Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sushi Mentai Seremban

Initially, Seremban only has some random japanese restaurant that does not last long, I still remember the first time I enter a Japanese restaurant and order Udon when I am a kid, it just taste so horrible that i swear to my life that I wont ever eat any of it again. Yea... true... I dont eat Udon after that but i have grow fond towards Japanese food.

Sushi King appeared in Jusco Seremban 2. When there is nothing to eat and you are not exposed to more sushi shop, you will always think that sushi king is the BEST!! but after the last bonanza... i just hate sushi king for their quality is dropping. =(

Matsu used to be the only standard Japanese Restaurant in Seremban but i think the pricing is slightly ex... and it is getting more and more ex now. grrr.... but it got the right cause it provides good environment and the food is also quite good.

Then came Sushi Uptown... I havent try it since that incident of the horrible waitress nearly dropping the plates onto my dad, break the plates and totally forget my order and make my ordering a havoc but telling me the basic Ika, salmon and tamago is not in stock. zzzzzzzz....

Later, came Sushi Mentai.... If i did this post 2 months earlier, I did compliment it nonetheless. cause i really love Mentai and they provide mentai. lol. Let me said the good things about it first. =P

How it looks. At uptown Seremban 2. The first time I went is in July. Every plate of sushi on the belt is only RM2.30 (tax not included). Comparably cheaper than other sushi shop.
It has a branch in Batu Pahat. Hasnt visit it yet since everyday is like a working day and i m in my adjustment mode which means i will keep complaining, in depressed mode and non motivated. haha~ sorry for people around me.

The menu. =) quite pretty.

One thing i like about the sushi in Sushi Mentai is it is handmade. Like this:
Small, cute and tightly knitted. Not like Sushi King one sooooooooooo loose that it breaks at the moment my chopstick touch it. cis nya.

The sushi:
Top left (clockwise): Salmon sushi - quite fresh and yummy in July. but after that it sorts of getting thinner.=.=
Cheese roll with crabstick- not bad if you love chesse.
Unknown sushi object-I thought it is a fruit sushi but it turns out.... hm.... no comment.... funny taste but edible.
Unagi roll- haha. a bit too thin for me. I like the thick unagi roll. Taste is quite good.

Extra food:
Top Left (clockwise): Salmon roll- didnt see it at the third time i went. It just disappeared from the belt. God know how much I love Salmon especially salmon roll (the best one is in Jusco midvalley)
Tako- still midvalley Jusco has the best tako. But this one is so cute and they give us a lot of mayonnaise and topping that i sort of fall in love with it.... (only for the first 2 visits).
It is some Don- Not really nice. Only their sushi is up to standard. Their rice is too soft and sticky.
Endame- I LOVE THIS!!!!! =D anyway. who can go wrong with Endame??!!

The specialties of Sushi Mentai:
All are top with Mentai sauce. Once you tried it, you will fall in love with in. Everything goes well with Mentai. But sadly... after the first 2 visit... when i revisited it at September, the choice of mentai sushi has decrease... the varities are bad... I saw only 4-5 types of sushi on the belt. =/ the waitress are mostly impolite... ignoring us when we enter the shop.... leaving us there without menu for more than 5 minutes, ignoring our requests... of course there is a good waitress but she is so kesian running everywhere in the shop as if she is the only waitress working. ai... sigh... since that visit in September... I think I wont visit Sushi Mentai very soon. ok... one of the reasons is I m not in Seremban... second is i just hope their service will be slightly better the next time I came in....

The amount I ate by my own (okla plus another person) during my second visit. cause that time is just so yummy with a lot of choices of sushi mentai, so fresh and the service is good.

From facebook, noticed that there is more and more Japanese restaurant opening in Seremban. The newest is Azuma and there will be another one opening real real soon. huh? is all the restaurant business so good. Maybe i should open one too (if i have the money).


X'tra Large said...

wow~nvr tried tis one~must try next time~~~

joyce said...

unknown sushi object :D you are too cute hahaha.

i think i havent eaten sushi for half a year. feels like it anyway. i miss the baby octopus roll from jusco!