Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ternitused Eestimaalt

No idea what does the above phrase means? It meas greetings from Estonia!!

Here is the postcards sent by Piret from Estonia. It is about Eestimaa Saared (which I have no idea what it is cause when I google it came out in a language that I am not familiar with. anyone can help?). lol

But thank you for the card. I love greens. and the ocean looks peaceful. The blocks of woods stacks are beautiful and it cant be found in  Malaysia.

Thank you for the postcard, Piret. Best wishes. =))

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello from Germany

With the hot day i m experiencing now, this postcard is VERY COOLING. This is Alina's white miracle. Indeed beautiful with the multiple layers of white and blue. Everything looks so peaceful. I feel some warmness in it too. Maybe it is from the sunlight that shine to the right side of the postcards. =)

Thank you for the beautiful card, Alina. Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gan Ba Rou, Nippon

This is the from Japan. =) one of the must visit place in my list. Die die also must go there visit. See how pretty is their stamps. One with a beetle feasting on netter.  The other is a mother singing a lullaby to her child. They even give the musical notes of the lullaby.

There are only these words in the postcard "Gon Ba Rou, Nippon". which I no idea what is it. Press here. I think it is about Japanese tourism.

Flip to the front of the postcard.
Is a scene from Spirited Away~~ Me love. It is one of my favourite production of Miyazaki Hayao. I still remember how Qian Xun went into this magical world and work for the evil witch. My best love part is the part she helps the black little coal to carried the charcoal, when the black little coal dance with joy when given little star, the part she scrubbed the huge dirty alien and also the part the good witch makes the hairband for her (secretly trying to make a hairband that time for myself but fail). hahaa~

Yes. I love this anime and others anime of Miyazaki Hayao too!!! (especially Howl and the Moving Castle and one story about a gentleman cat) I cant really take sad story... so yea. the Firefly and the other deforestation one... i watched them with a lot of palpitation. =( but it is touching.

Ok. Thanks for this wonderful postcards. I should re watch Spirited Away!!! ahahha. It bring so many unlimited imagination to me. =))

Yours sincerely,

Virtual postcard from southhampton

Just 10 minutes ago, when I open my faceboook. One of the messages is, "Hello, I am sending you a postcard... VIRTUALLY. cause it is so pretty."

swt.... so who are the so free one sending me postcard virtually --> Joyce la. lol...
heh heh. It is an advertisement card apparently.  But this picture is beautiful and weird in a sense. You see. the upper sky is orangy in the right and bluish at the left.
when it reach the land, it becomes orangy at the left and whitish black at the right. contrast. very contrast but beautiful too. =)

Thanks Joyce for the virtual postcard. haha~

Hi from Moscow, Russia

Postcards with paintings are one of my favorite. I think this is the first time i receive postcards with paintings.
It is beautiful right? the clouds, the trees, the waves seem like it hiting the beach, the seagull flying in the sky. everything is so pretty. =) and when you see something from a painting, it is just different from what you see in realistic. both are pretty but in a different types of attractiveness.

I myself cannot paint or even draw well. So i admired those that can paint and draw. How they capture a moment with strokes of brushes and colors. then Poof!!! something magical and realistic came out. =))

Thanks Sergey for this wonderful postcard.

Oh lol. Sergey did said that this lake is called Lake Baikal. It is deepest lake in the world with biggest volume of fresh water. plus also one of the most beautiful places in Russia. =) ok~ thank you for the information. Would really love to visit it one day. My god. I thought it is a sea!!! cause Lake wont have wave. But apparently it is not like this here. ><  hahahaa.

The stamps showing various buildings in Russia. I dont think is Kremlin right? It doesnt look like one to me.

Yours sincerely,

p/s: Is writing and stamping postcards and letters again. I love to write letters. but sometime i think i write quite incoherently. mayb even circumstantial too. lol.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

I seldom get angry with postmen as they are the best person in the world cause they deliver mails no matter how the weather is (except when it is life threatening). They are the first person to connect people for one place to the another. Plus i really love to received letters. Handwritten letters and the only way to get it is through post office.

However, I am slightly angry this time. See what they did!!!!
Covering up half of the beautiful stamps that this kind soul send to me. and both the cartoon one is one of my favorites --> Nemo and the Bug stories. sigh... fine. They need to paste this sticker somewhere but since my postcard is full of words. they have no place to paste but to paste on the stamps. =/ grrrrr....

Look!!! this is not the first kitty postcard that i received. But look how funky and cheeky is this postcard. haha~ see the beautiful  kitty staring seriously at the mouse hole. and the white mouse peering out to see if kitty went off a stroll so that it can sneak out. =D this photograph is alive. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry too. =) heh~

Felice said this funny postcard is from a shop called "Uncle Fun" in Chicago. =) they sold a lot of quirky cards!!! wish Malaysia also has such fun stall so that i can break myself from sending the usual tourism postcards.

Thank you for the card. it makes my day~ =))

Yours sincerely

Hello from Germany

Thank you for the card from Germany. I love this card because it contains greenary. I sort of get dizzy and when i stay in a place with a lot of tall buildings for more than 2 days. I just dont like buildings, no matter how beautiful they all. and can you see the little white dots at the lower land?  i think they are sheeps and cows. *happy*

I ought to visit a farm, real farm with barn, lambs, chickens, cows and a big patch of greenaries one day. =))

Yours sincerely,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello from Virginia

This postcard fly from Virginia and it illustrated MOunt Vernon, the home of George Washington (first President of America).
 It located on the west bank of the Potomac River, 15 miles south of the Capitol. The estate was established in 1743. Lol lol. I m not so smart to know all this info. It is printed on the card.

And you know what? the sender (which i cant make out his name) said he first tried Malaysian food near here. lol.... I wonder what food he tried. Mayb is the very famous nasi lemak? =D i wonder how the sambal tastes like.

and the sender is very kind. he is worried that I cant picture how George Washington looks like. He put a stamp of him with the postcard and point it out for me. haha~ =) thank you.

Thank you for the postcards and all the information you gave me.

Best wishes. =))

Yours sincerely,

Hello from Belarus

 I always thought all the ducklings are all yellow just like the quack quack duck that most of us must have when we bath when young.

But look, this ducklings are not yellow. they have a mix of dark brown on them which does not minus their cuteness but add some warmth when looking at them.

Thanks Veronika for this extremely cute postcards.

Look at this stamps. It looks as if the sun grows from the earth or maybe the sunflower grow so tall that it becomes the sun. haha =) Not sure what the words underneath. anybody want to give it a try?

Yours sincerely,

p/s: recently extremely engaged in a book. It makes me think i m living in it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Declaration by IMU MBBS Graduands

This is the vote i took during my sort of white coat ceremony at 28 Feb 2013. I think it is pretty accurate and precise of what a doctor should be. Let me share this with you. =)

Now that I am about to enter the noble profession of medicine
I solemnly commit myself to observing its highest standards and traditions

In caring for patients and in the pursuit of scientific knowledge
I shall at all times act in ways that show respect for human life and dignity

I shall always and only use my medical skill and knowledge for the good humanity
in healing the sick and injured, in preventing ill-health, in relieving pain and distress
in overcoming disability, in preventing untimely death
and in caring for the comfort and well-being of those who are at the end of their lives.

I shall seek always to deserve the trust of patients
To this end I shall be truthful in my dealings with them, defend their interests
show due regard for their wishes, preserve the secrets which they confide in me as their doctor
as far as my duty to society as a whole will permit, and act fairly between one patient and another

I shall respect patients' values, beliefs and traditions, especially where they differ from my own

I shall never abuse in any way the trust placed in me as  a doctor

I shall seek constantly to improve my medical knowledge and skills
to share these with my colleagues and students, in order that we may serve our patients better

I shall carry out my professional duties, including teaching and research
with honesty and integrity

In this and other ways I shall treat my colleagues in the profession and related professions
with respect and cooperate with them for the good of patients

and, my honorable life int he eyes of GOD, and in the service of humanity,
I shall bring credit to this University and those who have taught me.

That the oath i take, it summarize all the duties that a doctor should be and I wish I will be able to uphold it. Jia you!!! =) Jia you C2/10. =)

My 10 semester for MBBS (IMU)

I graduated at 28 February 2013. 5 years and 2 days of medicine undergraduate forms me to become a better person. Although I dun know if this transformation is good enough to be a doctor. well... Life long learning, so I have to continue to learn learn and learn.  I still remember the first day I enter into IMU at 26th February 2008. Timid, scare cause everything is new. But I am usually emotionless on the face, so everybody thought I am cool. But I m scare to death and depress too.

Sem 1
  I still dun know how things work in an university. So I go on with my happy go lucky, no need study attitude since secondary school. But the first sem formative assessment is a disaster. I FAIL it. BUAHAHA~ luckily it is not a vital exam that I will be kicked out. Besides that, closing myself up in a small room with no sun shining in is a nono cause it makes me depress. That is when I discover that I need A LOT of SPACE. ROAR!!

Sem 2
  Move into B2-10-2, I think it is a wise decision. =D cause I m able to know Keili and Chin Nam, the sweetest couple i ever met. And tralalala Ickes and Yen Haw. All sorts of things happened. Memorable one. How we give each other surprise birthday party, how we clean the house when we first move in (it's terrible i can assure you), cook dinner together, talk, play games (Nertz, which I have no idea how to play now ><). But.... as most of the ppl know, our apartment is always the dirtiest and messiest one (haha. due to a lot of factors). lol.... and I m really scare that i will fail in this exam but I pass. =) low pass.

Sem 3
  Cannot really remember what happened here. But I think I am still not used to the notes. =( all are just pictures and no words. And i really hate anatomy, all the pictures looks so fake i wonder if they just make out all the muscles and con us. =( how i get that idea? seee... chicken doesnt have layers of meat but just meat!!! so why human have so many layers of meat with nerves and vessels. sigh... I perform in senior's graduation dinner. Lol... one good experience. At least i know i still can dance. and all the training... I think that is my fittest time. =D then, I meet dinner.

Sem 4
  Well, dinner sort of open my life to a new perspective that I didnt see before and I am grateful. I think this is when I get closer to Joyce. Stay in her room floorless room until late at night and studying in the library. Honeymoon semester. I think i sort of enjoy this semester and I saw that my grade is improving although not until i can get a distinction.

Sem 5
 The PMS ppl is choosing their placement. I just continue to study hard and study the anatomy. For the final exam before I can go to phase II. I always wonder how Joyce can study so fast. She can read the notes for thousands times when I just read it for 2 times. >< ahahah. But i treasured the memory we have in the library. I pass my phase I!! =) still remember how terrible the first day of OSCE are. but i past with improving grade and  thank god, thank Joyce and thank myself. =P

Sem 6
  It is a terrible semester I can assure you. I feel so lost. I am not sure what I am doing in the hospital. Seeing real patients really traumatized me a lot. the lecturers are not friendly. =( I am scare. and the long hours in university 8 to 5 which are unlike from the phase I 2 hours in uni. I am quite depressed for the first posting. I even wonder what I am doing when I am talking to the patient. cause I dun know how to extract information and make out a diagnosis. but thanks god. although the lecturers are not strict, they help. Thats when I get to know Michelle, the bubbly and smart girl, so i just tag along with her. hee hee. =)

Sem 7
  I find out that I dun like ortho. Terrible. Anatomy is my nightmare. There is a big exam here and to my astonish. I get distinction. That is the thing I didnt imagine throughout my life. It is unreal and it is because I am lucky. My study companion is awesome, Michelle and Kala. We are always in Kala's very big green and blue room, doing revision. =) After the exam, my first time to visit Mulu and Miri.

Sem 8
  Dinner doesnt turn out well. Everything is going apart and I think well, I cant go on and end it all. But overall, this is another honeymoon semester. I did my elective and selective placement in Nilai Cancer Institute. The paediatricians are inspiring. Thats when I did my minor posting and I think i like ENT. =) ohoh. before i forget. I have my ears clean. horrible sight. super big chunky ear wax. ahahahaha. Suddenly feel that everything is so loud and clear. lol. I think i should get my ear clean often. the wax just stuck inside my ears.

Sem 9
  I learn the most in this sem. I met him. He is pleasant. We are so alike yet so difference in some way. but i think i m happy to know him. =) First part of final professional examination is a killer. But the whole batch make through it. I felt sick during study breaks, I cant study when I am sick. >< i m dead worried but I m extremely lucky that I get distinction again. holly shit. ahahha.

Sem 10
  Toughest semester i ever had. I think the main contributing factors are I prepare myself wrongly. I thought just writing reports and going to hospital are easy. but it aint. It is the worse thing. I am extremely depressed for the first posting. =( cause of the late night calls and sth tremendous happened and really leave an impact on me. =(( I still remember how depress it is that i stay on call the whole night, take care of a mother but in the end, she did not delivered and I still havent met my deliveries target yet. I stood in front of my house and cried non stop. feeling useless. =( i get through the first posting. I sort of know how things go on so my life get slightly better. Surgery is better. I think i love surgery. Yet it looks simple but actually it is tough. Non stop writing blue sheets. The most tired things are not clerking patient but follow up patients. I wonder how many pens i need to prepare next time and how many words i write pre day when i work cause the most things that we do are running around and writing. lol. I met some inspire figures and i think i start to have some liking for ortho. It is not just radiographs, it is also about history taking... but really... I m not make for it. lol.

Paediatrics is okay. It is fun to be in that posting and i wonder if i should specialized in it. Internal medicine is the last posting and is depressing not because of the posting but my previous portfolios come bugging me. =( how my ortho history is not complete and the diagnosis reasoning is not enough so i had to redo. and i fail my gynae portfolio which i dun know why (no explanation) but i find other case to replace it. =) this posting is when i did one portfolio in less than a week and every week i need to finish at least one portfolios. Finalizing portfolios are hell. I kept reading the same things again and again and everytime i read again, there is something to edit. Nothing seems to be perfect. In the end i just close one eye and hand in all my 10 portfolios. haha. later during revision.... disaster la. saw so many error. lol. and during sem 10 my routine is sleep, eat, portfolios, hospital and blue sheets. nothing else. i shop less. i dun look at blog so often. i dun even blog so often. =( lifeless!!!!

Part II professional exam is disaster la. I didnt really prepare and dun know how to prepare for it. but sigh... i pass. no distinction this time but i feel relief cause this is what result that i should have. =) and yes. I m graduate and there is no legal issue for me to put a DR in front of my name. but i m reluctant to do so cause i still feel i cant help much if a person come to me with some illness.

So yea... that is how my 10 semesters are. Waiting for my posting. Just finish cleaning my phase I and phase II stuffs. although i recycle a lot of stuffs, they are still a lot of notes and books. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hello from Melbourne, Australia

 Nobody will object if I said Koala is one of the cutest animal in this world~~~ Here come Koala!!! =D

So cute right the Koala Bear. hee hee. feel like hugging it.

And more WOW when i flip to the back. just realize the orang utan is a sticker not stamp. Pretty and sweet with the young utans. And of course the beautiful kangaroo with a lady bug. =)

Thank you Angela for the postcards and beautiful stamps. =)

Place recommended to visit in Melbourne is --> Eureka Skydeck!!! According to Angela, it has 88 floors and great views of Melbourne city. =)


Yours sincerely,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best regards from Finland

 This is another tulips card that i had received. =)  Tulips are so pretty, they look like little cups. =D

Too bad no tulips in Malaysia.
This one is a close up of tulips. The previous one are more macro, here.

It also attach with a beautiful stamps.
It is a beautiful pictures. Nice autumn night with colorful lamps on the reddening trees. =) sigh...

Thanks Sointu for ur pretty postcards and stamps. Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Waar zijn de verliefde poezen?

 Before I explain the incoherent title that I am having here. I would like to thanks Ineke for this wonderful stamps and postcards that she sent from Netherlands.

The stamps. =) the one fill with words are pinkish and sweet. the one with pattern looks traditional and the flowers looks fresh and as if I can smell the fragrance. =)

So, this is the cards. Isnt it beautiful? there are so many cats on it. =) surprise to receive so many postcards from catlovers all around the world. And in this card, you can see different posture of cats, sleeping, jumping, hunting, rolling, crawling. everything is just so lively.

The way they arrange the houses which surround the moon is also pleasant to eyes.

so what does "Waar zijn de verliefde poezen?" means?

According to Ineke, it means "Where are the cats who are in love?"

Thank you for the sweet card. One of my favorites. =)

Yours sincerely,

p/s: meow meow meow. *theoneinloveishere* =D

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello from Japan

 Miss Miho Watanabe is the most dedicated postcrosser that i ever meet. She injured her right hand and couldnt write properly, so instead of handwriting, she types the message one letter by one letter and print it on the postcard. Wow!!! haha. she event give a very detailed introduction about the postcard. =)

This is the postcard. It features the main fate of Asakusa Temple in Tokyo.
 Pretty right? especially the big lantern which direct translate from Chinese is thunder door. lol. I dont know what it means. According to Miss Miho, paper lantern is called chochin in Japanese. The full name of this temple is Kaminarimon Gate in Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo. "Asakusa is the historical and polular downtown in Tokyo. There are many small shops of Japanese traditional foods or goods in the street from this gate to the main buildings of Sensoji" -- Miss Miho, 2012.

Thank you, Miss Miho. Japan is the must visit country in my list. I always love to visit Japan because of Hello Kitty, the view, the food and the culture in Japan. Hope I can visit it one day. Currently finding sponsor to sponsor me to Japan. Who are interested? =D

This is the stamps.
So colorful and so pretty. =) the pink petals of the lotus and the forever loving Mickey and Minnie. Man... I really would love to visit Japan.

Thank you Miss Miho for all the efforts you put in for this card. Truly appreciate. Arigato gosamatsu (hope i get the thank you right. =P)

Yours sincerely,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Simple love, appreciated

  Picture is dated 2 or 3 months back. =)

Something simple just like a bowl of maggi mee and some vegetables made me feel loved. =D It is an early morning. I am a breakfast person. and somebody just able to take the fuss to cook sth for me. What i need to do is just sit there and wait. Thank you. *grinnonstop*

Plate of food feel with love. =DDDD

Just for my own record so I wont forget it. growing forgetful nowadays. =)

Many greetings from Germany

 Again, I am posting up postcard post cause I am too lazy to do other food posts or travel post. They are just too tiring and I am just too lazy. It seems like i spend every drop of my hardworking in my finals. haha~

Thank you Mirko for sending this cute kitty card. I love cats!!! they are just so adorable and naughty. =) but due to some circumstances, I dont really want to have them at home. cause it carries huge responsibilities to take care of kittens and I am still not sure I have adequate energy for it. =) so, for now I m satisfied with all those postcard with cats or stuffs with cats on it. =D

Turning to the back of the postcard. Beautiful stamps again!!!
Thats why I love postcrossing. Beside the postcards, I get to see beautiful stamps. =) But the one on the right look a bit weird with feces and broken vases and a funny joker in it and skull too. Anybody know what it means?

Thats all for now. It is scorching hot in Seremban.

Yours sincerely,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello from Canada

 Arent this beautiful?????? oh my god. the sun ray shone onto the lake making it golden in colour. It is sunset over Lake Louise at Canadian Rockies.

Canadian Rockies are a long stretch of hills and mountains in Canada. Most of them are parks and according to Wikipedia. It consists of a World Heritage Site too. Seem like a very good place to travel. =)

Do you know what I am thinking now?the golden color in the lake is so pretty as if it is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. hee hee. =)

But there are so much snow. I think i will freeze to dead if i go there. lol...

Thanks Lina for the very beautiful cards. =) Canada is one of the places that I would love to visit. Man... my list of place to visit is going to grow taller than me soon.

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello from US

I loves animals. Not the house one but when they are running in the wild. =)
Sarah from US send me this cute postcard on wolf pups. Arent they cute? =) they look a bit like the huskies. heh~ =)

Thank you for the card.

Yours sincerely,

Hello from Taiwan

Has not being updating my blog properly since I went to Batu Pahat. So I am back now and will update you all with everything (or most of the things).

Here are one of the poastcards that I received. From Fabiana. I think it is a comic character.

Direct translate Mr. Ghost (鬼太郎). You know among those ghost which one i like the most??

Deng deng deng deng. Is the bathing eyeball. So sexy. haha.

Thank you Fabiana for the pretty cards. =) All the best in your exam.

Yours sincerely,