Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello..... Mr? Miss?

My life is filled with portfolio. Currently is writing on first paediatric portfolio. The case is quite straight forward, just that there is tonnes of little stuffs here and there. =/

It is really tough to be a hollistic doctor. sigh.

Ok. So i have an argument last week in Legoland. We are queuing up for The Dragon. It is in a castle and filled with portraits made out of lego.

We came over this one particular lego portraits and three of us have huge argument.

Me: This lady is old and cachexic.
A: What? it is not a lady. It is a guy!!!
Me: No. It is a lady. Where got guy put lipstick?
A: It is not lipstick. It is natural lips color. If you dun put lips red in color, what color you want to put o?
Me: But she also has eye shadow?
A: No!!! It is definitely a GUY!!! He is wearing a guy's costume. You google and you will find guys wearing this costume.
Me: =.= Fine!!! C, so is this a WOMAN or a GUY?????!!!
C: It is both. He is a bontan (guys who dress up or behave like a girl).
A and Me: =.= =.= =.= =.= =.=

So, you guys tell me. Is this a LADY or a GUY?

Definitely a lady k???

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