Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Postcrossing from Germany

Pretty card featuring buildings from Germany.

Thank you Michael for the card. =)) I love seeing pretty buildings. It make me go "woaaaaah" in my heart. How can people build such wonderful buildings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello from Denmark

Warm greetings from Jack. He is from Horsewinkel.

This puppet is called Arne Svenson.
Big eyes, big red mouth and white teeth.

Thank you Jack for the card and stamps. =))

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi from Russia

Urgggggg.... so tired. Can I dont do calls? I just wish that one day I can lie there like the dogs with everything that I like surrounding me.

Sometime life can be so simple and so happy if we dont ask much.
Or we dont care what the society ask from us. bleh

Thank you Tanya for this beautiful relaxing postcard and stamps. =)

Happy postcrossing!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

npuoem from Russia

Oh. Should update my blog more often cause there is so much more postcards. Haha. But seriously very tired for all the calls. And  I m a person that live to sleep. Yea. Is live to sleep not sleep to live.

Here is one very picturistic postcard.

somewhere in Russia. Looks like a good spot for photo and dating and to calm and relax a wound soul. And a good place to take wedding photos too =)

Thank you Aleksandr for the card and the stamps. There the more left is a fox. follow by 2 moose and a photo of the beauty of snail mail. I love handwritten letters and also stamps from all parts of the world. =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Matsu Japanese Restaurant Seremban

It is hard to find good Japanese Restaurant in Seremban 10 years ago. Going to Sushi King is a big thing cause where can I find japanese food --> sushi king and only there. Until Matsu appeared I didnt know japanese food can have so much varieties and so delicate. =))

Matsu is the first Japanese restaurant in Seremban (correct me if I am wrong) beside sushi king. It is some high class restaurant for me and it is still (yea yea. I know KL got more delicate and more expensive Japanese restaurant).

Revisit it after 3 years not in Seremban and wow. It is still good. The atmosphere is still very Japanese with a lot of Japan deco. The menu has grow thick and the price has increase too (maybe due to GST and exchange rate).

After sitting at the table flipping through the menu for very long time (cause want to find something delicious, worth the price and best if can test a lot of things). Finally decided on the below!!!

Avocado milkshake RM10.80

Have always adore avocado. Love the creamy and milky taste when it is serve with sushi. But I dont know how to choose the right avocado and my avocado always taste raw. So leave it to expert hand. This glass of avocado shake+chocolate is ok, very rich and creamy. Not icy. =) haha I think it can serve as a meal itself. =D will order it if i come to matsu again or i want to go diet.

I always love cawanmushi. This is a good cawanmushi. The egg is smooth and silky and infused with the fragrane of soup and shitake mushroom =) yum~ inside there is crab roll, chicken meat and gingko. Eating it very slowly cause I really hope it doesnt end.

My main course: Salmon Special Bento 2 RM31.80
There put there it is promotion and i wanted to eat something hot, with vege and has salmon. So this one came in.
From left lower (clockwise)
1. Noodles cook in shio soup with meatball, spring onion and konbu. The soup tastes MSG but after adding the chilli flakes it instantly taste much better. Meatball is the soft type. =) ate all of it.
2. Salmon sashimi. As weird as it sound. I like salmon sushi more than sashimi cause of the rice. It enhance the taste of salmon. Best if it comes with the Japanese soya sauce. Make the salmon taste much more sea like
3. SALMON SUSHI with yellow ginger.=DDDD i will eat the rice first with soya sauce. Then only I munch on the salmon. finally a piece of ginger and I m ready for the next sushi. =DD As you can see the salmon slice is quite thick here.x2-3 times thick from those salmon sushi you get from jusco. =) and it is red orangey, fresh and juicy. =DDDD
4. watermelon.
5. Salad. This is the biggest surprise. At first I was like pfffttt. Plain vege again with a lot of thousand island sauce. As i dig in beside what you see aboe, sauce, tomato (there is one tomato cut into rabbit form), cucumber. Underneath there is 3 slice of fresh salmon (thinner than my sashimi and sushi one) but still fresh salmon!!! Plus crispy salmon skin which add so much points for this salad. Thumbs up for it. =)))))) AIyoo~~ i really hope i can eat this everyday.

Total damage: RM49.67 (include 10%service tax and 6%gst). I dont mind paying the 10% if the service is good and theirs is good. But haha... the meal is worth the price but sigh how la my salary still the same so only can eat this type of meal once in a blue moon lo.

p/s: unless someone want to treat me la *winkwink*

I did write about Matsu at one  and two. Both four years ago. haha. I think Matsu has improved. i do like my recent meal with them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello from Russia

Natalia from RUssia sent me this cozy postcard:
A cat sitting beside his warm fireplace, with a blanket and a warm cup of drinks. ooooohhh... A book on the coffee table beside. Can  you see how satisfied the cat look? His face spell "oooooh. This is life." He even let his enemy, the rat sit by its leg. It is sure very comfortable.

If not I m in a tropical country and worsen by haze, i would like to do what the cat do. To enjoy slow life instead of running around like a no head chicken.

stamps from Russia. =)))

Thank you Natalia. =)

Hello from Russia

Received 4 postcards from Russian in a go. =D haha. But I think is different area of Russia. Will post them here one by one.

First to go is:

Asya, from Siberia, Russia send me this beautiful view of artic mountain. The postcard is so cold yet so beautiful with the pink purple sky.

Hee hee. And I just know that Siberia is part of Russia. I thought it is one country by its own. Guess I need to study my geography and history more.

The stamps... Again. Cannot read Russian. Anyone kind enough to decode it for me. The right looks like a symbol of haguar. And the left.... at the first glance looks like someone going for their dental checkup but second thought is the person is actually donating blood.

Thank you Asya for the beautiful postcards and stamps. =)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kom Piah, Kuching

Some snacks that I miss a lot in Kuching. Something hot, something salty, something fragrance and something floury. Yes!!! I love flour products a lot!!!!

And it is Kompiah!!!! (guang bing 光饼)

Ahem ahem. There is a story behind this bread?biscuits? It is said that long long time ago when FuZhao ppl travel to Malaya by sea, they are very poor to buy bento or good food. The journey is long with very little food. The mom and wife at home want to ensure that their husband or children has enough food till they reach Malaya. they make this round little biscuits?bread? and string it up in the middle (thats why it has a hole in the middle and look like donut) for them to tied it around their neck or waist.

So yea... initially KomPiah is just a bread?biscuits? but now it is not serve plain. We sandwich it with minced meat.

1 bite (best serve when hot), The peeping hot taste of floor and sesame first flooded ur mouth then came the hot juicy minced meat flowing onto your tongue. =DDD you go "aiyo aiyo very hot a!!!' But gulp the whole thing down with full sastifaction.

For me, I can eat 3 KomPiah for my tea, best taken with cold coconut water. =D oooh wah!!! Nice afternoon tea. hee hee hee =)

My best KomPiah i have is at a hawker stall right behind Tzu Chi, kuching. You need to walk up the stairs, it is at the back, facing the padang. =) the coconut water stall is just at the corner of it. =) cold, refreshing and big cup.

Aha... I miss them. =) It is one of my comfort food beside kaya balls in Kuching.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Colorful Keropok

Oooooh. There is so much oncalls (ok. cannot grumble cause old generation said they have mroe than 3 EOD call per month), I miss boy boy, I miss time that I can just laid around doing my own things (coloring, sleeping, cut and paste). No need to worry things like hey uncle why you come so late? Eh? Did my management is good enough for this aunty? Sigh... why boss always scold me?

Please la. I think my hearing has problem so please talk louder to me.

Something happy. Bought this colourful keropok from my nurse. =) It is more than these.

I just gobble half of it down. And this is the other half. Crunchy with buttery taste. Make me feel happy but fattening.

I hope I can appreciate the colors in my life weather they are visible or not.

And I hope I can eat more good food. Traveling with a good companion. Actually the best way to know a country is stay there for at least 3 months n live with them. Just like I stay in Kuching for 2 years, it is so different yet so similar to west malaysia. Haha~ But I think now I am pretty rigid and cannot adjust myself very quickly and fit well into a new environment.

Tata~ need to sleep soon.

And Happy Birthday Boy Boy. Thank you for being in my life, cheerish me, tolerate me and sayang me. =))

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunny Hill Ice Cream, Kuching

To get a cheap and nice soft serve in west malaysia, you should go for Macdonald sundae cone. Only RM1 per cone. If you want extra topping or other flavor just add on some money.

If you go to Kuching, there is another place you can get good soft serve ---> Sunny Hill Ice Cream.
It has being there in Kuching for very long, run by a church and just outside Sunny Hill School (the name is so suitable for ice cream, when it is sunny, go for the cold ice cream!!!)

My first try:

Vanilla in cone. =) I always love vanilla ice cream.

This type is my favorite. serve with peanut. their peanut is not the usual peanut, taste salty with nut smelling and a tinge of peanut jam. Very very addictive. hee hee
Here is strawberry mixed with vanilla

You see: vanilla is serve everyday. then each day have the ice cream of the day: pandan, corn, strawberry or chocolate (but I cannot remember which day is which).

Chocolate is my second favorite but I always did not arrive at the day they sell chocolate.

Finally the last visit before I leave Kuching. Chocolate mix vanilla with peanut. hee hee. I think this bowl is Rm3.10??? More expensive than MacD but definitely there is more choice in flavor.

Plus you can choose the ice cream be in cone, bowl, banana spilt or bread (their special soft bread with 2 balls of ice cream).

They also sell pudding, popcorn and kaya sauce.

Open from 10am to 10pm every Sunday to Thursday.

Friday and Saturday not sure cause the business hour r less than 5 hours (due to church mass i think)

Miss the peanut a lot. hee hee. Please do visit this ice cream shop if you are in Kuching. =) and you can google more about it on google. =P

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Baby Kitties

One day in Kuching, i was hanging my clothes to dry at the backyard.

Suddenly, noted that something wriggling in the sink beside.... OMG. I hate worms. But a second look....

It is 5 kitties. Born around 3-4 days. Have their fur on. Very quiet. Not meowing but definitely all r moving and ball up together to keep themselves warm. 2 black, 2 brown and a white.

I have always prefer cats more than dogs cause this proud creature is so adorable when they manja you. =)))

They sleep so peacefully. I hope I can sleep these peacefully. Disturbing thought had become my dream at night. Not a nightmare. just a disturbing dream which slowly swallow my sleep quality.

I think I prefer to see stranger in Hospital. If I saw someone I know i feel very uneasy and dont know what to talk to them. Sigh... The worst obstacles to a doctor is to treat his own family members and in the end we know doctor usually cannot save themselves one. lol.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dim Sum in Boulevard, Kuching

Kuching doesnt have good dim sum until we met this restaurant in Boulevard. =D

It tastes just like those in west malaysia one. Typical east malaysia one is soggy and a bit tasteless. Texture not very good. For me la. But this one is just nice for most of its dish.

Order for 2:

Looks quite little but actually it is more than enough for 2.
From the red colour food clockwise: Fu zhok with fish, yam puff, prawn spring roll, siew mai, my congee with century eggs and loh mai kai.

Yam puff is boy boy favorite.

Crispy at the outside and inside taste like our siew pao with extra yam. He is a fan of yam.
It is a bit hard to find crispy yam puff cause some they left it too long in the air and it become soggy. but this is still hot and crisp.

The look from outside. =) They help you cut into 2 for easy biting. Rm 6.50 for 2 crispy yam puff.

Fishball with extra ingredients in it. I think is carrot, capsicum and mushroom. =) A must for me in dim sum. I like fishball i can eat it for every meal. I think is Rm6.50.

Hee hee. This one is mushroom with fish paste. =) Erm.... Anything mushroom is ok for me too.

Loh Mai Kai. Boy boy said it is delicious. Oily and smooth with chicken and soya sauce fragrance. I like oily Loh mai kai but has stop to eat them since i found out my LDL is on the high side. lol.

Chee Cheong Fun. Come in prawn and siew yok. Hee hee Hee. best eat with sambal. Must ask from them.

Nah. That is the sambal. The best part of this place of Chee Cheong Fun is the spring onion on it. I think they grilled it or stirfry it so it smell very good and has a tinge of crisp. First time i ate such spring onion. Taukeh. Please add more spring onion on top.
RM 6.50 for pork and Rm 7.50 for prawn.

Bean curd pudding with red bean paste. You see. They actually mentioned it is tau fu fa but came out is pudding. In kuching when you heard Tau Fu Fah it is most likely a soya pudding not the typical taufufa. Very slicky smooth for this one. Rm4. I love dessert. =DDDDDDD

Total damage for the food above (in the big photo one) with a cup of pu er tea is RM 59 (6% included). Enjoy those moment that we wake up slightly late than usual, have our brunch with good dim sum and a pot of good tea.

Boulevard Dim Sum Restaurant
LGF, Lot 12643 Block 16
Boulevard shopping mall

It is at the lowest floor in Boulevard shopping mall kuching. One floor below Daiso. =)
Weekend and public holiday open at 9am
Other day 10am (so late. but kuching ppl mostly have their breakfast late). lol.

Good environment with aircon and cushion chair.