Monday, December 31, 2012

Secret Santa

Currently in Int Med posting (last posting)!!! and i felt so insecure to graduate out and be responsible to all the patients. Sigh. Anyway... Mira, our dedicated Int Med leader organized Secret Santa for the group. To add in a little memory and some fun into the boring life dealing with endless portfolio. haha~

So unlike Secret Santa that i played several years ago which we gathered all the present, label and pick lots. This time, we know who is our "children" but we do not know the santa. So yea... it is good in someway where you wont buy a bra for a guy or playboy series for a girl. haha~

I just get my gift from my secret santa... I think he is my doctor ba...Patients details. Name: Tan Ying Xin. swt swt... lol. My god. This is actually a corner of our blue sheets. haha~ Creative desu~

and damn... blue sheets, portfolio and houseman interview are attacking me non-stop. NOOOOOOO... swt. ok. i should stop being drama. continue to do my portfolio... *robotmode*

Oh... thank you secret santa. =D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Country Home Taste, Batu Pahat

 I took the advice and trying to fill my tummy with nice food so I wont be that emo. Really, looking back, I feel like Batu Pahat is not productive at all to me. =/ So I am still kind of lost now even I am third month here and going to sit for my finals. sigh... Nevermind. Lets enjoy some good food with your eyes. =D

Country Home Taste, it is a fusion restaurant. They sell western food, normal chinese dish and seafood too.

I always order 2 things there:

The fruit juice!!!
RM2.00 for 250ml (my approximate), RM 3.00 for the above and RM 4.00 for the large. I always order the medium size cause they come with fruit cubes!!! really 2-3 pieces of fruit cubes with 100% of juices. Yum Yum!!! I am pretty rigid... so i only order either watermelon or honeydew. RM0.50 for adding milk. =) *slurp*

Left side is carrot milk with watermelon cube and right side is honeydew milk with honeydew cube.

Too bad they do not have papaya. If not i will visit it everyday just for the papaya milk!! hee hee. =)

The other must-order dish is Gong Bao Sotong rice RM5.50 per plate.
It is actually quite worth it. They serve the biggest and juiciest sotong that i ever have. =)) plus they are not stingy with their sotong. Love love. =) I think my cholesterol is shooting up since I reach Batu Pahat cause nice food is usually equal to unhealthy food. But this plate of Gong Bao Sotong is really irresistible. LOL.

Country Home Taste 
 017-7786480, 016-7132880,
  1, Jln Banang Heights 1

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pure little heart

Was in the paediatric clinic a few days ago and I met this girl that touch my soul deeply. She has mild learning disabilities. She talks at a very slow pace but you can see that she has a very strong desire to communicate with people around her. She is very friendly (not the uncomfortable type) and she can talk non-stop (that one really beats me).

She speaks in Malay and English. She is quite well verse (for me la). So we are asking her what is her ambition?

"Cita-cita saya ialah jadi seorang doktor."

When we heard it, we are like ooooooooohhh.... does not know how to respond to her.

"Saya nak jadi doktor kerana jika mama, atuk, papa, adik sakit. Saya boleh jaga mereka."

She is so THOUGHTFUL and SWEET!!!!

I am not sure for other people but for me sometime in the middle of pursuing my dreams i sort of forget why i m there for. I feel lost. I feel depressed. I feel dark clouds covering all over the shining sun. This girl who is pure in heart reminds me of the reason i choose this career. She shows me what is the initial intention. Yes, it is just simple. Not to save the world but just to have the knowledge so that whoever that is around me fall sick I can tend to them (of course they must agree to it also la). haha~ lol

Thanks sweet girl. =)

Getting used to Batu Pahat,
Ying Xin