Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kai xin #1

I can't dishonestly said I love medical but I love the off day they gave us once a week. 

Having the best beef noodles in Kuching. Portion is good to me. Soup is superb n the carrots r sweet n soup. Burp. Oh man. I really love to have good lunch n breakfast. Hee hee

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Every time going back to Kuching is getting harder n harder cause I miss my home so much. I did hide at a corner in the airport n cried. 

My mum always thought I enjoy in Kuching. Yea. Undeniably it is a good experience but after all I rather stay at home. Near my parents n near my bed.

I m not great. Great things should let other ppl to do.. N I can do great things anywhere if what I do now is really sth great.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Miso porridge

I m a porridge fans. Especially when I came to Kuching, the pork porridge with an egg inside is really a MUST LOVE.

Tried a new recipe a few days ago. Miso Porridge. Pretty easy. 

1 bowl of rice (cooked one)
Boil it in water.
Add in half to one spoon of miso paste.
Mix well.
Add in 2 well beaten eggs. Boil a while. Spring some onion n tadah!!!
Time to tug in.

Well... For ppl who like food with strong taste. This may not b ur bowl of porridge haha.

Food #1

I used to dread to have breakfast. Now it is still a luxury to have breakfast although I have work for nearly a year. Shhhhhh... Don't tell my mum.

Full of gratitude to have simple breakfast as this. Nom nom nom. i know i should have more greens n fruits.... but u see those r things that cannot b kept for long n i usually left them rotten in the fridge. 

And why tomotoes extinct from the market since I came back to Kuching?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oncall #1

Oncalls are always my least favorite job as I feel old n haggard after the call (even if the call is peaceful n smooth). Man... I m not built for calls n I think nobody r build for it. Hope this call end peacefully n uneventfully. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love #1


Mommy packed this for me. :))) a small container of new year biscuits. Fill with love n patient. Plus each layers r different. XDDD

Remember how I try to restraint my mum buying too much new year biscuits. In the end my after cny breakfast will end up eating biscuits every single day. *depress* 

Now just wish that this small bottle of biscuits able to remind me someone is still caring n waiting for me to go back home after a long n tough day work.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CNY 2014

Feeling blessed that I am able to go home to celebrate CNY this year.

Yea. Miss my home A LOT since i came to Kuching. Although this holiday is a very short holiday. It is meaningful.

Thanks to Malindo for allowing me to have a window seat to and fro. Heh heh. Most of the time I dont look out the window (cause I fall asleep after I tied my seatbelt). But it feel safe to stay close to the window.

Man. Aim of this year is to readjust my lifestyle and also to improve my memory. Find that I cant remember a lot of things. Memory is deteriorating fast.