Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Greeting from Netherlands

Received this cheeky postcard. Thank you Robert. =)

Lol. I do agree is comfortable to walk under the sun sometimes. But now with the haze rampaging our country, sunshine is a bless cause what I usually see around me is blur and smell like smoke.

Itch throat, dry eyes, running nose.... SIGH~~~~ When can all these end and i really deter why some people still burn rubbish openly. Doesnt it make the haze worse? ur waste from your gardening can b pack or cut to smaller to pack and throw to the dustbin why burn it???? It just need more effort and time but for your grandchild and for better air quality. Why not???

Sorry Robert for the grumbling. Thank you for the card, it is lovely and he also introduce me to his king's photo.

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