Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello from Virginia

This postcard fly from Virginia and it illustrated MOunt Vernon, the home of George Washington (first President of America).
 It located on the west bank of the Potomac River, 15 miles south of the Capitol. The estate was established in 1743. Lol lol. I m not so smart to know all this info. It is printed on the card.

And you know what? the sender (which i cant make out his name) said he first tried Malaysian food near here. lol.... I wonder what food he tried. Mayb is the very famous nasi lemak? =D i wonder how the sambal tastes like.

and the sender is very kind. he is worried that I cant picture how George Washington looks like. He put a stamp of him with the postcard and point it out for me. haha~ =) thank you.

Thank you for the postcards and all the information you gave me.

Best wishes. =))

Yours sincerely,

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