Friday, September 11, 2015

Mee Hun Sotong, Seremban

Since I stepped food oh!! is foot into my medical officer posting, my appetite has grown tremendously. Hee hee~ and I have gain back all the 6-7 kg i lost during my housemanship with additional of 1-2kg. I think when I have more time to myself, I am happier and hence more interested in food and eat more.

Most of the delicious food i found in Kuching is during my floating. You will be seeing me posting a lot of food pictures. Please  bear with me if you think that my food does not look nice at all cause I am not a professional food blogger or a professional photographer ma. Plus I very lazy to filter my photo and find the best angle to take picture. Hahahaha.

Every Thursday, there is a pasar malam (night market) in Blossom Height, Seremban. Of course in term of size and varieties it cannot beat the Cheras night market. Still, it is the night market i grew up with and i love the papaya milk and popia there.

My family and I used to have asam laksa there as our dinner but my parents said old people cannot eat too many sour food, it will make their legs sore. So, we have not eaten the asam laksa for ages...
Damn... i think most of you will think I will talk about asam laksa now.

No no, so we seek for alternatives and I dounch know my father or my mother came over to this stall at the  Blossom Height Hawker Center. The stall called 善美 (San Mei or direct translate good hearted pretty, Hahahhaha). It sold the best Bee Hun Sotong I ever had la.

This is Bee Hun Sotong. Most of you not from Negeri Sembilan do not know what is this and it is definitely not found in East Malaysia (not Bee Hun Sotong Belacan from Kuching). I love this since young cause I love sotong, octopus, squid, and all types of shellfish.

Bee Hun of this dish should be lightly fried giving it the mildly overcooked and crispy texture (not deep fried). Put Char Siew (fat one is good for the mouth, not my cholesterol), Vege and of course the sotong (brown color one). Pour the soup onto it, I seriously do not know how they boil the soup but it is delicious. When the soup soak the bee hun, it still retained some of the crispiness which with each bite my palate will scream "Oh, I am in heaven."

Hahahahha... i think i exaggerate a bit. But yea, i love this plate of bee hun and some stall do not fried the bee hun enough or dont fried at all which make it taste like normal bee hun soap.
Or..... only 1-2 pieces of char siew, sotong or vege.... omg. like that i have the bee hun only la.

Plus... the chili is important too. The chilli of this stall is spicy plus some sourness. Initially do not like it cause sour plus beehun.... weird. but if u mix it into the soup and drink it... wah. Heaven (yea. again!) and i drink finish all the soup despite i know there is some ajinomoto inside. Bleh.

One plate is Rm4.50 for this well done with generous topping Bee Hun Sotong. (lol, i just realize my title is Mee Hun but then i type it Bee Hun, it is the smae thing a). The large one is RM5.00 (didnt order before mayb add somemore bee hun only).

The stall also sell Chee Cheong Fan (some rice noodles) and Yam cake (didnt try before).

Open daily at 6pm till the Blossom Height hawker centre closed.

Do try this dish if you drop by Seremban.

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