Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

I seldom get angry with postmen as they are the best person in the world cause they deliver mails no matter how the weather is (except when it is life threatening). They are the first person to connect people for one place to the another. Plus i really love to received letters. Handwritten letters and the only way to get it is through post office.

However, I am slightly angry this time. See what they did!!!!
Covering up half of the beautiful stamps that this kind soul send to me. and both the cartoon one is one of my favorites --> Nemo and the Bug stories. sigh... fine. They need to paste this sticker somewhere but since my postcard is full of words. they have no place to paste but to paste on the stamps. =/ grrrrr....

Look!!! this is not the first kitty postcard that i received. But look how funky and cheeky is this postcard. haha~ see the beautiful  kitty staring seriously at the mouse hole. and the white mouse peering out to see if kitty went off a stroll so that it can sneak out. =D this photograph is alive. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry too. =) heh~

Felice said this funny postcard is from a shop called "Uncle Fun" in Chicago. =) they sold a lot of quirky cards!!! wish Malaysia also has such fun stall so that i can break myself from sending the usual tourism postcards.

Thank you for the card. it makes my day~ =))

Yours sincerely

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