Monday, August 20, 2012

Hullo~ m back and busy

Firstly, thanks god. C2/10 has 100% passing rate!!! That means no one fails!!!!! congratz!!! and thank you for making miracle happened again. *wink* amithabha~

After getting my result, sort of rush to have a "run" in Singapore. Have great companions but I think I put too much expectation on Singapore and it sort of disappoint me... haha~ should blog about it soon....
and i have so much things to blog... plus so much things to pack... to go Batu Pahat and thinking back i wont have time to just laze around my house. T.T

Anyway. Selamat Hari Raya!!!! especially to my Muslim friends. =)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Oh well. Great!! I have warn my uterus and my brain and my hands but i forget to warn the virus and bacteria not to come and find me. So now... i m down with flu (blocked nose) and fever and a bit of sore throat.

Felt like something is draining my energy away from me. Plan to prepare for my OSCE (practical exam during the 3 days break in between of exam) but now 2 days has passed and i still feel sick... =/ Dont know what to do now. I just hope that... I can pass the exam... and  i dont look too sick or have severe mental block during the exam. =)

anyway... i found out i m not those very dedicated doctor who can work even when they are terribly sick... when i m sick... even just a little cold... my mind will went blank and u will see me stoning or blanking out.

ai... sigh... slightly emo. =/ but nvm la... at least getting better now after the doctor's prescription although the prescription does not really follow to the rules that i learnt. hee hee. =) but well... who cares... if he gave me no block nose and lesser blanking out, it is a good prescription. =D

Good luck to me... cause so many ppl is working so hard for the OSCE and i think i m the only one who cant work hard even i want to work hard. =/

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amithaba again

I still remember i wrote this post before my EOS 7. What I want to tell my body now is basically what is written there. and tough up guys!!! cause this is a even tougher war compared to last time. =(

I hate MEQ cause i cannot recheck my answer but it is good in a way... cause in real life there is no turning back.

and i dont know why i always flung my OSPE although I think i know the answer so i m not looking forward to it.

OSCE next week is not pleasant too... cause now is all about counselling, required somebody like me to counsel a patient is like a coconut trying to talk to a human. ahahah....

Anyway... I just want to do my best. so brain dont have thought block, hand and mouth please synchronize with the brain. Uterus... or endometrium i dont know what to do with you cause i cannot control you. you can shed blood but please dont come with discomfort or pain... even you really really want to make me feel what you feel... please choose a day that i m not sitting for exam. thank you~

haha~ so last time is a 0.0 that i got distinction. seriously is a miracle and I dont think miracle will happened twice. Plus i seriously saw a lot  of better ppl that deserve it more than me (it is sincere from my heart. not some sweet talking) i know myself... i m seriously under prepared this time. but whatever la. i just want to pass with a not so bad result than can already!!! haha.

ok. Good luck to you and everyone of us!!! aza aza fighting!!! =)