Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello from Australia

Postcards are coming in fast since I returned to postcrossing. Too many until I have no time to register it or post it unless over weekend.

This is from Kerry and she chose a postcard on tourist spot of western australia for me. There are 2 different conflict weather there sunny full of water beach and dry dessert. Wish I could land my foot on Australia one day.

Haha. To see Wombat maybe?

The stamp show famous Syndney Harbor Bridge. Dont you think some building can be so amazingly stunning?

Anyway I just found out recently that a lady from Seremban has printed Seremban version postcard. OMG. Get me so excited cause Seremban or Negeri Sembilan is a sleeping town compare to other town in Malaysia n which foreigners care to visit seremban but the lady found something unique of seremban, snap them n make it into postcard. Will go check it out later. But her postcard is more expensive due to small production. Rm2 per piece. Nevermind la. Should support her for her passion towards Seremban. =)

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