Saturday, November 17, 2012

High and low

The table in my batu pahat room is really giving me a huge headache (or backache and neckache). Having very bad neckache and backache since i came back here!!!!! (recurrent!!!) or is my back and neck allergy to Batu Pahat.

Grrrr... i dun have any of those problem when I m in seremban. so i think is the table problem. not my posture problem. 

Having backache and neckache not only affect me mentally but it reduces my motivation to study and do homework, DRASTICALLY. Do not want to have anything to do with that table. Eg. Study, writing and even using the laptop!!!!! Feel like throwing that table away (but it is the only table that i can use) or i should just slump by my bedside and do my work?

Sigh.... This shows how important a good table and chair with a synchronize height is. Not one must be taller or shorter than the other.

2 months here and I have finish 10 strips of analgesia patch. Not included days which i op for "bear it" treatment as the analgesic patch  has a very strong smell.

I miss my home in Seremban. =( i miss the table and chair there. Why we cant appreciate things until we lost it?

~GrumpyYingXin with a painful neck and back~

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