Saturday, March 21, 2015

Idealite, Kuching

Roaming through Kuching at post call day and bump into this simple looking shop. Decided to give it a try cause the menu looks very comfortable to a tired soul   stomach.

Their menu.
Promising that all their ingredients are fresh with no MSG, no colorites, no canned food, no preservative and etc many many more which I cant remember. Conclusion is their aim is to provide natural and fresh cooked food.

Ordered sesame soy milk: RM 5.70
Yummy~ but the portion is small for me. If you ask me which is my favorite soya, it will be V soy Multigrain soya... It is so smooth and rich in flavor, One cup is sufficient to tahan until lunch time.

Ok. back to topic, the taste is good just i dun like the sesame sticking at the side of the cup. Feel wasteful.

Bak Ku Teh Vermicelli  RM 14.70
Ingredients are: Soy mihun, a lot of mushrooms (at least 3 types), tao pok and the red little things which we call gou gei in chinese.

The soup is clear but with fragrant of bak ku teh. and the star is the monkey head mushroom (wahaha direct translation) which taste exactly like meat. The gou gei is the sweetest that i ever tried. =DD

Satisfied with the meal except the constant fear that i may plunge into the bowl because my eyes are half open (yea... the bowl is bigger than my face).

Total damage:Rm 22.65 (with service charge  -- for the waitress to bow at you everytime they take ur order, serve you food, take your bill and open the door when you are leaving).

Yes. Will revisit it if I m craving for hot soupy vegetarian food. =) Planning to try their rice next. And for those who love Lei Cha, their menu is trying to sale their Lei Cha, so maybe try and tell me how is it. =DDD

Lot 2667, BLock 10 KCLD, No 206 Twin Tower Centre, Jalan Rock, 93250 Kuching Sarawak

Tel: 018-3637977

It is a corner shop lot same row as Secret Recipe Beyong Vege. =)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Paying road tax in Malaysia

Sorry for disappearing so long... Has being dealing with a lot of things... Negative n positive

About my new life starting to work.

Although i has being working for 2 years but I m still not used to it at all n I dun like to work. Sigh... Lazy me.

Just want to share some living tips cause I dun know all these until I start working

So I have a car n hell knows I need to paid road tax yearly n I forget all about it until half a year later. Oops....

Running around to settle it cause I really dun know what to do.

Do always remember to paid ur insurans first!!! Bring ur insurans letter to the post office, some car dealer offer to paid on ur behalf. Usually the money to paid will reduce each year as ur car value reduce each year... N if u didnt claimed for that year, u will have discount on no claimed discount. Pretty good huh.

After u settle the insurans only u can settle ur road tax. U need the green card for this ( ur car birth cert n mind u it is not green in color. Bleh!!!). Can either paid it in post office or jpj. Total not more than 100 but need extra rm2 if u paid in post office. 

Lastly remember to stick the new car sticker that verified u have paid ur tax.

That's all thabks bye