Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello..... Mr? Miss?

My life is filled with portfolio. Currently is writing on first paediatric portfolio. The case is quite straight forward, just that there is tonnes of little stuffs here and there. =/

It is really tough to be a hollistic doctor. sigh.

Ok. So i have an argument last week in Legoland. We are queuing up for The Dragon. It is in a castle and filled with portraits made out of lego.

We came over this one particular lego portraits and three of us have huge argument.

Me: This lady is old and cachexic.
A: What? it is not a lady. It is a guy!!!
Me: No. It is a lady. Where got guy put lipstick?
A: It is not lipstick. It is natural lips color. If you dun put lips red in color, what color you want to put o?
Me: But she also has eye shadow?
A: No!!! It is definitely a GUY!!! He is wearing a guy's costume. You google and you will find guys wearing this costume.
Me: =.= Fine!!! C, so is this a WOMAN or a GUY?????!!!
C: It is both. He is a bontan (guys who dress up or behave like a girl).
A and Me: =.= =.= =.= =.= =.=

So, you guys tell me. Is this a LADY or a GUY?

Definitely a lady k???

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tamago Gohan

For the last few months, came over this recipe that several bloggers said it is very nice and easy to make.

It is a breakfast, snack and meal for the Japanese. Tamago means eggs. Gohan means rice. So thats the ingredients that are involved.

I google up the recipe and comment. sure enough everybody is praising and saying how nutrition this food can be... so ok lo. the lazy me said lets try.

1 bowl of newly cooked rice
1 egg (I beria-ria somemore to go supermaket and buy the most expensive egg available. Scare i will get salmonella if i dont do that).
Some soy sauce.

So it is real easy. You take the hot bowl of peeping hot rice, break the egg over the rice. add in some soy sauce. Mix it......

Tadaaaa... can eat liao.

I expecting something heavenly that will make me fly into the sky.
Erm. Mine turns out like this. =( It is really marginally edible. It feels very squashy and bubllish. Yea. There is a  lot of air bubble and I m not  sure but i think mayb its my egg.... too large or my rice too little. the texture is really horrible. ><

So attempt fail. Trying to find tamago gohan in every single Japanese shop that i visit. so far cannot find any =( I want to try the authentic one first only i will know is my taste bud problem or is my skill problem
lol lol. haha.

Adding tamago gohan as my to-do-list in Japan. =) hopefully I can fly to Japan. =D and find the restaurant that specially sell Tamago gohan. Hoho~

Till then,
Busy doing paediatric portfolio

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bad habit

No leaving today homework to tomorrow. As there is many tomorrow but only one today. Until the designated tomorrow came.... you will be dead like me now. swt.  =( doing a lot of writing. I am really getting more and more hardworking since I came to IMU but no matter how hardworking I am. I still feel more and more ignorant.

Is it because my world is bigger now or is it me who is really getting more stupid? =O

Gambateh. Endure and work hard for your own good sake and for other people sake too. lol. Stop grumbling.

~grumpy YingXin as non stop writing for the pass 3 days~

High and low

The table in my batu pahat room is really giving me a huge headache (or backache and neckache). Having very bad neckache and backache since i came back here!!!!! (recurrent!!!) or is my back and neck allergy to Batu Pahat.

Grrrr... i dun have any of those problem when I m in seremban. so i think is the table problem. not my posture problem. 

Having backache and neckache not only affect me mentally but it reduces my motivation to study and do homework, DRASTICALLY. Do not want to have anything to do with that table. Eg. Study, writing and even using the laptop!!!!! Feel like throwing that table away (but it is the only table that i can use) or i should just slump by my bedside and do my work?

Sigh.... This shows how important a good table and chair with a synchronize height is. Not one must be taller or shorter than the other.

2 months here and I have finish 10 strips of analgesia patch. Not included days which i op for "bear it" treatment as the analgesic patch  has a very strong smell.

I miss my home in Seremban. =( i miss the table and chair there. Why we cant appreciate things until we lost it?

~GrumpyYingXin with a painful neck and back~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hee hee. Cant really read the handwriting of this postcard. But it is from a dad and a son =) The card is drawn by their mother (wife) who is a children book illustrator.

The cat very chio right? and the flower looks all fragrant and soft. Like The kitty is popping out from somewhere in a fairyland bush.

Thank you. Love this postcard A LOT!!!

Yours sincerely,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello from Finland

Such pretty scene. =)) snow white snow with fluffy dog and pretty sunrise.

Thank you for the postcard. =)) hee hee but i am really scare of cold. slight changes in the temperature will make me shiver non stop.

Yours sincerely,

Hello from Terv Russia =)

Thank you Maria for the postcard. =) This is the second person who recommend St. Peterberg to me. IT must be a very very nice place to visit. =DD

The stamps at the back are very pretty too.
Cant read Russian. But aint the stamps pretty. Look at the big clock. It actually said the time in international hour. and 1,2,3,4,5... so you wont b confused when other ppl tell you its 1800 now. and you was like what is 1800. just look at the clock and you will know that it means 6 in the evening!!!

The car is so classy. something that I always link to pretty sexy lady with a mole near her lips going to some function. lol.

Thank you for the card. =)

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello from Austria

This picture speaks a thousand word. It shows us how newborn is surrounded by love and care. =)

Thank you Sina.

Yours sincerely,
Ying Xin

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello from Ohio

Received a very contrast card from Erin. =) Let me show how contrast is it.

The front part if Wreigley Field, a good place to watch baseball game according to Erin. So baseball is all macho and about speed.

Then when i flip to the back....
Taaaaaaaaadaaaaaa!!!! The stamp is so damn cute isnt it? The Monster Inc, Incredibles. *lovelove*

Another 2 are very ancient stamp. haha~ feel so bless to participate in postcrossing. I get to send a lot of postcards and received a lot of pretty postcards and also nice stamps.

Thank you Erin.

Yours sincerely,
Ying Xin

From Belarus

"It's a drop of happiness from Belarus! I wish you joy and golden autumn! Smile =)"

Such a cute card bringing a lot of good wishes. =)

Thank you. =) Truly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Greeting from Indonesia =)

 This very calming and pretty postcard from Juned, Pagor (Kota Hujan). Pagor is situated at the south of Jakarta.

The postcard featured Pangandaran, a popular tourist destination. It is located at the southern coast of Java. =))

Didnt heard of it but it looks like a good place to go for those who loves beach. =D

Some very yummy stamps from Juned. =D Stamps featuring food!!!! OMG!!! I m not sure if Malaysia have one but it is a good idea to print out food on stamp. Since we have so much nice nice food such as nasi lemak, char kuey tiow and bak ku teh to share with the world. =)))

Thank you. =) This postcard really increase my appetite by folds. =D

Yours sincerely,
Ying Xin

Somewhere you use a hammer to hit the rock

I have being in Batu Pahat for 2 and a half months now. Many things change and till now I am not sure if the changes are a good one or a bad one.

Most of the time feeling inadequate and insecure. =/ and i no longer enjoy leaving home. Last time I used to not wanting to go home but not now. Miss my home, my bed, my mummy, my daddy, a little bit of my bro, the trees, the food, my cupboard, the sofa and etc etc. Sigh....

So i feel really bless now to be at home. =) hee hee. and feel all comfy. tee hee. the computer at home doesnt give me backache and neckache like what my lappie did in batu pahat. 

And my goal for this holiday is fill up logbook, tidy up blue sheets, correct portfolio (and also find the right way to write it. Boohoohoo =( i really dun like writing it. I spent time in writing it but it doesnt come back right. Maybe the method i used is wrong), hang out with mom, top up my wardrobe, try to update my blog as much as I can (i have millions of thing i didnt blog!!! hyperbola) and earn back my afternoon nap (having the worse dark circle i ever have now). =P

So far, thats all. Hope I grow. Learn to control my emotion better and be strong.

Happy Holiday everyone. Cant feel happier now for the holiday. =)))

Pretty pink tulips

I think this is the second square card that i have in my postcard collection. =) the whole card is all pinkish and girly and make you think that it is from a blooming flower (young girl). Haha. Yea. The sender is young!! =)

Hetty from Holland is 54 years young. Do you spot any difference? yea. years young!! this is the second person  who i met who address their age as young instead of old cause they are indeed very very young in heart. The first person is one of my prof who is 70 plus years old now and i bet he is as active as a leopard. haha~ =)

Thank you for the awesome some. You remind me that no matter how long have we live, as long as we are young in heart, there is nothing that we cannot do. =)

Cheer to youthfulness in heart. =)

Yours sincerely,
Ying Xin

p/s: red color tulip means undying love. =o so how about pink?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello Kitty Gila Sales Coming Soon!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
I believe a lot of you girls and guys searching around
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long time…
And today…
Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia is here..!
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If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Claim This Bonus

Hello from Russia

 Lera send me this pretty postcards of blue. =) with flowers name and flower drawing on it. =))

Isnt it adorable and refreshing? instead of pink, red and yellow. Blue color flower can be pretty too. =)

Thank you Lera.

Yours sincerely,