Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello Kitty Super SurpriseS

Yay!!! finally got them. saw in in Guardian long ago but struggling if i should get them cause my room is filled with little toys and etc. But they are so cute that I cant resist them. So buy!!! but limit myself to buy 2 only.

Hello Kitty Super SurpriseS (toy+sticker+candy) for RM2.99 each.

 Said Hi to everybody. On the eggs, it is the typical Hello Kitty. Isnt her cute? =)

Licensed by Sanrio. All original Kitty will be licensed by Sanrio. =)

Unwrapped for surprises!!!! *jantungberdebardebar* man... I am so excited and i feel so reluctant to tear through the cute kitty wrapping. ><

Blogger's fault for my upside down picture.=.=
Haha. so this is what inside it. Sticker!!! so cute. A miniature!!! man~ so kawaii. but the painting on it is not that good. it is licensed by Sanrio though. and candy which lloks like decoration. Taste ok la. Dun have high expectation. It is only a RM2.99 KaChaBong.

A clearer look of what is inside. Kitty carrying a heart. hee hee. good omen for Valentine's day. =) Will keep the sticker for other use. =))

The other egg that I opened and the surprises in it!! ah... i m scare to eat the candy already. >< ahahah. The sticker is very cute also. Hello Kitty although dun have much expression. she goes well with anything!!! any cothes!! any food. =) This one is an adventurous Kitty carrying a map.

So, thats all. =) Any Hello Kitty lover who loves Surprises!!! should try ur luck by buying an egg in guardian. =) only for RM2.99. There are at least 20 different designs of Hello Kitty available.

ah. exam is coming. T.T but i m still in CNY mood. *sob*


joyce said...

have you tried kinder surprise? i really want to try it but it's so exp. and the toy is a bit weird hehe

Belle said...

yeap. I tried. but the toy inside... erm.. i cant appreciate it. haha~ but i like the chocolate. so i m good with the chocolate only kinder. =P