Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rusty Bean and Batter, Kuching

I miss Kuching so much. There is much more fancy cafe in Kuching compare to Seremban. And so far the cafe that i went in Seremban is not up to par yet. I cannot judge their coffee cause I dont like coffee but i judge from their deco and also the food they serve.

Rusty Bean and Batter is one of the best cafe in Kuching (in my heart la).

This is how it looks like. Yeap. Part of it is a overheard bridge with good view of Kuching traffic. Hahaha.

How it looks at the bar/ordering counter.
I like the woody feeling with the blackboard and chalk menu. =) You order your food and paid at the counter then you get a number. When order is ready it will be delivered to your table. Of course the number is not as canggih as Gim's Burger will vibrate itself one when the order is ready.

There is a few section. This is the high table section where you seat on high table and high chair. and I like flowers on table. Make the table look pretty and usually make the food look prettier too.

The other section that is on the overhead bridge. You see their table is so unique. It is make out of pipe. The open sign is a door that you can walk through, over the bridge and tadaa you will reach The Spring, Kuching. Nobody will not know The Spring. It is the most happening mall in Kuching.

The other section with normal table and chair with flowy curtains. Perfect place for dating and lovy dovy.

There is another section with big bean bags and a sofa make out of jeans which I think is the unique spot in the cafe.... Didnt take picture cause I think you should go there and see by urself. Experience it. =DDD

Close shot of the flower. I like this reddish pink. and a bottle of coffee bean.

My breakfast that day. It has a fancy name but I totally cannot remember it and i lost all the receipts from Rusty Bean and Batter. It is muffin with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce poached egg. I love the egg and the salmon. =DDDD

And i love the plate too with the shop name on it. Customize plate.

My drink!!! Avocado milk. For avocado lover you should try this. Thick and creamy. Hopefully it will be same when I visit it next time.

This is from the other visit. During tea time. Caramelized apple waffle with vanilla ice cream. Again it has a fancy name but i forget.
Waffle wont go wrong with ice cream. But I like the apple fresh not caramelized.

Some pancake. Salty one. With poached eggs above and ham and bacon within. Hee hee. taste good but weird. Not the food problem. Is my problem cause my brain is set as "Waffle and pancake is always SWEET, not SALTY".

The price of food here is similar RM 15-30 +++ Not cheap but not too expensive.

It is a good place to go. When you want to chill, have a good time for brunch or tea like a TAI TAI. Go to rusty bean and batter. =) you can do your homework or project there too cause they have a good amount of plug point and wifi. Good place for friends meet up too, they provide boardgames and magazines.

Opposite The Spring, Kuching. Just walk over the bridge in front of The Spring and you will reach there. Park at The Spring too cause it is harder to find parking opposite.

Business hour:
11am until around 9pm (i not sure about the closing time but am sure about the opening time cause once i came at 10am and loiter around until 11am before they let me go in)

p/s: if you go in the evening.... you can visit The Library (pub) below it.

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