have tried to switch to other cheaper toner or even more expensive toner but it just doesnt work the same... so i am still the loyal fan of Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion!! =)

But it is a bit pricey though... the price can shoot up to RM50 for 1 bottle... but rest assured Watson is having sales now (until mid july) with RM68 for 2 bottles. =D very cheap!!

The middle is the sample. =) the small bottle is so cute. and they also showed the range of products that are selling in Malaysia. =D so far... I have tried  the cleanser which work fine to me. You know some cleanser is so strong that it makes ur face tense and taut or so ineffective that you still feel that ur face is oily after washing. Hada Labo cleanser will make ur face feel clean and moisturized after washing.way to go!! =)

Kindly like this page if you love hada labo. =)

Some surprise that i get... Another sample came in after 1 week. lol..
I pretty sure I do not meant to get the second sample but it has my name written on the package. =P Thanks anyway. =) You are awesome.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello from USA

 Nancy sent a postcard featuring some glass ware from The Corning Museum of Glass in New York.  It is a museum that preserves and exhibits the art, history and science of glass according to Wiki. You may also learn how to make glassware or watch how glass is make in the museum. =) A good place to visit for field trip. =)

Here is the official website of The Corning Museum of Glass, New York.

The stamps that came with the letter is very pretty. See how authentic they look especially the Tiffany Lamp and the teapot (American Toleware) =). The chair is called the Chippendale Chair, the clock is an American Clock and the bird is a Northern Goshawk. So pretty~ =))

Thank you Nancy for the card and also the awesome stamps. =) and the smiley and a big red heart on ur notes. =)

Yours sincerely,