Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ishiraku Izakaya, Batu Pahat =))

 I gave myself a short term goal. Is it to introduce one of the most memorable restaurants during my posting in Batu Pahat. I choose ISHIRAKU IZAKAYA!!!

1. I love Japanese food!!!
2. Japanese food is an antidepressant for me.
3. I love how they coordinate small things into something delicious.
4. The restaurant is air conditioned.
5. The waitress is really nice and polite.
6. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant.
7. It is the only restaurant that i crave for since I came back to Seremban. ahaha.

Now, indulge urself in all the food photos. Please dont scroll down if u are hungry or it is midnight (cause midnight snack is bad for health!!!). And sorry for the poor photos and the colour is mostly out cause the place we usually sit have dim lightning (table 3A).

1) Saba/Sanma and Karaage Bento set
Tadaaa!!! This is the first time i try japanese dishes with fish. I am always reluctant to try as the fish in the pictures look so dry and unattractive. This is kareshi's set. He introduce me to this saba fish. OMG. it is so delicious. I like the soft texture and u will fill something melting in ur mouth. Best if the lemon is squeeze on the fish. add a tinge of sour. and the grind turnip has some slight sweetness that help to enhance the taste of the fish. Absolutely love!!!! and i tried other grilled japanese fish in other restaurant. but Ishiraku one is the best for me so far. =D and i love how much salad they gave. woo hoo!!! And this set is so filling that a big eater like kareshi is satisfied with it. =) i love the rice too. good rice will enhance my appetite.

2) Gyoza
 Erm... not to my liking. cause it is a bit oily. ahaha. I am not fans of gyoza but u can tried it. =) it goes well with the ginger and vinegar. Wish they give me more ginger and vinegar.

3) Not really sure the name of this noodle. but i think it is Japanese Char Siew Soba.
 It comes in set with the gyoza. 2 very heavy taste food come together for me is a no no. lol. But the noodles are very elastic. the Char Siew is Love (it taste so different from the chinese char siew) with some fat layer in between. Heaven. and the eggs are love too. u know how i love to eat hard boiled eggs. i will carefully remove the yolk. eat the white. crush the yolk and mix it with the soup. then drink the soup. heaven. the soup taste so so so much nicer with the crush yolk!!!

4) Watermelon
 Cause it is super hot now!!! and I am craving for cold juicy watermelon which when i bite, the juice flow down my chin!!! oh!!! why Malaysia so hot and humid??? why I dun have cold watermelon at home?

5) Appetizer -- lotus
 This is free one!!!! I am so kiam that I dun really want to order appetizer!! cause really la, i cant afford it. =( But Ishiraku is so good there were 3-4 times they gave us free appetizer!!! yay!!! this is one of them and the one that I love most cause i love Lotus. But i am not sure what is the criteria to get free appetizer. Mayb u need to go there early? ahaha. we usually is the first customer there for the evening session. reach there around 6? if not we will b stuck there in a fullhouse Japanese restaurant.

6) Cant recall the name of this set.
 The soup is supposed to cook in a paper wok but they ran out of it and offer to be cooked in stone wok. I love the rice and the toppings. yum yum.

 See there is so much ingredients!!! the salmon, the prawns and if i m not wrong there is oyster inside. And see the amount of vegetables they gave me. Soup is clear with a tinge of sweetness. =)
price: RM25-30++

7) Again the Saba/SAnma Karaage Bento set.
 Really love this. Kareshi order this 90% of our visit. =) cause it fills his tummy. and do u notice they change the side dish. This time is smash potatoes. man... I am drooling now looking at the fish, salad and the rice. lol.

8) Tempura and Unagi bento set.
 Kareshi's set again. why he always order the nice nice set. The tempura prawn are juicy and nice. =) the unagi is again HEAVEN!!!! four fat and delicious unagi. A little bit too little. but st when st is delicious and few. U tend to treasure it more and keep it in ur mouthe longer. ROAR!!! thats me!!!. see the side dish change again. this time is vege salad. Japanese salad is quite tasty too. =))

9) Unagi to Sashimi Zen set.
 This again is kareshi's set. why he always order the nice nice set. ish. Unagi is again love. But th emost love one is the sashimi. OMG. see how thick is the salmon pieces. there are 2 other types of fish sashimi but i cant recall their name. All of them are fresh. the freshest sashimi i ever had and I dun mind  pamper with it sometime cause it is totally worth it!!!ai. Japanese restaurant in Seremban cannot beat it.

10) Miso Ramen
 Talk about my favorite Japanese needle. It used to b soba but now is this Miso Ramen from Ishiraku. cause the soup is a love, it is my best loved miso. and see they even serve charsiew, eggs and seaweed. All are my favourite!!! I make sure I drink till the very last drop of the soup leaving a clean and squeky bowl. I cannot find better Miso ramen in other Japanese shop. I miss this the most. T.T

11) Salmon maki
 Best salmon maki I ever have. I used to love the jusco one cause it is cheap. the other Japanese restaurant is quite stingy with the salmon and most of them have more rice than salmon. unbalanced equation. But in Ishiraku. you get a balanced ration of salmon and rice in the maki. The sifu cut the maki into interesting shape like this. The surprise it they put wasabi inside the handroll. Not too much until u choke. Just nice that it brings out the freshness of the salmon. OMG!! i think i ditch jusco salmon maki after this but too bad I cant cause jusco salmon maki is more reachable than Ishiraku salmon maki. T.T

12) Last photo that i have. Tempura to Sashimi Zen Bento.
The last meal i have in Ishiraku. Tempura is good. the side dish is my love lotus. The rice is extraordinary good. the miso is good. cawanmushi is delicious. and the BEST IS THE THICK AND FRESH SASHIMI. GOSH!!! ISHIRAKU I REALLY MISS U AND U R THE ONLY REASON I MISS BATU PAHAT.

ok...That all the photo.
But i highly recommend u to try their Age Dashi Toufu and their handroll. No photos of them cause i gobble it down before i realise i forget to take photo.

The bad side of this restaurant is it serve a bit slow especially if there is a lot of customer (we once wait for more than an hour for our food). So if you dont like to wait go early or u can visit them during lunch break (my friend said they offer set lunch, i havent try that cause mostly i went in the evening).

The price is more expensive if compare to sushi king and sushi zanmai. But HEY!!! it is around the same price as other Japanese restaurant which are not franchise. and Ishiraku offer u food that is make with patience and sincerity (mayb because most of the chefs are japanese?). So it is worth it to eat there. the quality and quantity is equal to the price =) especially after some hard day and u want to reward urself.

Must try if you are in Batu Pahat!!!

36-1 Jalan Jenang, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor (near the bus stop)
Tel: 07-4383811


joyce said...

tell you.. lucky i'm not a fan of raw food.. orelse... heehee.. but the tempura omg (i had to think about 10s for the word tempura <-- i'm that deprived), i WANT!!!!


Belle said...

ahahhahaha. eh. but not all are raw. most are cooked. =DDDD OMG. faster come back malaysia and u can have as much tempura as u want!!!!

lol. taiwan will b later
havent even extract the photos from camera. lol