Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Final Exit Viva

Tomorrow is my exit viva, it means if i pass, i will become a Doctor. If I fail, I need to go through 6 months of hell with portfolio again. =( Everyone said it is impossible for me to fail, but I know what quality I am and how I function, so there is still probability that I may fail.

But, I think i need to look at the bright side and be more confident. Stay calm ying xin, stay calm. Fate will not give you something that you cannot overcome. Only you will be defeated for urself. lol.

Ok. so i m mending all the big holes and small holes on my sampan of knowledge. Please brain, please remember what I have go through these 5 years. Please dont panic. Please co ordinate with the hands and eyes and mouth. Brain brain, you must be strong tomorrow. just for a mere 2 hours and i will pampered u with a lot of rest ok?

Please give me strength for tomorrow. Please give me calmness. I know it may not be the biggest obstruction in my life, but it will be the biggest obstruction for me now. so please guide me and help me. and i will help my self in the mean time.



joyce said...

i LIKE this post! because you know you can do it and you know what you have to do to do it!!


Belle said...

heh~ lol.... aiya... joyce how a how? i very lazy to write blog already. ><