Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rusty Bean and Batter, Kuching

I miss Kuching so much. There is much more fancy cafe in Kuching compare to Seremban. And so far the cafe that i went in Seremban is not up to par yet. I cannot judge their coffee cause I dont like coffee but i judge from their deco and also the food they serve.

Rusty Bean and Batter is one of the best cafe in Kuching (in my heart la).

This is how it looks like. Yeap. Part of it is a overheard bridge with good view of Kuching traffic. Hahaha.

How it looks at the bar/ordering counter.
I like the woody feeling with the blackboard and chalk menu. =) You order your food and paid at the counter then you get a number. When order is ready it will be delivered to your table. Of course the number is not as canggih as Gim's Burger will vibrate itself one when the order is ready.

There is a few section. This is the high table section where you seat on high table and high chair. and I like flowers on table. Make the table look pretty and usually make the food look prettier too.

The other section that is on the overhead bridge. You see their table is so unique. It is make out of pipe. The open sign is a door that you can walk through, over the bridge and tadaa you will reach The Spring, Kuching. Nobody will not know The Spring. It is the most happening mall in Kuching.

The other section with normal table and chair with flowy curtains. Perfect place for dating and lovy dovy.

There is another section with big bean bags and a sofa make out of jeans which I think is the unique spot in the cafe.... Didnt take picture cause I think you should go there and see by urself. Experience it. =DDD

Close shot of the flower. I like this reddish pink. and a bottle of coffee bean.

My breakfast that day. It has a fancy name but I totally cannot remember it and i lost all the receipts from Rusty Bean and Batter. It is muffin with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce poached egg. I love the egg and the salmon. =DDDD

And i love the plate too with the shop name on it. Customize plate.

My drink!!! Avocado milk. For avocado lover you should try this. Thick and creamy. Hopefully it will be same when I visit it next time.

This is from the other visit. During tea time. Caramelized apple waffle with vanilla ice cream. Again it has a fancy name but i forget.
Waffle wont go wrong with ice cream. But I like the apple fresh not caramelized.

Some pancake. Salty one. With poached eggs above and ham and bacon within. Hee hee. taste good but weird. Not the food problem. Is my problem cause my brain is set as "Waffle and pancake is always SWEET, not SALTY".

The price of food here is similar RM 15-30 +++ Not cheap but not too expensive.

It is a good place to go. When you want to chill, have a good time for brunch or tea like a TAI TAI. Go to rusty bean and batter. =) you can do your homework or project there too cause they have a good amount of plug point and wifi. Good place for friends meet up too, they provide boardgames and magazines.

Opposite The Spring, Kuching. Just walk over the bridge in front of The Spring and you will reach there. Park at The Spring too cause it is harder to find parking opposite.

Business hour:
11am until around 9pm (i not sure about the closing time but am sure about the opening time cause once i came at 10am and loiter around until 11am before they let me go in)

p/s: if you go in the evening.... you can visit The Library (pub) below it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello from Denmark

Thank you for this postcard card from Michael, Ludwigshagen.

It is a big field of lavendar. Seem like I can smell lavendar from here. =) how does lavendar look like in real and how is the actual smell like?

Come in pretty dark pastel blue envelope and a lot of stamps with flower picture. *love*

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nutmeg, Inside Scoop and Jaslyn Cakeshop in Bangsar

Went to meet up with friends in Kuala Lumpur and get to visit some good cafe and dessert stall in Bangsar. I have always looking forward to check out all the unique cafe in  Kuala Lumpur. Their deco is so attractive and nice plus their food look very delicious from photo too.

Initially wanted to try Yellow Brick Cafe but they are so full with a long queue of at least 30 minutes. Aiyo... So we went to another cafe. Nutmeg in Bangsar Village.

Also very full with a queue of 15 minutes. But I think the more famous cafe is always full of people. Economy is so bad but yet there is a lot of people going for expensive food. Haha. Seem like food is more important than anything else.

We planned to go for dessert after brunch (or my lunch), so we order 2 dish.

The big breakfast. RM20++ (cant remember the exact price).
The portion is big. I cannot finish by myself. It is a combination of few choices. Like the eggs you can choose scrambled, boiled or fried. We chose scrambled. =) Good eggs, moist and cheesy.
Grilled potato wedges.... it is good!!!!! (bias comment cause I am ok with anything that is potato).
Nothing to shout for baked beans.
Toast is good. =) My toast is usually with butter or garlic sauce but this toast has another type of fragrance and a fancy name which I dont know how to pronounce it at all.
One grilled chicken sausage (not a fan of sausages except have cheese inside).
Grilled mushroom. Haha Make me think of grilled shitake mushroom. Happily pop some into my mouth and it tastes ok.
Smoked salmon. Man. So far I like anything that is salmon. Sashimi, grilled, fried, baked. This one is gorgeus with taste of fresh salmon, smoked and salt.

Will order this again. =)

This is somthing called The Banker.
Boiled onion ( a bit tasteless) and mash potato (my god. I chomp a lot of it again. I really love potato in all form) with lamb sausage (ok. again. I dont really eat lamb or mutton cause of the muttony taste).
Salad is pretty good with some sweet sauce and olive oil.

Overall, food is good. Atmosphere is good. Their utensils are wrap i a checker clothes which is very pretty. And nearly all the cafe here have fresh flower in a small bottle on each table. Good la. Now people seldom see real flower. =) and flower do make someone feel relax.

Next stop is Inside Scoop!!!!!!=)))))) I saw this shop on Hui Wen and Bobostephanie Dayre for few times and each time are good comment only.

Waffle with double scoop ice cream (one is hazelnut, the other is some peach nut -premium flavor).
Total damage here is RM20 (GST included).

The waffle is very airy, soft, crunchy at some part with the nice smell of flour. Yea. I like the smell of flour too. Wipe some ice cream on top and send into ur mouth. Aiyo... I can eat this everyday la.
Hazelnut is very rich. The other premium ??peach nut is more milky. Both are nice. But hazelnut would be better if go alone in cone cause it tend to override the taste of the waffle. ?? Peach nut is just nice to go with the waffle.

Actually quite pricy la for waffle with ice cream but once in a while nevermind la. When is Inside Scoop coming to Seremban?

There moto: Happiness in a Scoop!!!

Inside Scoop
No 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22020235

 Next we walk to Jaslyn Cakes just one row before Inside Scoop.

When I thought inside scoop is very tiny. Jaslyn is even tinier cause need to accomodate a space for baking cakes.

Self service. So you find your own table, make yourself comfortable and one of your friends need to go make order. Yea. Please dont leave the seats cause this shop is always full and you could see people constantly standing there waiting for their seats.

We get lucky and get our seats within 15 minutes.

We ordered:

Red Velvet Cake RM13.90.

Best cake i ever have. Again has the flour taste. It is not to moist and not to dry. The texture is just nice. and the icing is the best. Not the typical icing. It is harder than the usual icing but not dry or hard until it will crack by itself. This one must try by urself only will know how nice is it.

Macha cheese cake from secret recipe cannot compare with it. cause both different type of cake ma. haha

And this is carrot cake. =) Very nice. the icing and the nutty topping is the best. The cake is moist and you can occasionally found a very thin slice of carrot in it. Hee hee.Very healthy
But sorry la not a fan of carrot. I still prefer the red velvet and i swallow nearly the whole red velvet when it should be share with the other 2 persons. Bleh. RM13.50

Jaslyn also sell kuih bakul, biscuits, which is limited edition. Meaning they bake and they sell. if they sell finish thats all, they will close shop.

Extra points for their very pretty plates. =))

Should order teas too cause they come in pretty teapot, cups and saucers.

=DDD Best food trip. Should do this more often. you will see my waist getting wider. HAaha. Need to lose some weight already. Cannot fit into most of my trousers or skirts le.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mother Dung, Seremban

I have always love bread!!! i love the smell of flour being cook to crispy crunch. 
I am not a fan of vietnamese food cause I dont know just doesnt fit my palate. My parents introduce me to this vietnam restaurant in Seremban. 

And I tripped over bummed into one of the nicest sandwich i ever had. Said hello to Brahmi (vientnamese french sandwich).
From the top. This is the tapao (takeaway) version. If you have it in the shop, they will help you to cut into 3 portion. Ohoh. this is one of the sandwich called chicken chop sandwich. Of course no big chicken chop like the taiwanese one.

This is the inside of it. Chicken chop which chop to pieces with some sweet sauce over it. Corriader and chilies (doesnt this taste so Asian. Most sandwich taste western) haha. Carrot strips and onion slices.

The bread is not as hard as french loaf. It is very airy and have the good smell of flour (especially when it is hot).

Dont mind to have it everyday if it is not RM7.80 (no GST included. I know it is cheaper than subway but i dont eat subway often also).

This is how the restaurant looks like. =) very cute.

The boss and waitress is very chirpy and friendly too. hee hee.

I dont have the exact address but this shop is just beside the new "Bak Cheok" (well know dim sum shop in seremban) near SK Puteri.

Business hour:
Monday off
Sunday 9am t 5pm
Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 8pm

p/s: my mom said their dragonfruit juice is really good and thick.

But i like their bread more. =DDD Havent try the fruit juice, will try it on next run. =DD

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello from Korea

Hahaa. Cannot understand what is written on this postcard.

But it does look very sunny to me. =)

And the stamp too.
With a you are very special chop at the back. So this postcard is written at 5am. What am I doing at that time? Mostly sleeping. I am not a night person or too early morning person. And I love to sleep, a lot and I dont think sleeping is wasting time. Because my dream sometime can be more exciting and real than reality.

Take care for the writer. Hope you can go back home soon and stay with your family. I had worked outstation for 2 years and finally came back to my hometown. What I can say is no matter how beautiful is outside, my home, the home cooked food and the bed is still the best AT HOME.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Greetings from China

I got another postcard of Kitty.

The cat looks like it is injured at the nose area but I can assure you it is not. It is the red stamp ink that smudge all over the postcard from and back.

I have always love and want a cat cause they are just so smart and can be extremely manja. They have their own attitude.

The stamps which has a pink peony. I find peony more beautiful in drawings. Maybe i havent see the real pretty one yet. and a very new year-ish "Gong Xi" stamp.

Thank you for this happy postcard Lynn. More specifically this postcard is from West Lake.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi from Berlin

Thank you for this card. Send with love from Berlin.

Not sure what is this architecture call but it sure send my head spinning for a while. haha. =)

The other interesting thing of this postcard is the stamp. Look!!! it is a panorama stamp!!! it is actually 2 stamps but after combine it become one beautiful scenery. not sure if there is another top or bottom of it.

Everytime i received a postcard or a letter i get really excited. I think i love to read writings more than talking to a person. Lol

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seremban Postcards

I am not sure how many of you will be interested with this but I am jumping excitedly when i saw this:

Postcards of Seremban!!!!!! From left top then clockwise: Zhi Yuan Tang temple, Wu Gong San in Temiang, oldest Catholic church in Seremban, wall drawing of a tofufa pek pek, Negeri Sembilan state museum and our biggest Indian temple.

OMG!!!!! really feel proud that someone is interested in creating postcard for Negeri Sembilan cause if you go to the postcard seller they only sell postcard from Penang, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, those famous famous  state with tonnes of tourist spot. But Negeri Sembilan is the most not well known state for foreigners. Even sometime I announced I am from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysian will ask me "where exactly is Negeri Sembilan?" If I said I am from Seremban, more will be like "Which state is it?"

Even those that know Seremban only know it is famous for Siew Pao, crab and beef noodles only. Bleh!! Although Seremban is a sleeping town, it has it own good food, attractive spot and it location is so good (between Malacca and Kuala LUmpur).

Yea, so I am super excited with the postcards cause it shows some of the interesting buildings and spot in Seremban. Although not all of them are as magnificient as the usual tourist spot but those buildings grow up with us and only can be found in Seremban.

There are only 12 postcards currently and all are in Seremban.

From top left clockwise: Seremban old street (haha, we have a lot of old shops lots no very well shown here), our old previous state library (I actually like this library cause it looks more like a library than the current one, the current one doesnt make people want to study in it), our mosque (I think not state mosque), Lake Garden  (part of it only), Methodist church which is also ACS school and our train station (very unique, please dont tear this down).

Yea. with these postcards I can send to other people and show them some nice place in Seremban. Thank you for this passionate lady who make a big effort in capturing all these, find publisher and make all these scenaries into postcard.

RM 2 for one (dont mind the price cause paper quality is good and it is not in mass production).
Buy 5 free 1. So I acutally paid RM 20 for all these.

If interested, can read more here.
Or drop by to this restaurant:

Yigaho Cafe
No 217, Jalan Tuanku Munawir
70000 Seremban Malaysia

The boss has a restaurant here, I havent try it out yet but it looks decent. Exact location is near 老佛爷hotel just opposite the famous marmite crab restaurant. =DD

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello from Slovenia

This beautiful scenary is in Bled, a Solvenian Pearl. =)

It is a lake with a small island in the middle. What special is on the island there is a small church. You can read more about it here. Very beautiful scenary. Mayb next time when I go to Europe i will visit it.

The stamp is a painting but it is too small to see the detailed unless I have a magnifying. From the structure it looks beautiful =)

Thank you for the card. =)

Greeting from Netherlands

This one is a funny postcard. Thank you Lennart!! =)

The monkey is laughing at Donald Duck? But Donald Duck is very enthusiastic in catching their laughing moment until finish one whole film?

Btw, this postcard is from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Thank you for the beautiful stamps too.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Love from Finland

Another card from Finland that came in 1 day later. =)) Thank you

The cubs are so cute climbing the trees!!! =) wanted to hug them but not sure if mama bear is around.

The national flag of Finland.
It is already Autumn in Finland and is very cold. Keep yourself warm dear sender =)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello from Finland

Annel from Finland sent me this beautiful postcard of her city. =) Thank you.

Wonder what is the black dots on the sky area. Birds? cause it doesnt look like ink.

Plus a stamp on a red castle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gim's Burger, Kuching

Bored of Macdonald and KFC. There is a good burger shop in Kuching. =))

It is Gim's Burger Breakfast cause it start its business at 8am. Haha so early.

This is how it looks like.
Sublot 99, Grid Floor, Lot 14946
Jalan Setia Raja
Stutong Commercial Centre
93350 Kuching, Sarawak

The interior is very nice. This is the order counter. Yeap. You order from the counter.
Then they will give you are card and you will be buzz when you food is ready. The menu is changing from time to time. =))

Some old advertisment that is cheeky. =)) And beside is the coffee bar.

This is the other entrance. =))

The coffee bar and a lot of blackboard.

This is the card they give you. Or pager. When the food is ready it will vibrate and blink blink.

My first burger. It is portobello (mushroom with chicken) burger. A set comes with fries and soft drink. I forget how much is this set.

The ingredients inside. Slightly more vege compare to the other fast food chain. and the picnic cloth like paper at the background is very chio too.

There is a big mushroom inside my burger. As big as  my palm. Juicy. Every layer of the burger taste different but they complement each other. =))) woohoo. I dont mind eating it more.

Funky posters.

More deco.

These are order on our second visit. Cause it is quite far from the place we stay so we seldom come here.
Left: Boy boy de Bob Marley Combo with double it chicken (RM20, exclude GST).
Right: My Huli Huli Combo (cause portobello is not in the menu that day). RM 14.45

I dissect my burger again. =DDDD I like to eat my burger seperately.
The pineapple is big and juicy although it is from can but it is love la to have such a big piece in my burger.
Chicken is grilled to tender.
The burger bread has it own unique taste too. Butter mayb?

Omg. I just found out it is a brunch of Howdy Grillhouse. Howdy sells good grill pork. It is a nice western restaurant and i has good memory being served there.

If you want a change in ur burger. Do try Gim's Burger. Price wise around same as MacD (please la dont compare with MacD meal time discount). Portion is around the same as MacD. Taste is thumbs up and good. It opens long hour too. A lot of choice is sauces: Tabasco, heinz mustard, chilli sauce and tomato sauce.

Their facebook link:  Gim's Burger

Greeting from Netherlands

Received this cheeky postcard. Thank you Robert. =)

Lol. I do agree is comfortable to walk under the sun sometimes. But now with the haze rampaging our country, sunshine is a bless cause what I usually see around me is blur and smell like smoke.

Itch throat, dry eyes, running nose.... SIGH~~~~ When can all these end and i really deter why some people still burn rubbish openly. Doesnt it make the haze worse? ur waste from your gardening can b pack or cut to smaller to pack and throw to the dustbin why burn it???? It just need more effort and time but for your grandchild and for better air quality. Why not???

Sorry Robert for the grumbling. Thank you for the card, it is lovely and he also introduce me to his king's photo.